Reviews for The Hunger Games: PJO Style
HadiedaughterofHades chapter 2 . 5/13/2012
Name: Charlie McDonnell

Age: 15

Cabin: Ares

Gender: Girl

Weapon of choice: Spear

Secondary weapon: Sword

Last resort weapon: Bow and Arrows

Likes: Creating fights, making people angry at others, swimming, climbing, hand to hand combat, hacking dummies to death, and music.

Dislikes: Preppy people who can't even defend themselves, gravity.

Weaknesses: Running

Personality: Warm but isolated. Charlie looks like she is cruel and would kill anyone so people generally stay out of her way. She is always calm and collective but will kill when the person least expects it. She is smart but acts dumb so others will fall for it. She is skilled with any weapon in her grasp. When she is with friends she is sarcastic and witty.

Appearance: Long layered dirty blonde hair. Charlie is 5 foot 6. She is bulky and has scars up her back and torso from a traumatizing experience. She has dark aqua eyes and is fair skinned. She somewhat has an hour-glass figure. She always has a carved rock guitar pick that is on a silver chained necklace.

Name: Taylor Allen Jones

Age: 16

Cabin: Hermes

Gender: Boy

Weapon of choice: Dagger

Secondary weapon: Sword

Last resort weapon: Spear

Likes: Pranks, Funny Girls, Stalking, Running, Pick-pocketing, and setting people up.

Dislikes: Being humiliated and dying.

Weaknesses: Doesn't like the dark and is scared of fire.

Personality: Very open and funny. Can make friends with just about anyone. Is a jokester and kind. Can be mean but only to those who hurt 'pretty girls'. Protective in a way but when needed to will kill.

Appearance: Light brown hair that curls at the tips of his skater styled hair. Has green eyes that turn to brown as they near the iris. Taylor has tanned olive skin and his face is splashed with freckles. When he smiles he has dimples. He makes some guys jealous with his flashy grin. When he smiles you can't help but stare, but that is when he steals from you.
FatCat8900 chapter 1 . 5/13/2012
Name: Henry Remat
Cabin: Hephaestus
Gender: Male
Weapon of Choice: Sledgehammer
Secondary weapon: Sword
Last Resort Weapon: Dagger
Likes: Crafting, Aphrodite Daughters, Pie, Dungeons n Dragons
Dislikes: Bullies, Most people, Brussel Sprouts, Climbing
Good At: Crafting, Fighting, Taking a Punch, Running, Controlling Fire Sneaking
Weakness: Water, People Bullying Him, Electricty
Personality: He is very smart and sweet, but people treat him like a kid because he is a son of hephaestus and they think hes stupid, hes always defending people and trying to keep peace among others, people bully him because he likes crafting and dancing alot, he tries not to rage on people but sometimes it happens.
Appearence: 6"4' Medium buff, Brown medium length hair, Blue Eyes and Big feet

(I hope you like it and accept it!)
LittleMissWolfie chapter 2 . 5/13/2012
Name: Cadence Elizabeth Thyme

Age: 14

Cabin: Demeter

Gender: Girl

Weapon of choice: Anything she can throw

Secondary weapon: A pipe or branch

Last resort weapon: Sword

Likes: Plants, farming, cooking

Dislikes: dishonest people

Weaknesses: Swimming, fire, cold

Personality: She is a very shy person who is not convinced she can win. The only thing keeping her going is her sickly older brother

Appearance: Mid-length brown hair, short, round green eyes
BrielleAquaria chapter 1 . 5/12/2012
Name: Belle DiLaurentis

Age: 16

Cabin: Aphrodite

Gender: Girl

Weapon of choice: Bow and arrows

Secondary weapon: Spear

Last resort weapon: Sword

Likes: swimming, making traps,weaving, hunting, cooking, ice

Dislikes: noisy crowds, dirty people

Good at: trapping, hunting, organizing, swimming

Weaknesses: dry lands

Personality: At one look, Belle would be mistaken as snobby and mean. But if you get to know her, she'd turn out to be very nice and friendly. She's also very witty and does a great deal of charities which others don't know about. But she can be bossy sometimes.

