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cko2 chapter 73 . 20h
Sorry for the review that was just posted as no one. I forgot to login just know...sigh.
Andrew chapter 73 . 7/14

I only just discovered this fic. It's really fun to read even though I don't play and D&D. Glad it looks like you're still updating it!
typo chapter 73 . 7/11
Fiona spent awhile
should be "a while"
Qillathe chapter 72 . 7/12
ChrysophylaxDives: Those spells could be useful, but Milo can't cast them: all of them are either Necromancy or Enchantment, which are his prohibited schools.
singalen chapter 73 . 7/11
Thank you Sir Poley! (cries)
This is my best experience with AD&D.
I went to your site looking for a way to send you this: cannot post a link, but check out "Delaying Revivify (You can't kill me… twice)" at rpg stack exchange com.
Thank you!
Souperman chapter 73 . 7/9
A new chapter?


And good god, THERE'S the perfect mix of comedy, drama, and characterisation I've been waiting for. Just... just wonderful! Especially the part about the mosquito.

But, most importantly, it's nice to know you're not dead!
tlhonmey chapter 73 . 7/9
A beautiful setup for what is sure to eventually turn into a serious smackdown...
yomunot chapter 1 . 7/10
oh this is fun
Mernom chapter 73 . 7/9
Interesting bit, that one about economics.
Sillylaureate chapter 73 . 7/7
New chapter! I love the beginning section about Lucius and his strategies. A very short chapter but! Any new content is good content!
perly chapter 73 . 7/6
Thank you for the update. I know staying on course is difficult. Good job.
ChrysophylaxDives chapter 73 . 7/7
As always, this is a pleasure to read. Thank you for writing it.

I feel that Lucius made two serious mistakes. First, he doesn't seem to understand liquidity: he's keeping almost all his wealth in forms that cannot be spent at very short notice. It would be wiser to have a range of investments, from very illiquid things like land and large companies, through more liquid investments such as favours and loans, all the way down to cash. (He would also be wise to keep some of his wealth in Muggle assets, since I very much doubt that the wizarding economy grows fast enough to match the returns of a Muggle index tracker fund, let alone the kind of returns you can make with active management and insider information gained through Legilimency.)

Second, closing the other three major papers was a blunder. He should have kept them all open and run them by proxy. You can extract just us much money with a cartel as with a monopoly - probably more, in this case, because four newspapers could target four different market segments. And using four different papers for his political tricks would have been far more effective, since he would essentially be able to be the spokesman for his own faction, two different neutral parties *and his political enemies*.

As for Milo's best response, I think he might find it worthwhile to make and distribute some cursed items. He can use Spontaneous Divination to investigate Lucius's dealings, then find some ways to get the cursed objects into his hands - and thus into the hands of his cronies. Some of the spells I mention below would be very useful for making cursed Galleons. Lucius will be a lot less popular if his bribes start causing diseases, inflicting curses, or causing a constant feeling of unease and fear. (I suggest Googling "Gilted Fiends" and "Coins of the Damned" for some interesting ideas designed by Justin Alexander, author of multiple D&D books. In particular, coins of contagion are well within Milo's ability to make and will rapidly incapacitate large chunks of the Death Eaters' social and business circles. Red Ache has an incubation period of 1d3 days and no permanent effects, making it ideal for putting half the Death Eaters in hospital for a week without permanently harming any innocents.)

There are a fair number of useful spells that Milo might be able to pick up from Thamior's spellbook (or pursuing similar lines of research). Bestow Curse and Feeblemind would both serve Milo very well in his present circumstances - Bestow Curse only uses a 4th-level slot and is more flexible, not mind-affecting and easier for Milo to remove, but Feeblemind has medium range (instead of touch) and explicitly prevents the victim from casting spells. He probably won't get many uses before someone finds a good answer to it, but for the time being, it's a ranged attack that permanently incapacitates a caster (or at least sends them to St Mungo's). Fear, Scare and Cause Fear would all be excellent options, too, since the locals are likely to fail their saves and since panicked people drop their wands. Spectral Hand would be excellent, of course, since there are lots of very good touch spells that Milo could use, and Thamior very probably has it. Thamior may also have known Shivering Touch (or Lesser S.T.), which would pretty much prevent wand use (and maybe cause paralysis) for most of a minute. And then there's Contagion, which can be delivered by a Spectral Hand and can cause all sorts of nasty effects, including 1d8 Dex damage (per day) from The Shakes or 1d4 Int from Mindfire. A trip to St Mungo's should cure it, but in the meantime, that's a Death Eater who can't hold a wand properly or think clearly, and who infects everyone he touches or breathes on, respectively.
DanReid4 chapter 72 . 7/7
Ha. 40k reference.
devo342 chapter 63 . 7/7
Sirius is awesome as is only right
daemon3.14 chapter 73 . 7/7
Reread the entire story for the 3rd time a few days ago, great work! Love the clashes between their systems!
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