Reviews for Harry Potter and the Natural 20
YK chapter 29 . 5/13
I didn't call it. I'm surprised that it worked out the way it did for Ron. With a real-life high-level chess program, the game is not predictable in this way. Open up two instances of the game, play the same moves-you'll see that the two games will soon diverge as the two instances make different choices. I guess Potterverse magic chess engines are not as sophisticated as real-world compter chess engines.
Vortozan chapter 14 . 5/9
I don’t think I’ve laughed this well in years
Vortozan chapter 11 . 5/9
And at this moment he knew. This would forever be known as one of THOSE stories.
The ones that were made of legendary proportions of giddiness whenever the reader started the next chapter.
DUDE. Your the BEST!
- Vortz
Vortozan chapter 8 . 5/9
I think I’m in love ️
Vortozan chapter 7 . 5/9
LMFAO I’m dying!
Thank you for the endless laughs, I’m gonna go recommend this to everyone I ever meet.
- Vortozan
Vortozan chapter 2 . 5/9
This guys EXISTENCE is an entertaining journey in itself. God this is some good shit to read. Thanks mate
Vortozan chapter 1 . 5/9
The hell dude. This is Gosh darn amazing!
Thank you for the laughs
- Vortz
aaronhowser1 chapter 74 . 4/29
I knew this story was abandoned. I knew it and I reread it anyway. I am heartbroken. This story is so good though, it's worth it.
ArkhCthuul chapter 74 . 4/26
And sadly,. It ends when it set up something great... Sigh...

Thank. You anyway, sir. Poley, for a wild. Ride.
ArkhCthuul chapter 73 . 4/26
Love the difference of this luscious to hp or or Canon.

Smarter,. Ore proactive, less. Deadly and/or classic villain.

Fits very well, but shouldn't he know more/interact more with the Muggle finance world?
jno chapter 51 . 4/23
is that a AVMP reference i smell?
ArkhCthuul chapter 71 . 4/23
A harsh, low blowing chapter.

Not even her love life is that good. And killing off cops?
Without removing them from memory and more importantly data files?

Oh voldie, this is gonna blow up.
ArkhCthuul chapter 66 . 4/22
This chapter is a true masterpiece both of fore and. Post shadowing.

Poor milo and the dementor...
ArkhCthuul chapter 63 . 4/21
And once again your Hanna starts. To. Show how smart she is.
ArkhCthuul chapter 59 . 4/20
Still saving up that trick for a Roman style campaign... Where suddenly will be unable to. See each other..
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