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Wetland king chapter 1 . 3/11/2013
Name:dante Alighieri

Age:same as

Personality:sarcastic hyper and good natured. Moves in sink with his pokemon and takes on many disguises using his zoroarks ability such as a four year old boy with a torchic, an old man with a poliwrath, a teenage girl with a pachirisu and so on. Likes to sneak up on people and talk into the distance as if addressing an audience and breaks the fourth wall.

Friends:ash and basically most characters and daily try's to see if they can guess he and zoroarks disguise.

Pokemon: (No legendaries and the move sets please.)

Zoroarks moves are night daze, nasty plot, dark pulse, psychic and flamethrower.
Carracostas moves are stone edge, hydro pump, shell smash and aqua tail.
Dragonites moves are hurricane, outrage, thunder and dracoe meteor.
Volcaronas moves are heat wave, sunny day, solar beam and fire blast.
Tangrowths moves are solar beam, power whip, sleep powder and wring out.
Gengars moves are shadow ball, hypnosis, psychic and sludge wave




Clothes: doesent matter as he is always disguised by an illusion but when he isn't where's a blue duster, a white shirt, blue jeans and white shoes.

AdvAuramaster chapter 1 . 1/21/2013
Really cool story. Can't wait to read on
Coli Chibi chapter 5 . 11/6/2012
I'm not a big fan of the anime, but I'll send in an OC. You can use him if you want.
Nyx'sBlackRose chapter 1 . 7/4/2012
I'm not sure if you need anymore characters, but I'm still submitting mine; I hope you can include them:

Name: Renee Hamato
Age: 18
Personality: Serious, calculating, kind, smart
Friends: Max, Brock, Ash, May, Matt
Pokemon: Porygon(tackle, psybeam, agility, recover), Haunter(hypnosis, lick, spite, nightshade), Gardevoir(confusion, healing wish, teleport, magical leaf), Lunatone(rock throw, psywave, rock slide, cosmic power), Spiritomb(confuse ray, shadow sneak, hypnosis, dream eater), Machamp(vital throw, submission, wake-up slap, cross chop)
Region: Sinnoh
Town: Sunyshore
Gender: Female
Clothes: White, unbuttoned trench coat over a purple sweater and an ankle length white skirt and white slip on shoes; long brown hair with a thin purple streak in her bangs; she wears a pair of wire-rim glasses over her brown eyes.
Other: You can actually have her be the girl Brock finally gets if you don't have him matched up with anyone already; she and my other Oc are cousins, despite their last names being the same; despite being from Sinnoh, she has lots of Pokemon from other regions because she travels often with her cousin.

Name: Lauren 'Laurie' Hamato
Age: 15
Personality: Cheerful, enthusiastic, kind, caring, smart
Friends: Everybody; no one couldn't like Laurie because she's always helping everyone out.
Pokemon: Umbreon(quick attack, confuse ray, screech, moonlight), Furret(fury swipes, slam, rest, sucker punch), Houndoom(bite, fire fang, flamethrower, inferno), Bellossom(leaf blade, mega drain, magical leaf, petal dance), Milotic(water gun, aqua tail, hydro pump, aqua ring), Rampardos(take down, ancient power, zen headbutt, head smash)
Region: Sinnoh
Town: Sunyshore
Gender: Female
Clothes: A bright orange cropped jacket with pink trim, a pink and purple-striped tank top, a pair of jean shorts with multicolored patches, pink and orange sneakers, long, black hair with two stripes of orange and pink in her bangs, large purple eyes.
Other: She has no enemies because she gets along with everyone; despite their last names, she and my other Oc are just cousins; she's got a lot of Pokemon from other regions because she travels a lot with her cousin.
roxel chapter 3 . 6/26/2012
X3 thanks again for adding melissa may i change a little about her? well it depends id your going to add him... but might as well just in case

melissa is also friends with n (Natural Harmonia Gropius) and she got dusk as a egg from n she meet hm though her father who was a member of team plasma

but you can decide not to add this if you want
Coin of Light and Darkness chapter 1 . 6/9/2012
Name: Brittany Ariel Summers

Age: 16

Looks: Her hair a beautiful rich auburn, is long, reaching past her shoulders and it almost always tied up in a stylish ponytail. Her eyes are a strong summer-sky blue and her skin is soft and creamy and has natural blush so she never needs too much make-up.

