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SomethingMoreQ chapter 46 . 9/19
EH you left on sort of a cliffhanger and that's good but also bad. I am addicted to this story...EH. I guess I'll have to wait... I don't want to though. This is really a masterpiece. Really. I can only ask that you please update soon and not wait five months. I could very well die in five months...
But if you ever need anything, PM me because this story is amazing and I can't thank you enough for writing it.
SomethingMoreQ chapter 43 . 9/19
You just,,,he just...this is why I love this story. I was only able to write this review after running around my apartment screaming.
I can't believe this.
Wow. I can't think right now. THAT TWIST. You are good, author. You. Are. Good.
SomethingMoreQ chapter 41 . 9/19
AHA. So Jeanne isn't just a minor character now. No, she's a bit more. Does she have something to do with the armour, I wonder? Perhaps. The plot is thickening even more, and I have to say, this new development surprised me. It does make sense though. That's why she's so good at her job and knows so much. She's a strong character and an even bigger threat to Arthur than he thought. Interesting.
SomethingMoreQ chapter 35 . 9/18
This story is way too addicting. I was supposed to be asleep ages ago, but I can't. Stop. Reading. This story is my new muse, and, if I'm lucky, it'll invade my dreams tonight. My favorite thing of all time in here is the goings on between The Magician and America. I don't know why but this whole drama is the best thing in here for me. I can't get enough of it. Thank you and curse you for writing this story!
SomethingMoreQ chapter 25 . 9/18
Wow. I was panicking so hard over that scene. HE CALLED HIM ALFRED. That is huge. Oh mi gosh. I WAS going to sleep, but now? I can't. Not with this cliffhanger. THIS IS SOO GOOD.
SomethingMoreQ chapter 17 . 9/18
THAT SCENE IN THE SUPERMARKET WAS AMAZING. They were so SUBTLE but NOT. I love that, You have no idea how good that scene was. It was brilliant. It was magnificent. I till can't get over it. I love all the references everyone was making, and the talk between Ivan and Arthur was so professional! I can imagine the whole scene in my head. Amazing chapter.
SomethingMoreQ chapter 13 . 9/18
This was perfect. The Magician's reappearance was great, especially the way he turned the Rose of Britain into the other jewelry and the planning of the heist. I love all the drama and planning in this story. I find the past connections Arthur has to some of the supers awesome too, especially Frog's. That scene at double A was hilarious I really enjoyed this chapter.
SomethingMoreQ chapter 8 . 9/18
This AU is different. I've ever red anything like it before. It's a bit confusing at times, but I like that. I really really like this story. And I really like how you write Arthur. He's so cunning, so devious, so smart. The logic is pretty cool. I especially like how he staged the 'murders'. That's intelligent. And the pone calls? Those are even better!
SomethingMoreQ chapter 4 . 9/18
Dude. I love how Arthur manipulated the job interview. I won't stop thinking about that scene for days now. That was amazing, that twist of power right there. You know how to write it. Seriously. I love how you write that.
Amazing job so far on this story. I am completely enraptured and I don't plan to stop reading anytime soon.
SomethingMoreQ chapter 1 . 9/18
So I saw the summary and clicked on it because it looked a bit interesting. I scrolled down the first few lines and said meh. I read some of the reviews and was like, "I suppose I'll give it a try."
I love this already.
I thought it would be dull or not very good, but this is fucking great. The writing is amazing and the plot- oh the plot is absolutely intriguing! This is honestly great.
cocoaflash1 chapter 46 . 9/11
AYY AN UPDATE! Things are really heating up now!I'm really starting to think that Arthur has a lot more of his mother's powers than he thinks. Also, is that boy not Angelique's child? or does she not know? Anyway keep up the amazing work!
zmzebra chapter 46 . 9/7
HOLY MOLEY! This chapter left on the edge of my seat! I'm so excited to find out what happened back then with Lizzy, The Reliables, and Arthur. The way you wrote Arthur's flashbacks gave just enough information, while still leaving what truly happened a mystery, and preserved the mood between reality and what's going on inside Arthur's mind.
Northern rose of May chapter 1 . 9/7
Oooh man, this is my favorite chapter so far. I love how the backstory creeps in piece by piece, instead of everything coming all at once. Makes me spend the entire day of an update speculating about what the entire story could be, lol.

Amazing chapter, as always!
seenlee93 chapter 46 . 9/7
OMG you outdated thank god lol. This was such a good update and I really want to know what happen to Auther and the experiment but I know he got to fix things with the dream team first, so I'll wait. However I wanted to ask, is Alex part of the gang Auther was in or was he part of the experiments. I wish we can see more of him even though got Auther it would be bad if we did since he might erase his memory again. But please update more frequent, your such a good writer and I'm in love with this story :)
Willow Breeze the first chapter 46 . 9/7
I actually sqeeed with delight when I saw this update. I love how you give us information about Arthur's past slowly without unloading it all at once. I think the idea of The Magician sending flowers to The Great Dragon is amazing. This fic is a joy to read and is one of my favourite pieces of fiction, up with To Kill a Mockingbird and the Harry Potter series. This is such a good story, you really don't need to know Hetalia this a story in its own right with brilliant characters, mystery and a complex story that you can still follow without too much effort. Just everything about this is perfect.
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