Reviews for Secret
Jazbez chapter 1 . 5/22/2012
It is an interesting idea, definitely a twist in Justice League AU's
Kyer chapter 1 . 5/20/2012
With a quick skim through due to time considerations right now:

I have issues with Diana and J'onn referring to police officers as clowns. Personal feelings which might not be in sync with what you envisioned from a crossover-AU plot, but it just felt wrong. I can see Wally and John doing this, but particularly not Diana and J'onn.

I'd switch "peaceful island" to "secluded island" or "isolationist" since they are a race that regularly practices combat skills. Again, a personal feeling.

"well with Wally, who still hasn't worked up the courage what crawled up his trousers when he joined the S.A.S. Nicknamed 'Lantern' because when team members get in over their heads, he's a hope to save their "useless backsides"."

That whole paragraph troubled me in two ways. 1: the paragraph is supposed to be referring to John, yet there is a whole sentence that pertains to Wally. Seems this should be under his paragraph and not John's. Also, the line reads awkward. "Courage what crawled up his trousers?" Is that even an actual expression from somewhere? 2. Lantern because he's the shining light which will lead the way towards saving their 'useless backsides' makes more sense when used with Lantern.

Nothing awful or a reason to discontinue...just niggly little things that bothered me while reading it.