Personality: very determined, headstrong, somewhat vain and stuck-up, kind and compassionate, she has a bit of an ego, can be sarcastic and cutting towards people she dislikes, a natural leader, friendly and polite but can be rude to her rivals/enemies. She likes knowing that she's the pretty one and can get upset if this role is taken from her. She cares a lot about her looks and likes to look her best for everything and everybody.

Friends: James, Jessie, Meowth, anyone who hasn't hurt Team Rocket.

Pokemon: Ninetails, Houndoom, Arcanine, Rapidash, Persian, Liepard

Region: Unova

Town: Nimbasa City

Gender: Female

Clothes: A hot pink leather jacket, a pale pink shirt, a rose pink skirt, pink microphone earrings, pink shoes and her hair is tied up with a pink bow.

Other: Known as the Betting Queen, she'll take any bet and do anything to win it, though she'll accept losing a bet gracefully.

She despises Ash and his friends because of their use of using their Pokemon to attack Team Rocket, to her, using Pokemon to attack humans is despicable and should be reported to the Head of the Pokemon League.

She doesn't believe that Team Rocket is evil and looks beyond their uniforms.

She's from a very rich family and knows James from social functions. Her Persian was her first Pokemon as a Meowth and that Persian is Meowth's favorite sister.

She enjoys singing, dancing, surfing and cheer leading.

She is seen in many boys eyes as extremely beautiful.
roxel chapter 4 . 5/22/2012
thank you for choosing melissa X3 can't wait to read more
TheFlameBlade chapter 3 . 5/19/2012
Wait one is jack my oc if also it is not jack it is Zack other than that this will be a great fic.
roxel chapter 2 . 5/16/2012
i really need to read the whole thing before recoding

im going o change melissa a bit she was a childhood friend of paul but he was once a happy kind kid before melisa moved from sinnoh to unova and when she meets him again at the school but is a bit upset about how much he has changed
TheFlameBlade chapter 2 . 5/13/2012
Thanks for accepting Zack I can't wait for the next chapter.
roxel chapter 1 . 5/13/2012
OC Form

Name: melissa harding

Age: 16

Personality: is a very kind person and is easy to get along with she is also pretty laid back she is normally happy and playful and is very protective of the people she cares about and is a caring person she is also very loyal and is a little childish and is mischievous she is also a bit of a pervert and has a natural maternal instinct

Friends: she does not know anyone at the school but becomes friends with ash, gary, max, may, dawn was a childhood friend of paul and knows the gym leader’s cilan, chilli and cress well


Dusk the male shiny zorua

Dusk has his blue marking spikey and around the edge the black of his neck fur and has his cheeks fur, ears and tail also having the black tips blue marking around his left leg he has a golden scarf around his leg and around his neck a collar with rounded spikes and a lead that the handle is around his right paw and has red eyes

Is a adorable and excitable and happy zorua who is really loyal bold and brave is is also quite mischievous and kind he gets a bit shy when giving someone something or telling them his true feeling he is also quite energetic and is very affectionate dusk is fun loving and is a little bit completive he loves art it can be drawing’s, dancing, singing and is very good at singing and when bored or alone and sometimes reading he hums or lightly sings and when he hears a song he knows he tends wag his tail to the beat

1. Night Daze 2. Dark Pulse 3. Aerial Ace 4. Extrasensory

Fighting style: dusk is quick fighter but is not the strongest fighter but he is very good at using his illusions to confuse his enemy's and then rushing in for a attack and quickly backing of and then uses his illusions again

