Reviews for The Hunger Games: PJO Style
Scoobycool9 and LuckycoolHawk9 chapter 3 . 7/26/2012
Well. what a greta start...I await more.
BrielleAquaria chapter 2 . 7/14/2012
Why is this taking too long? I wanna read it already! Haha. Great idea, by the way. These are two of my most favorite books. Ü
The Boss chapter 2 . 7/11/2012
I think you should have a list of things and how much they cost for sponsors and have a list of how much money each sponsor can have. Example: One $ 1,000,000 sponsor, two $ 900,000 sponsors, two $ 800,000 sponsors, three $ 700,000 sponsors, three $ 600,000 sponsors, four $ 500,000 sponsors, four $ 400,000 sponsors, five $ 300,000 sponsors, five $ 200,000 sponsors, and five $ 100,000 sponsors.
List of things to buy:
Bread: Capitol bread: $5, District Four bread: $10, District Eleven bread: $10
Meat: chicken (1 pound): $25, turkey (1 pound): $15, venison (1 pound
Thatmysteryguy chapter 1 . 6/22/2012
WHere's a brick wall when you need one? The only postion left is Ares and I submiteed an Ares OC, but ehre is again with some minor changes

Name: Chris Howard

Age: 16

Cabin: Ares

Gender: Boy

Weapon of choice: Sheiks

Secondary weapon: Sword

Last resort weapon: Bow and arrrows and blow darts

Likes: Violence,video games, hunting prey AND SHOOTING and a good game of chess

Dislikes: peace and tranqility and fire and Silence

Good at: Hunting, evading and camfloguing

Weaknesses: His own self-pride and electrcity

Personality: He is a very deadly hunter. He can kill without remorse Or mercy and needs little rest. He has a soft side for girls but kills anything in his path except he will not harm a defenselss person

Appearance: He has Black hair, Gray eyes, a devilish smile, Wears a leather jacket with a tshirt underneath, Snekers and hunting shorts and is incredubly hot.
Waterflames chapter 1 . 6/14/2012
Name: Jake Hurte

Age: 17

Cabin: Athena

Gender: Boy

Weapon of choice: Crossbow with arrows

Secondary weapon: long dagger

Last resort weapon: a spear

Likes: archery, chilling, swordfighting, and inventiing.

Dislikes:people bugging him,tapping him,and screaming at him

(he is enormously ADHD)

Good at: running, sword fighting, archery, and hiding

Weaknesses:spear fighting, spiders.

Personality: Jake is a very hard working and smart teen.

Being at camp for 8 years (he came to camp when he was nine)

he has his fair share of battles and experience with weapons,

especially with a crossbow with arrows. He has a great sense of humor and is a cool guy to hang around with. but on the battle field, he uses battle tactics and dominates his compition.

Appearance: he has jet black hair just past his ears. he also has a slight german apperance and speaks with a slight german accent and can also speak german as well as english. his everyday clothing is a german soccer with the german soccer player' name Podolski on the back, black sweats with a blue and white strip running down either side, a necklace with his name in german on it, and a pair of blue Converse hightops. he weighs just under average for his age and is average height for his age.
LyreOfApollo chapter 2 . 6/13/2012
Name: Aspen Westbrook

Age: 16

Cabin: Aphrodite

Gender: Male

Weapon of choice: Bow and arrow

Secondary weapon: Throwing knives

Last resort weapon: Sword

Likes: Music, skateboarding, playing video games, Hephaestus cabin, Apollo cabin, Hermes cabin

Dislikes: Being a son of Aphrodite, being thought of as shallow, shallow people, Ares cabin, the fact that Aphrodite isn't a master of any useful skills so he automatically is thought of as useless

Good at: Long distance targets. He prefers bows and arrows and throwing knives because you don't actually have to be close to your foe.

Weaknesses: wishing for what he can't have and not seeing the brightside of things. For example, if the were outnumbered in a fight he'd be too caught up in wishing things were different and wanting to give up than to actually fight.

