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Thalion Estel chapter 8 . 22h
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thank you so much for updating! I LOVED this chapter! From beginning to end, it was hilarious. Sauron's comments about the Lord of the Rings were perfect, and I loved the random reference to the bobble-head. But my favorite part was of course when Earendil and Maglor arrived. Maglor's response to seeing his father was so funny, and then his song was so awesome! I really liked the descriptions. And when Feanor and Sauron were fighting Earendil, especially with the insults, screamings of "mine!", and final declaration from the Dark Lord, I laughed out loud. Excellent job! I love this story SO much, and I can't wait for another update!
Mornen chapter 8 . 4/26
*squeals about Lafayette for a good five minutes* *recovers* I, um, may have, um, liked studying the American Revolutionary War...

Anyway, lovely chapter! Mini!Feanor crawling up Earendil to sit on the Silmaril is an image I'll have a hard time forgetting. ;)
Elf from Downunder chapter 8 . 4/25
Here I am, sitting in my living room with a room full of people and I'm grinning like a complete fool. ;D My, I've forgotten how much I loved reading this fic! All of it is so delightfully hilarious! And lovely interactions with Celt, Mihi and Maglor and Earendil. :)

I almost lost it at Feanor's childish, 'IT'S MINE!' and Sauron's 'I'M SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS!' while being held in Earendil's hand. Truly one of the most funny mental images I've had in a while. Thank you so much for the update!
Susie of Anna chapter 8 . 4/24
This was amazing! I'm so glad this story has been updated. You're both quite talented writers and amazingly hilarious!
ADesperateFan chapter 7 . 1/12
Your work, my friends, is unparalleled in the history of fanfiction and even the world. You easily surpass the works of Homer, Virgil, Dante, Milton, Shakespeare, Dickens, Twain, and every other author save perhaps the Professor himself. Your humor is outstanding, your choice of words exquisite; I cannot help but adore every sentence of your stories.

But a great evil has befallen this earth, for you have not posted an update to this, the crown jewel of your work, in months. It may be that this is a result of your ignorance of my dependency, and thus I now make my torture known. Every morning I weep to find my inbox lacking in a new chapter of this tale, though every night I go to bed with a distant hope that the next morning will be different. I kneel in my room and implore that God will, by His grace, move in your heart and cause you to post more. And yet so far, my prayer is unanswered, and so I am deeply troubled in spirit.

My dearest friends, I am desperate. I beg and implore you to please continue to write and update this glorious work of art. Please! How can I go on living without the ending? I do not know. All I am certain of is this: I love your work, and I flood my bed with tears every night that I must go to sleep with this unfulfilled desire. Update, I ask! I adjure you to set me free from this terrible lack of your beautiful story. By all fears and all loves, by the bright skies of Overland, by the great Lion, by Aslan Himself! Save my soul from despair; please post more soon.
Mornen chapter 7 . 1/9




plz updaet sooooooooooon plzzzzzzzzzzzz - aragornluvr123
Mornen chapter 6 . 1/9
...uh-oh. Boredom and Sauron. Bad Mihi!

Ah, home-made tomato sauce is marvellous on pizza! :)

...letting Sauron flame? Oh my goodness.

Feanor and the oven blueprints. I died laughing (metaphorically).
Mornen chapter 5 . 1/9
"I like to bite things. What do you like?" I actually like biting things too, Sauron. Thank-you very much. That part made me laugh.

"Give." Uhg, Feanor and the computer. Soooo cute.

...Sauron and the internet?
Mornen chapter 4 . 1/9
*giggles* The Valar are going to love you for ineptly plotting their downfall. :D
Sauron Gorthaur chapter 7 . 12/17/2014
Maglor and Daeron’s music (?) battle was very amusing. I loved Maglor’s snide comment about being able to see the spoken words – his poetic arrogance and condescension was quite befitting for the last Fëanorian. I also couldn’t help but enjoy the dark humor of Maglor realizing he really shouldn’t be getting any more elven blood on his hands, but it’s just like a Fëanorian, even Maglor, to end up almost failing at that at the end.

