Reviews for The Potion's Apprentice
Melrose437 chapter 7 . 17h
I really like this, I don't drabble in the HP/Inuyasha crossover orld too much but this story caught my attention. The chapters are really good I can't wait to read more and see how you'll make Severus see Kagome as more than a child. Whether it will take months, years will be interesting and I can't wait for kagome to show her skills or even the Cool-as-Ice Shessomaru show up and be his lordy self... :)
Lairenna chapter 7 . 7/27
Nice little update, I know you take quite a while to post, but hopefully you'll post soon!
Tolazytologin chapter 7 . 7/25
More please!
SweetHunniiBunnii chapter 7 . 7/23
Awesome work with this chapter! Can't wait to read more of Kagome and Severus together!
Crazy 109 chapter 5 . 7/22
Heh. Draco getting lessons in being Slytherin...FINALLY! I always wondered how canon! Draco ended up in Slytherin; loud-mouthed, self-defeating little braggart that he was. }
JoWashington chapter 7 . 7/21
This was great! I'm glad you've continued this fic! It's such a Kagome answer- (To both Draco and Severus) and then there's the fact that she was able to get away with it!
Spastic Freak chapter 7 . 7/21
Loved it! As always! Not enough Severus/Kagome fics in the world.
Lunardragon33 chapter 7 . 7/21
this is awesome
Silversun XD chapter 7 . 7/21

I can not wait for the next chapter!
mr chapter 7 . 7/21
I like the mentor and pupil that Kagome and Draco have going on. Kagome is basically making Draco think about his life chooses, his faith in himself, and providing him with knowledge to grow.
Aw! Snape has hope in a budding romantic relationship. Must been so lonely. Can't wait for the next chapter. Please continue. :)
Lunascorpio20 chapter 7 . 7/21
I can't wait for the next chapter please update again soon
KaeterinaRomanov chapter 6 . 6/9
Trinabear chapter 6 . 2/24
I love the twist to this crossover! Having Kagome come from another magic school is a nice touch! I wonder who her parents were though...a small mystery here to be sure. On a side note I have just discovered your fanfics and would like to say that you have a great many storylines that are extremely interesting to read. However, they are sadly, incomplete, with some not having been updated in a couple of years at least. I know that sometimes life just gets in the way, I myself have an incomplete fanfic out there in cyberspace, but please try to update a couple of them? Pretty please? At least this one. I want to read about how Kagome "grows" while at Hogwarts and if she gets any "crushes" or "admirers" while at school. Thanks again for writing this great and wonderful story. It was a real delight to read. I am looking forward to reading more of your works.
jujubug712 chapter 1 . 11/8/2014
All of your recent Harry Potter/Inuyasha stories are fantastic! Please update soon! You're one of the few great authors writing them.
c3lph t1tl3d chapter 6 . 9/18/2014
Oh I love this story! It has been a most interesting read to be sure. I hope that you are going to come back to this story because I really want to read more of it :). Thank you for posting!
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