Appearance: He despises being an Aphrodite child and tries everything in his power to rebel from "perfect looks" but fails. His shaggy black hair is always left unbrushed, his eyes are like a kaleidoscope of blue that you lose your train of thought when you look at them, his fair skin has never seen a blemish. He hates it when people stare at him though, because it reminds him that he is an Aphrodite; nothing but a pretty face and shallow thoughts.
b0rn insAne chapter 2 . 5/21/2012
If u wantt I can be a boy character
b0rn insAne chapter 1 . 5/21/2012
For artemis I would like to be..

Name: Alexandria Didario




Weapon of choice: knife/sword

Secondary weapon: Bow and arrows

Last resort weapon: a baseball bat

Likes: riddles, climbing,singing, reading, ppl with spunk

Dislikes: PINK!, snobs, cowards

Good at: archery, sword fighting, knife throwing

Pesonality: She is very freindly but has a fiery temper. She goes by the name Alex. She is bubbly. Most of the time she is quiet and vigilant but she will speak up for whats right. Is devoted to Artemis. She is hard working and tough. She is ambitious and very intelligent. Very few ppl are close to her. She sometimes seem sweeet and innocent but can be a "backstabber"

Appearnce: Shoulder length auburn hair, Bright blue eyes, she is about 5'6. She is usually found wearing simple and comfy clothes. She has palish skin (not to pale) and a sweet and serene smile.(for a clear image of alex look up Georgie Henley. thats how i imagine Alex) THANKS
Thatmysteryguy chapter 2 . 5/16/2012
One quick thing I noticed was that there is a boy hermes in someone review but that besides the point, here is my OC.

Name: Chirs Howard

Age: 16

Cabin: Ares

Gender: Boy

Weapon of choice: Sheiks and darts

Secondary weapon: Sword

Last resort weapon: Bow and arrrows

Likes: Violence,video games, hunting prey AND SHOOTING

Dislikes: peace and tranqility and fire

Good at: Hunting, evading and camfloguing

Weaknesses: His own self-pride and electrcity

Personality: He is a very dealy hunter. He can kill without remorse and need sno rest. He has a soft side for girls but kills anything i n his path

Appearance: He has Black hair, Gray eyes, a devilish smile, Wears a leather jacket with a tshirt underneath, Snekers and hunting shorts.
Lk6lu chapter 1 . 5/15/2012
Artemis costume: (Female because hunters are not male duh!) A silver jacket with an embroidered wolf on the back and embroidered bows on both sides of the chest left unzipped to see the skintight black t-shirt underneath and dark green leggings made to look like pine needles and dark slippers.

Athena costume:

Female: Dress with several shades of brown to look like owl feathers with dark black long sleeves with feathers braided into her hair and very practical black converse

Male: black pants with silver trim and a long sleeve muscle shirt with several shades of brown to look like owl feathers and the very necessary black converse

(hope you like this took a lot of thought though it looks like it didn't)

P. S. If you think this is a very dumb costume idea post your idea that you think is better and let the author decide
Mrs.Calliope chapter 2 . 5/15/2012
Name: Melody (Only call her Melly, though) Louisiana Zander

Age: 14

Cabin: Hermes

Gender: Girl

Weapon of choice: Throwing Knives

Secondary weapon: Bow and Arrow

Last resort weapon: Chucking her one-of-a-kind, homemade "Batcan" at someone's head, or a rock (Thresh style!)

Likes: Superheroes, anything related to "The Avengers", her precious "Batcan" as mentioned before, Glee, ninjas, Harry Potter movies, running, gymnastics, (particularly hanging upside down type things) pranking with Travis and Connor.

Dislikes: normality, popularity, sword fighting, embarrassing herself in front of everyone at camp

Good at: hanging upside down, throwing knives (OMG Clove!) screaming loudly, singing, stealing things

Weaknesses: muttations, seeing her bro's (Her friends, not brothers) Kimmi and Chase in dangerous situations, children of Ares, swimming (she doesn't know how) and she is claustrophobic

Personality: Melly is determined, but a bit off. Her ADHD and dyslexia prevent her from being as smart as she could be. If Melly concentrates for an extremely long time, she could probably write up an essay with a B- for a grade. She is impulsive and can sometimes have a short temper. Melly can sometimes be possessive, but that's probably due to her paranoia.. Most of the time, Melly is bubbly and odd, but occasionally she'll get into a little slump and be kind of upset about her grades since they really do matter to her but it normally only lasts for like, an hour and then she's okay.