Haha, I had to chuckle at Eärendil undignified retreat when Maglor goes crazy over the Silmaril strapped to his forehead. For a second there, I’d forgotten about the Silmaril, but of course seeing it just show up like that would drive Maglor a little loony. And it’s a little sadly pathetic, but again, appropriate that Maglor makes the deal with Eärendil so that he can just touch the Silmaril. I think someone’s just a *tad* obsessed.

One point of constructive criticism in this chapter – you switch several times between the spelling “Daeron” and “Dairon” which was a tad distracting. Even if Tolkien did use both spellings at various times during the course of his writing, for the sake of a single story, and especially a single chapter, consistency and using the same spelling is preferable.

Having Celt surreptitiously humming The Lay of Eärendil when the storyline switches back over to our heroines was a nice touch. Haha, and Sauron reacted so in character to discovering there’s a large volume laying around named after himself. Of course, he’d jump to the conclusion that it’s all about his grand deeds in Middle-earth with the pride complex he clearly has. I hope Mihi is prepared to contain his mini-rage when he discovers that the book is more about his enemies’ efforts to destroy him, that he never actually appears in it, and that the full title of the book is more appropriately “The Downfall of the Lord of the Rings” :D

The idea of Eärendil impersonating a comet to confuse scholars was highly amusing. (I must say that I feel that many of the scholars/scientists probably deserved it though. I mean, how rude of them to think that everything up there is just balls of flaming gas and chunks of ancient rock flying around, when *we* know our friends Eärendil, Arien, Tilion, and Varda would be most aggrieved by that. They deserve to mess with the scholars’ minds.)

Hmm, I wonder whether bringing back Fëanor and Sauron really *will* win Manwë and Mandos’ favor for Eärendil… After all, they cursed Fëanor to begin with and sent him away because he was driving Námo crazy and the Valar are probably not too unhappy to have Sauron stuck as a mini-plushie with none of his powers (that we’ve seen so far). And a reunion between Maglor and Fëanor may be a slightly messy business…

Hope that you’re able to continue this soon and post more chapters! It’s been most amusing so far, and I look forward to reading the finale. Keep on writing! Cheers :)

-Sauron Gorthaur
Sauron Gorthaur chapter 6 . 12/15/2014
Hehe, I think this may have been my favorite chapter so far. Sauron discovering the world of Fanfiction was absolutely hilarious! Just wait until he finds out that the majority of LOTR newbie fans think he’s a giant, flaming eye on top of a tower!

The Sauron’sDaughter!Sue fanfic was classically, epically abominable, atrocious grammar/spelling and all. It sounded just like a LOTR newbie who watched the movies and then did just enough background research to make a tragically awful mess of things – I can just imagine ‘aragornluvr123’ glancing through The Silmarillion or some other Tolkien reference work, liking the words ‘Ainulindalë’ and ‘Alqualondë’ and various other elveny sounding words and mashing them up into a horrible Mary Sue name. It was so Mary Sue-ish that obviously she’d be the only one able to wield the Ring, and the reference to “King Elrond” made me snort with laughter. I also love how the story made Sauron sound like the typical meany, overbearing dad that teenage girls habitually complain about. I can see him grounding her or not letting her stay out late partying with her friends or telling her she can’t date the hot elf kid who lives in Ithilien.

Sauron’s reaction was also epically spot-on, especially his discovery of the review system. As talented with words as he is, I have no doubt that he has the ability to write an utterly traumatizing, tremendous flame, especially directed at anyone who would belittle him in this degrading manner. The Dark Lord’s awe-inspiring temper was truly in character, along with his glee in threatening the unfortunate mortal who would dare write about him in such a way.