Appearance: Belle has very long, wavy, golden hair with pink highlights. She has fair complexion. Her height is 5'6 and she is slender. She has a perfect ski-slope nose and naturally pinkish lips. She is very pretty.
juniorarchitectonherway chapter 2 . 5/12/2012
Name: April Lanchester

Age: 16


Gender: girl

Weapon of choice: knife

Secondary weapon: javelin

Last resort weapon: spear

Likes: reading writing and designing

Dislikes: swimming her dad

Good at: reding shouting saving

Weaknesses: saving

Personality: really nice really nice thats all i have to say

Appearence: long auburn hair gray eyes skinny
Scoobycool9 and LuckycoolHawk9 chapter 1 . 5/12/2012
Name: William(Will) Hunter

Age: 16

Cabin: Zeus

Gender: Male

Weapon of choice: Bow and arrows

Secondary weapon: Sword

Last resort weapon: Katana

Likes: Track, writing and being a career

Dislikes: lazy people, His cousin Matt and swimming

Good at: Running, archery and being evasive

Weaknesses: Water(get it), Tends to forget things

Personality: Is very serious, rarely smiles and never takes a joke easily

Appearance: He has brown hair, green eyes, is six foot three, wears balck jeans, a leahter jacket and sneakers
Scoobycool9 and LuckycoolHawk9 chapter 2 . 5/12/2012
Name: Matthew(Matt) Hunter

Age: 16

Cabin: Poseidon

Gender: Male

Weapon of choice: Sword

Secondary weapon: Katana

Last resort weapon: Bow and arrows

Likes: eating,goofing off and swimming

Dislikes: The color black, being chosen for the games and spincah

Good at: swimming, Reading,writing and track

Weaknesses:Electric, is easily fatigued but never hungry

Personality: He is a laid back guy. He tends ot swim and read a lot but rarely sleeps

Appearance: Has blond hair, blue eyes, somewhat musclar, a persuaive smile, always wear a blue leather jacket and jeans. He is six feet tall.
Hades-Little-Girl-Mela chapter 2 . 5/12/2012
I forgot to tell you mela is in the carrers and her brother twin brother who im submiting now. Thank you!

Name: Perseus "Percy" Nico Kulesa

Age: 16

Cabin: Hades

Gender: Boy

Weapon of choice: Sword

Secondary weapon: Knife

Last resort weapon: Bow and Arrows

Likes:Sports,using all weapons,training ,and everything non girly mela likes

Dislikes: everything mela dislikes thats not for girls

Good at: everything mela is thats not girly

Weaknesses: same as mela but not girly

Personality: same as mela thats not for girls (arent i repetitive)

Appearance: pale skin,scar going through left eye, messy black hair that goes to is shoulders, same size as his twin,black eyes ,good looking

Pick me again please!
I am Kayla daughter of Apollo chapter 2 . 5/12/2012
For the Zeus people I was thinking this for the parade...

For the girl: A tight(but not too tight) black dress in which little sparks of electricity is coming off of. A yellow belt to compliment the dress. Black high-heels and very little make-up. Hair done in tight ringlets that flows down her back.

For the boy: A black suit with an electric yellow shirt under the black jacket with the black jacket and pants having sparks of electricity coming off of them. Black dres shoes. Hair spiked up in places.

P.S. My pen name has my OC's name in it because I wanted it that way!

Yours in demigodishness and all that. Peace out,

HadiedaughterofHades chapter 1 . 5/10/2012
Name: Hadie Ramirez

Age: 16

Cabin: Hades

Gender: Girl

Weapon of choice: Stygian Sword

Secondary weapon: Twin Hunting knives

Last resort weapon: Spear

Likes: Running, darkness (like night), melting into the shadows and pranking someone, fighting, helping those in desperate need.

Dislikes: Heels, dresses, anything pink, hats, spears, annoying pretty people.

Good at: Running long distances, hiding, stalking, pranking, sword/twin knife duels

Weaknesses: Scared of objects being thrown near face and shins.

Personality: Tom-boy to the max. Hates anything that makes her pretty. Doesn't like getting close to someone for too long. Some confidence and courage and absolutely loves the colors black and turquoise. Always wears a black leather bracelet with a dull silver leaf hanging down. Can be VERY stubborn. Hates to cry.

Appearance: Medium, curly, but choppy layered black/brown hair. (In sunlight hair looks very dark brown in darkness and shadows it looks black as midnight. Warm light chocolate brown eyes. Olive toned skin that is tanned. 5 foot and 3 inches. Always wears black and turquoise with silver accents.

Name: Sonny Marx

Age: 16

Cabin: Apollo

Gender: Female

Weapon of Choice: Twin hunting knives (20 inches long)

Secondary weapon: Bow and Arrows

Last resort weapon: Sword

Likes: Running, pranking someone, fighting, helping others with wounds.

Dislikes: Needles, and blood.

Good at: Running, hiding, aiming, fighting.

Weaknesses: Depression

Personality: tom-boyish, funny, VERY sarcastic, loves neon colors, stubborn.