Volta a female Pikachu

Her fur is lighter then normal pikachus and her ears have light gray instead and her cheeks are a pink color and she also have light blue eyes around her neck she has a lavender ribbon that ends in a bow on the right side her right ear is more scruffy on the tip

Volta is a kind and understanding Pikachu but can at times be a bit sarcastic but is outgoing and social and is a little happy go lucky but once in a fight she gets quite competitive she is also imaginative and artistic and is highly protective Volta is also quite playful and loves a good joke and is really friendly

2. Discharge 3. Electro ball 4. Iron tail

yuki the male shiny eevee

yuki’s fur is a pure white with a blue marking under his left eye he is smaller then other eevees and is often also mistaken as a female the green bow he wears on his left ear does not help his eyes are the same blue as his chest fur and tail tip

Yuki is calm and very knowledgeable and curious which is why he knows about a lot of pokemon and myths he is kind mostly and quite he can get a bit irritable at times and never say anything bad in the morning as he is near impossible to be in any good mood and gets really snappy its best to avoid him unless you are dusk he is the only one who can get yuki in a good mood when he wakes up and he highly protective he has a love of the night time and tend to stay up very very late watching them which does not help with his sleeping

2. Dig 3 Shadow Ball 4. Synchronoise

Fighting style: yuki knows a lot about pokemon and is the brains of the team he is very calm in a battle he normally uses his dig to get around in a fight and attacks pokemon when he jumps out of the ground and even sometimes attacks the pokemon from under them

Nova the female half shiny ninetales

Nova fur is a bit unique most of her fur is silver blue but the tips of the tail, paws and the fur on the head is the normal color of a non shiny ninetales on her left shoulder she has a white marking that’s like a spiral

nova is a gentle and kind but strong willed pokemon but once you have earned her anger she becomes aggressive she is strong willed and won’t back down and will keep going forward even if she has to carry others on her back nova does not trust pokemon easily is extremely loyal and protective of those she cares about but can get a bit stubborn and sometimes can be a little sly she is highly protective of those she cares about and of young children she also has a mother like instinct and is a bit of a romantic

blast 2. Heat wave 3, iron tail. 4. Energy ball

Fighting style: nova is quick on her feet and very agile she has god endurance and seems to just keeps attacking not stopping until she wins she also tends to taunt her enemy's she is not very good with physical attacks but really good with Special Attack's

Willow the male gardevior

Willow’s eyes are both different colors the right purple the left blue the blue eye had purple fire like marking’s her chest spike is actually more pointed then normal the white of his body is light blue tinted and has a blue ribbon around his neck

Willow is a little shy when you first meet him but generally is a kind and loyal pokemon and is very caring and protective he can be a bit trusting of others but does not hold a grudge but knows if he is being used he is a bit happy go lucky pokemon he is quite intelligent

pulse 2. Psychic 3. Focus blast 4. Giga impact

Aura the male riolu

Aura’s spikes on his hands are more lucario then a riolu’s he has a ascar over his left eye and is blind in it but his right eyes is dark purple the bottom of the black on his chest is spike with a circle on the right side and has a red ribbon

Aura is cheerful and calm he is clever and resourceful and very compassionate and very brave and happy go lucky and is very playful he can be a bit hyperactive and competitive he is kind and caring he has a huge curiosity and is a bit impulsive when he gets curious

sphere 2. Force palm 3. Poison jab 4. Blaze kick

Region: unova

Town: Striaton City

Gender: female

Clothes: a white dress that ends just above the knees and is attached to the neck and over this she has three sets of black belts on her dress and has a long green vest over this dress and is wearing black shorts just under the dress she has sleeves that are held by belts on the arms and is wearing high boots her hair is lightly spikes on the right side and on the left the ends are a bit curled

Other Melissa has travelled around the first five regions and had battled in many gym battles and in the kento, sinnoh and unova leagues and retired to become a pokemon breeder after a year of working as a pokemon breeder she decied to take on the unova league and got pretty far until being beaten and is why she got a invitation from the school she has only met one legendary pokemon which is a shiny mew she meet this mew when she was a young child and does not remember much other then letting it out of her father’s cage and is unsure if she made this up as a child or the memory is true

oh and can i add more oc's to this story i have nine more i can add ;
Yellow Star Voice chapter 1 . 5/12/2012
Decided to make a antagonist for your academy fanfic.