Meanwhile, I loved the parallel of Fëanor (who was also delightfully in character in a humorously exaggerated way) learning about mortal ovens and pizzas. His reaction to modern technology was in character – his initial sneering scorn followed by his desire to one-up the mortals and make something even better. His overly dramatic declaration about his oven blueprints sounded just like him, creative but oh-so-arrogant. I think the biggest joy he gets out of life is making other people drool over his creations while he tauntingly withholds them for himself. Just woe betide Celt and Mihi’s household if Sauron should steal those oven blueprints from Fëanor!

Loved the aside about Celt and Daeron’s artistic inferiority complexes. It was perfectly timed and just perfectly droll enough to give me a good laugh. I am sure the annual scream-off is a truly terrifying sight to behold.

Oh yes, yes, dark lords *are* the best cure for boredom – our (former?) dark lord friend has been my cure for boredom unnumbered times :D

And I loved Sauron sniggering over Varda’s denial about her star turning into a black hole. It is rather amusing to see your ditzy Valar trying to run things. And speaking of ditzy, Manwë creating a constant breeze to whimsically blow his hair was a tad tacky and very vain, but most amusing.

Ha, the Valar have enough trouble keeping the Elves in line any way, I can imagine they’d lose basically any credit if they let Tulkas loose now. I doubt the Quendi, who are so very particular about language, would go insane around Tulkas’s gibbering.

I loved the line about the various solutions to the worst ills of Arda Marred. It was very apt and quite true – all very Doomy things that Tolkien seems quite fond of, especially the self-sacrifice and tears unnumbered. And a love the solution that Manwë seems to have hit upon, as it is humorously appropriate for The Silmarillion. I look forward to seeing if Maglor is successful at healing Tulkas – if the Valar can get a Fëanorian to come and help them, that is.

Epic chapter. Very, very amusing, and I look forward to reading the next chapter and being caught up with this story! Keep on writing! Cheers :D

-Sauron Gorthaur
Sauron Gorthaur chapter 5 . 12/8/2014
Oh my, Fëanor is such a bossy, little trouble-maker, isn’t he? The way he orders around the “mortals” who happen to be big enough to step on him is really quite amusing but completely in character. Considering this is the same Elf who felt it within his rights and capabilities to defy the Valar and go to war against the most powerful and evil being in creation, it’s really not at all surprising that he’d boss poor Celt around like this. I am reminded of that wonderful moment in the Silmarillion where he shuts the door in Melkor’s face. The guy’s got spunk, you’ve got to give him that at the very least. And his current quest to “vanquish Mandos” suggests that six ages or whatever of being dead hasn’t really changed him that much.

His inflated sense of self-importance also seem quite fully intact. I can imagine him getting so lost in a rant of his own greatness that he’d lose track of the more important things. At least this time, he’s not getting himself and his whole family cursed or getting himself and massive amounts of his own family killed because of his massively inflated ego. And luckily, it was only a laptop that got stolen from him this time while he was consumed in his ego, not his Silmarils. (I do notice that he conveniently leaves out the fact that Gothmog kills him after he gave him that scar, though. It is rather ironic that for how magnificent and powerful and influential Fëanor is, he is killed almost immediately in the war he starts…)

While Celt seems to exercise some wisdom in recognizing that letting Fëanor on the Internet might be a bad thing, Sauron on the Internet might be a doubly horrific thought. Although, Fëanor and Sauron do have a lot in common, with the whole extremely persuasive rhetoric thing, getting massive amounts of people to do not-so-good things because they told them to, the “let’s put some portion of our essence and power into jewelry” obsessions, etc. It would be rather interesting to put Sauron and Fëanor into a room together and see what happens in that vein, since we don’t actually get to see them interacting in the book. I look forward to seeing what happens with these two living in the same house and both trying to get their way with the mortals. I foresee some persuasion, mind-power battles between them.