Appearance: Medium, curly reddish brown hair. Olive mix with peachy skin tone. (Tanned some but not much) Freckles on face. Five foot three. Always wears a sun anklet given to her by her best friends, and a set of guitar ear ring given to her by her mother.

Sorry...but I couldn't resist putting up two...
suicideblonde99 chapter 1 . 5/8/2012
Name: Livia (Liv, most people call her that) Jansen

Age: 17

Cabin: Apollo

Gender: Girl

Weapon of choice: Bow and arrow

Secondary weapon: Throwing knives

Last resort weapon: Sword

Likes: Music like Simple Plan, One Republic and Green Day, reading fantasy novels, studying healing remedies and hunting in the woods along with her brother and singing, playing songs on her guitar and songwriting.

Dislikes: People who talks too much, arrogant and cocky people, classical music, swords and javelins and her friends talking bad about her.

Good at: Hunting, bow and arrows, throwing knives target, singing (she has a really jazzy bluesy raspy voice), writing songs and healing.

Weaknesses: Sword, javelins, wrestling, hand-to-hand combat, making knots, math and history, dancing (she really sucks at it) and playing the piano or bagpipes.

Personality: She's really rebellious, unique and very conservative. She doesn't socialize a lot and kept to herself, but she's a very strong character, she's persuasive, commanding, powerful and strong to emotions. She's very caring, emotional, loving and passionate to people she love and the things she love but she can be very revengeful, vondictive, mean, harsh and cruel.

Appearance: Blonde goldilocks worthy curly hair, icy gay-ish blue eyes, high cheekbones, fair skin, pink-ish round cheeeks, cupid bow shape lips and gorgeous heart-shape face. She's about 5'7, she has a thin waist and a very slim, athletic waist. She look like this: /images/pretty_little_liars/cast/large/alison_
I am Kayla daughter of Apollo chapter 1 . 5/8/2012
Name: Sea Jackson

Age: 13

Cabin: Zeus

Gender: Girl

Weapon of choice: Bow and Arrows

Secondary weapon: Sword

Last resort weapon: Throwing knifes

Likes: Singing, Dancing, Swimming(Lord Poseidon actually lets her)

Dislikes: Spiders, roaches, small spaces, heights(oh the irony!)

Good at: Swimming, achery, climbing trees(and balancing on the smallest of branches), being agile and moving fast.

Weaknesses: Building things, fire, her loyalty to friends(her fatal flaw)

Personality: Sea is very shy and queit, but around her really close friends(who are the other children of the Big Three) she is really silly.

Appearance: Sea has long, straight black hair in which she put a pink and purple streak in. Sea has bright, electric blue eyes and a mild tan. Lights freckles go across her cheeks. She has scars on her arms and legs because her mom used to beat her. Sea is 5'2 and malnoursihed(she hasn't been at camp for long so she is still fairly new)
Hades-Little-Girl-Mela chapter 1 . 5/7/2012
Name: Mela Ebony Kulesa

Cabin: Hades

Gender: Female

Weapon of choice: Sword/Knife

Secondary weapon: Bow and arrows

Last resort weapon: spear

Likes: singing,dancing,running,sword fighting,knife throwing,knife fighting,archery,reading,winning,sports,good music,rain,storms,punk music,rock music,alternative muscic,emo music,goth music,some rap

Dislikes: to much happiness,flying,swimming,losing,bad music,the games

Personality: Good Qualities: funny,sporty,very intelligent (like the athena kids),good singer,good dancer,can fight with any weapon,brave,sarcastic,loud

Bad Qualities:bad temper,not easily forgiving,has a hard time trusting others,holds grudges,to strong for her own good,uncontrollable when pushed to her limit,very stubborn ,arrogant,big mouth,

Strengths:running,sword fighting,knife throwing,knife fighting,archery,darkness,shadows,good liar,good actor,can manipulate any one believe her,stronger then she looks

Weaknesses:flying,swimming,her temper etc...

Appearance: Eye Color:Black with gold specks they flash titan gold when angry

Hair Color:natural bleach blonde hair with black highlights

Hair Texture/Length: layered shoulder length with side bangs

Skin Tone:pale but fair


Weight:150 (pure mucsle)

Body Build (trim, lean, stocky, ect…):hourglass figure slight muscle

Extras (scars, tattoos, ect…):has a scar going from her eyebrow to her chin through her left eye,has a tattoo of a black rose on her palm with barb wire attached to the rose twisting up her left arm, a skull tattoo on her right arm, a tattoo that says go to hades on her right rist,she has her nose,lip,and ears pierced

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