Reviews for In the Service of Liars and Killers
Nobody important chapter 34 . 3/31
I know this was updated a long time ago, but, the part where Darcy spoke about feeling like she only had bits and pieces really impacted me personally. Recently I was told I have depression and I often feel empty on the chapter reminded me of how i feel every day. But it also told me that i should focus on the good bits and pieces that i have. Thank you for making me feel as if there is some hope.
Jani chapter 40 . 3/30
This has been a great fanfic! Well done characters, sweet? romance, cool plot. It's a great blend of canon ideas reworked in a very cool way. Thanks!
Durga's Black Byakko chapter 40 . 3/25
I dubb thee, Goddess of taser and mischief shipping in the name of Durga!
BunnyKat chapter 40 . 3/23
Tried so badly to finish this last night, but I literally fell asleep with my computer in my lap. So, next day; FINALLY could finish. Oh. My. God. Perfection. This whole story was amazing start to finish. Clever, sexy, romantic, funny. Everything needed in a great story.
BunnyKat chapter 15 . 3/22
Okay, adoring this so far; but had to take a time out to mention how SLAYED I am over all the dinner time euphemism talking in this chapter. Holy. Crap. Funny.
Freddysgirl21345 chapter 1 . 3/18
love it keep up the good work
Minirowan chapter 40 . 3/10
This was pretty awesome. I can't really express how well Darcy and Loki's relationship was handled. He'll obviously never be the kind of hero the others are, but he won't be the bad guy either. I was also glad to see Darcy trying to resist Loki. Her friendship with him helped build trust once the invasion was over, and the physical attraction helped loosen them up (I think that's what it did).

Great job!
Guest chapter 40 . 3/9
Best Loki story i have ever read. Loved it. Wish there were more chapters :)
Ellamena chapter 40 . 3/8
This was a truly amazing story, the characters seemed spot on, and the ships are exactly what I imagined them to be. Normally I don't read long stories like this but this was truly worth it. I laughed (really hard), I cried, I was angry, all things that a good story has.(sigh) I wish this is what they made for the movie, that would have been awesome.
NovemberDreamin chapter 39 . 3/5
God, I'm crying. That last line though... LOKI I LOVE YOU! You're truly an amazing author! I'm sorry I didn't review the first time I read this; I was so caught up I didn't take the time... but I should've, so you could've seen my live reactions! I will say though, that your story is what I compare all other Loki/Darcy fan fiction to, and yours usually comes out on top. You are fantastic! Thank you for writing this story and completing it :)
NovemberDreamin chapter 37 . 3/5
Gah! So cute! Poor, orphan Darcy... I just want to hug and cuddle her forever 3
NovemberDreamin chapter 35 . 3/5
REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOOOOOOOD! God I'm just a heap of emotions right now. You're a wonderful person!
NovemberDreamin chapter 34 . 3/5
Yes! Go Loki! Way to be a good person- I mean Asgardian- I mean Frost Giant!
fallenstar80 chapter 40 . 3/5
I read this in one day! It was incredible. Wonderful job.
NovemberDreamin chapter 32 . 3/4
Ohhh okay, this chapter cleared things up for me a bit. So the scepter is a conduit of the tesseract? So they're linked. Okay :)
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