Reviews for Mine
Guest chapter 1 . 12/31/2013
Mmm, I definitely like the story- though I do not understand why it is M-rated?
HolleringHawk65 chapter 1 . 7/7/2013
Murtagh is sooo much better for Eragon than Arya could ever have been!
This is great!
narratekate chapter 1 . 1/29/2013
Love it!
Witchdoctr chapter 1 . 1/2/2013
Ahahaha, sexy without being overly explicit, nice.
MoonProphecy chapter 1 . 10/24/2012
Loved. It.
silentwinged chapter 1 . 10/20/2012
I really liked reading this! I hardly ever read short pieces, but they always intrigue me as to how the entire story and history and background are all revealed in so few words. Very well written! Thank you for writing, it was awesome 3
YouthAndWhiskey.Pentagram chapter 1 . 6/10/2012
This was really awesome! So going in my favorites...
Guest chapter 1 . 5/27/2012
I love it ) just the perfect amount of angst to keep it interesting...and actually I think it gets to be fairly obvious that its Murtagh towards the end there...