Appearance: She has elbow length red hair which curls a little at the ends, brown eyes, tan skin, average weight, and is 5ft.
Lk6lu chapter 2 . 5/15/2012
Name: Pétrus Conti

Age: 13

Cabin: Dionysus

Gender: Male

Weapon of choice: Blow darts

Secondary weapon: Daggers

Last resort weapon: bow and arrows

Likes: grape juice, tennis, strength, and the Sun

Dislikes: pranks, sleep, fire, weakness, being called short, and water

Good at: sneaking, running, climbing, and throwing rocks

Weaknesses: Swiming

Personality: He is shy and honest so he hates it when people are not honest (tends to loose control then and kill them) he also has a very high pain tolerance.

Appearance: messy blond hair that sticks up everywhere and purple eyes with green specks. He has a slender frame that makes him appear fragile and is short.

Also costume for Dionysus

Female: purple long sleeve dress with a magenta ribbon around the waist that goes to the knees with green tights that have purple ribbons wrapped around it in swirls and green slippers and purple ribbons intertwined in hair

Male: purple skin tight long sleeve shirt with a magenta vest and green pants with one purple on each side of the leg and green slippers and a purple ribbon wrapped around their head like a headband
NarniaCrazyGirls chapter 1 . 5/14/2012
Hi I have an oC OR TWO

Name: Joanna Thorn

Age: 16

Cabin: Artemis

Gender: Girl

Weapon of choice: bow and arrows

Secondary weapon: Sheiks

Last resort weapon: Swords

Likes: Hunting, killing, a good war book

Dislikes: lazy people, make-up, anything pink, lazy guys

Good at: hunting, be stealthy, killing

Weaknesses: She will die for a friend and has a tnedency to do thing s her way

Personality: She is a very hard-working hunter. She serves Artemis and feels honored she was chosen. She was an assassin in the past and has no problem killing people

Appearance: She has long brown hair. She had gray eyes and a kind face. She is five foot eight and wears a black jeans, a black suit and sneakers and she also wears a arrow shaped necklace which her mother gave her.
FatCat8900 chapter 2 . 5/14/2012
I now present, (drumrolll) my dumb idea for hephaustes outfits

Both boy and girl wear bronze armor with A flaming anvil emblem on the chest and helmet (spartan helmet)
and they are both carrying flaming anvils up towards the sky.
&ts black with a red outline and a pattern like broken glass on the sides.

3hats all i could think for how boring hephaustes is :/
Ilja Mitelia chapter 2 . 5/14/2012
Name: Emma Wolf

Age: 15

Cabin: Hephaestus

Gender: Girl

Weapon of choice: daggers that can be thrown as well as used in regular fighting

Secondary weapon: Bow and arrows

Last resort weapon: Sword

Likes: reading, drawing, stories, smart people, climbing, makeing things.

Dislikes: bossy people, girly people and dumb peoples. And people who have high thoughts about themselves and just think about fighting.

Good at: hiding and running away from her problems. She has a very intelligent mind, and she use it to make traps and ambush attacs.

Weaknesses: stubborn and only do things her way. She don't trust people easily, but she can get too lojal to the few friends she have.

Personality: She is an antisosial and quiet girl, and she likes to listen rather than to speak. She beeing on her own better than to talk to people, but she can be really chatty if she thinks you're Interesting. She has a very sarcastic humor, and can be a little harsh to people without meaning it. She also enjoy fighting, but only do it when she have to. She mostly run away from dangers. She is also pretty lazy, and mostly hopes for other to solve her problems.

Appearance: She has dark brownish curly hair that reaches her waist. She has green-grey eyes, and a cat like face. She has some freckles on her nose, and is around 5 feet tall.
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