Name: Katie Takahashi

Age: 16

Personality:She love to flirt with boys and just manipulate them to make them think that she is pretty and get their attention so she'll make them break up with their current girlfriends. She always sing out aloud to catch attention where ever she goes. She loathe it when people not paying attention to her. She wear a mask of a kind girl, who use people. She cruel to girls who have a crush on someone she likes, and make the said girl miserable. She claim she a kind person, when she actually not.

Friends: None, want to attract people attention by being a outcast



Moves: Sing, Wake-up slap, Gyro ball, body slam


Moves: Icy wind, Aqua ring, Aqua jet, Aqua tail


Moves: Sweet scent, Stun spore, Magical leaf, leaf blade

Region: Johto

Town: Goldenrod city

Gender: Female

Clothes:A yellow spaghetti strap tank top, and a white jean like skirt. white socks and white heel like sandals.

Other::Long blonde hair down to her hips. Thin. Has light tanned skin. Has ocean blue eyes. 5'0.

- She live in a mansion in goldenrod city, which she love to brag about

- Has a crush on every boy she came across
a random reader chapter 2 . 5/12/2012
do you mind if you add Burningleafshipping?
Akiza Izinski chapter 2 . 5/12/2012

Here's an OC for you:

Name: Stephanie Doci

Age: 17

Personality: quiet, calm, friendly, serious, thoughtful, smart, and protective of friends

Friends: May, Drew, her Pokemon

Pokemon: (No legendaries and the move sets please.)


•Energy Ball, Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball


•Aurora Beam, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Hydro Pump


•Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Taunt, and Flash


•Swift, Helping Hand, Psybeam, and Confusion


•Flamethrower, Run Away, and Flash Fire


•Thunder, Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Solar Beam, and Shockwave


•Ember, Blaze, Sky Uppercut, Blaze Kick

Region: Hoenn

Town: Littleroot Town

Gender: Female

Clothes: a black tank top, short sleeve silver jacket, black shorts, a silver belt, black and silver sneakers, black fingerless gloves, a silver headband, and a simple silver locket with a picture of her hometown in it and a tiny rainbow gem on it, to remember Littleroot on her journey


•She has waist length black hair with ruby highlights, lightly tanned skin, and sapphire blue eyes

•She competes in both contests and gym battles but enjoys battling more
TheFlameBlade chapter 1 . 5/9/2012
Yo here is my OC.

OC Form



Personality:He is friendly,cares for friends,has a small crush on Dawn but hides it well,he fully hates team rocket,will get serious during a battle,loves chicken,likes archery and climbing trees and scaring people.

Friends:Ash,Brock,Dawn,Max,May,and Misty.

Pokemon: (No legendaries and the move sets please.)

1.)Quilava:Flamethrower,Cut,Flame Wheel,and Rock Throw.

2.)Pidgeott:Razor Wing,Areal Ace,Gust,and Peck.

3.)Pikachu:Thunderbolt,Volt Tackle,Iron Tail,and Head butt.

4.)Geodude:Rock Smash,Rollout,Defense Curl,and Magnitude or Earthquake idk.

5.)Tenticruel:Waterfall,Hydropump,Whirlpool,and Bind.

6.)Gengar:Curse,Shadow Ball,Crunch,and Scary Face.




Clothes:A black cap he wears backwards,A green jacket,blue shirt,black pants,and red shoes,he also has a gold pokeball necklace.

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