The vivid mental image of mini-Sauron riding on Mihi shoulder and stretching his regal little self out on a couch arm is again highly amusing, highly adorable, and therefore highly disturbing. He’s like a little pet, a very, very dangerous pet with strong tendencies for evil and plans for world domination. I want one of my own.

Yes, cooking is an art and a creative skill. Totally. I mean, some of those cakes that people make are definitely visual art, but if making music is an audible art, I don’t see why cooking can’t be edible art. It takes the same sort of skill and creativity as creating other pieces of art.

Oh no, Mandos has really done something serious, hasn’t he? If *he’s* not even sure how to fix it, I’m thinking that’s bad, considering he’s the Doomsman of the Valar who’s usually the one who has to come up with solutions. The whole thing about the consequences of Valarin outbursts of anger again reminded me somewhat of more traditional pagan pantheons, all the chaos and destruction that happens when one of the Greek gods or Norse gods gets miffed at something or someone and then they have to figure out how to set things right. I can hardly imagine Manwë and Varda’s expressions, but I am sure they would be something well worth seeing at that moment.

I continue to be amused. Keep on writing. Cheers!

-Sauron Gorthaur
Sauron Gorthaur chapter 4 . 12/1/2014
Oooh, Annatar has drawn Mihi over to the dark side, dun, DUN, DUN! This will be interesting, as we know that Sauron can be quite persuasive and get people to cause quite a lot of trouble (or let him cause a lot of trouble) when he’s in the mood. I do like that your Sauron is pretty strong-willed; he’s not one of those villains who starts blubbering and whimpering the minute someone starts to threaten *him* and he can respect someone else who has the guts to challenge him and even overpower him. I’ve always been struck by the fact, too, that Sauron does not naturally like conflict – in both The Silmarillion and LOTR, we see him trying to make truces and avoid fighting and war as much as is possible. I’m sure he’s delighted to have seemingly won an ally over, though I wonder if Mihi, who seems pretty devious, is playing him and just waiting to turn the tables on the dangerous little Dark Lord herself! She can clearly match him in insults and snark already :P

Heheh, I love them both, but yes, Sauron would probably beat Loki into a bloody pulp. Sauron is the one villain to rule them all! I’m sure he can make himself appear very pitiful and wretched, however, if he thinks it will help his cause – I imagine him giving Mihi his Annatar puppy-eyes.

I’m enjoying Celt’s Nerdiness, as well, though she seems (understandably) jumpy and maybe a tad paranoid about her guests. Even though they are twins, she seems like the older sister, trying to keep everything from falling into chaos and maintain some order and trying to be the responsible one. I snickered over the line about nerds far wiser and more venerable than herself; although I consider myself a full-out Tolkien nerd, I never cease to be amazed at some of the extremes some nerd scholars go to (although I am deeply thankful for my complete 94-page Quenya-English dictionary).

It is fun to think of the books as real histories of the Eldar Days :) It is humorous to think of Fëanor poring through the Quenta as we might read through a book on American history. I also chuckled about Celt checking to make sure Manwë isn’t sending eagles after her to punish her for helping Fëanor.

It seems the Valar though are having quite enough trouble on their own, without having to even think about the trouble Mini-Fëanor and Mini-Mairon are getting into. Even though the Valar for the most part in the Silmarillion are rather distantly portrayed, without a whole lot of their personality brought to the forefront, I have always thought of them being a pantheon, like the Greek or Norse gods, with the same drama going on between them as goes on between the Greco-Roman and Nordic deities. I always imagined Tulkas as a bit of a Thor parallel: strong but rather lacking sometimes in the brain department – this chapter seems to confirm my thoughts :)

Still very funny, and the plot thickens with Námo’s new gibberish curse, the Sauron/Mihi alliance (possibly? Unless they are both plotting each other’s downfalls secretly?), and Fëanor’s plans of Doom and Destruction. Keep on writing! Cheers!

-Sauron Gorthaur
Sauron Gorthaur chapter 3 . 12/1/2014
Heheh, and so the Doom really begins :) Celt and Mihi are really in for it now with two of the Doomiest characters from Arda loose in their house, and while the miniature size may keep them from being able to wreak quite as much destruction on the world in general as they might be able to do otherwise, they might also be more difficult to keep tabs on in this form, as well. I’ll have to read on and see.

I like Mihi’s pluck in the face of the shock that Fëanor and Sauron’s arrival is sure to have caused. She is very bold to answer Favor’s (admittedly rude and, therefore, in character) comment with such poise. Also, yelling Sauron down is a pretty big feat. She must have a very strong Will :D

I enjoyed your humor of juxtaposition throughout this chapter, with Fëanor and Sauron’s large attitudes coupled with their diminutive sizes. They clearly have the desire to wreak vast amounts of destruction, rather as they did in Arda, but at the moment they are constrained from doing so (thankfully) by their unfortunate curse. In that vein, I enjoyed sentences like “All the Ages of Arda might have come to a crashing halt then and there, had not a vast kitchen separated Elf and Maia” and “At least the diminutive figures of legend were not yet causing mayhem and ruin” with their nicely droll sense of humor. Likewise, the thought of Fëanor squeaking is a rather humorously wrong mental image.

I also liked the sentence “They were Doomed, because everything involving Fëanor or his offspring inevitably ended in Doom, and Fëanor was sitting in her kitchen” because it is so true. The amount of Doom in that book does border on the ridiculous every once in a while (OK, maybe more than every once in a while) and it a rather fun and amusing thing to poke a bit of fun at. Of course, I imagine it would be considerably less fun and amusing if Fëanor was real and in your house: he seems to carry Doom like some highly contagious disease.

For a small bit of constructive criticism, there does appear to be a typo in the third paragraph. Fixing that would give the chapter a final polish, and it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Hehe, I love how Sauron still has an attitude a mile wide even when he’s only a few inches high. Not only is his fiery temper and belligerence apparently completely intact, but he also still has all of his dread Dark Lord majesty and his “Lord of Werewolves” tendencies towards howling and biting :) The thought of miniature Mairon trying to make a “dramatic and terrifying” speech is disturbingly adorable. Well, the thought of a miniature Mairon is kind of disturbingly adorable to me on many different levels. I’m not sure whether to laugh at him or “aww” over him, neither of which would his Dread Lordship probably take kindly to.

And hmm, I’d never thought of the Laughing Vala in that particular way before… I have a feeling with the mood Námo is in that this is all going to end badly. I look forward to continuing reading! Keep on writing! Cheers :)

-Sauron Gorthaur
Sauron Gorthaur chapter 2 . 11/17/2014
Yeah, my Very Favorite Maia is along to wreak havoc, too! And he is indeed a very excellent havoc-wreaker. Celt and Mihi are going to have their hands full, if not overwhelmed, with that pair. Although Fëanor and Sauron are likely to be at each other’s throats, so that might keep them from unleashing the destruction and general chaos that they might cause otherwise. I very much look forward to seeing what Sauron thinks of being a plushie and finding himself in the modern world :D And it is very like him to be such a sneaky fellow and slip after Fëanor, thus escaping his own imprisonment in the Void.

Heheh, so apparently Námo is familiar with the other form of cursing, too, not just the Curse-of-the-Noldor-kind. Oh my, I think Varda may have to rinse his mouth out with soap if this continues.

Ah, I know how it feels not having anyone who knows the Silmarillion well enough to prank me with it. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing, but it’s kind of sad…

I like the idea that the Everwhite mud would be brilliant. I wouldn’t expect anything different from divine, Valinorean mud, after all! I loved the reference to the fact that Sauron prefers the use of his original name, too.

I’m excited to see what happens when they start coming to life. Keep on writing! Cheers :)

-Sauron Gorthaur
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