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ccase1313 chapter 1 . 12/13/2014
I enjoyed your story.

People never seem to think/write much about why Damon went to war but not Stefan nor their VERY strong and active father. Real southern patriots sent ALL the healthy men and Stefan was 2-3 years older than a lot of southern boys in the army.

Damon should have been cavalry since his father could obviously afford his horses. He may have been enlisted cavalry since he has riding boots on with his uniform.

I've always thought the eldest Salvatore wanted Stef for his heir rather than the "weak" Damon who loved his mother where I suspect his father was furious with her lack of more children and actually having the nerve to die on him rather than run his house and socialize charmingly.
Quills and Inkwells chapter 1 . 8/29/2013
I must say, I love how you have captured Damon. Not many endeavor to write him as Pre-Katherine, but you really wrote him perfectly! :)
JWAB chapter 1 . 1/27/2013
Holy fuck. This is amazing. I can't believe I never read this! How did I forget it was waiting right here for me?

The paragraph about the war, the days and then the nights - I'd quote the whole thing but you know what it says. It is absolutely devastating and simply has to be true for his character. Living through that, carrying it with him - Stefan will always still be a child compared to him, if only for this reason. And just think of the first night - maybe the only night - that he finally opened up to Alaric, probably the only person in his world who would really be able to process the details of his time in the war. I need a drink.

You've painted Giuseppe perfectly, as far as I'm concerned. Clipped and judgy and terrible. I want to punch him, which is an excellent sign. "Did they run out of stripes?" Fuck you, I'm alive.

"Damon saw his brother falling in love with the laughing woman, but he couldn't ignore the way her eyes fell upon him, or the heat that raced through his own veins when they danced." Okay, so this. What I love about this is how it's all smooshed together with civility and Katherine's personality and Damon just being happy to be home. I adore this.

Sorry to be late. This is excellent.
C-JoJo chapter 1 . 10/24/2012
Oh, this is just lovely. That's the word I would use: lovely. To me, the romance of the myth of the old South and everything it (thought it) stood for: honor, chivalry, beauty, and gentility, and then the juxtaposition of those myths against the southern culture's uglier underbelly of violence, forbidden appetites, and cruelty is just perfectly expressed in the metaphor of the vampire (undying beauty wedded to violence, sin, and death-in-life and the whole package wrapped in the vampire's sorrowful and repentant longing for life while still being doomed to commit acts of deadly violence). To me, True Blood season one captured this quality of the South and all its contradictions being expressed in the vampire, Bill Compton, the grieving, honorable, yet viciously violent Confederate solider- turned vampire. CWS only superficially touches on this evocative theme, but here you have fleshed out this backstory beautifully and woven in the theme of love between brothers and a father's withheld approval. In doing so, you have added a lot of richness to the story of the Salvatore's and I thank you for it!
moonandstar331 chapter 1 . 10/19/2012
What an interesting look into the world of a human Damon. I loved it. It seems even he was captivated by the "laughing woman" as he calls Katherine, I like his perspective of her, of the world he tried so hard to mold himself to. This is full of intrigue, wonder, and all the emotions felt by Damon before the cusp of his beginning as a creature of the night. I think it is very original, well done!
latbfan chapter 1 . 9/16/2012
I really enjoyed that, how you ended it with the line from the show, but there's a sadness, a depth, that was missing in the flashback. I'm so glad it was there, that sense of futility that kept him in MF, not a jovial frivolity at all, despite his words. I love the idea that killing was better than dying. I love that Katherine wasn't the center of the story, as Stefan and Damon's relationship remains the (un)beating heart of the show. Poignant and lovely and sad, as a story of lost innocence should be.
lg.0131 chapter 1 . 9/12/2012
Wow, what a great one-shot! I was browsing through your list of works, deciding which one I wanted to read, when I came upon this title and was immediately intrigued. You paint a very clear picture of how life was in the Salvatore home, as well as the relationships between Damon and his family.
missing-in-venice chapter 1 . 6/3/2012
I like this alot. I love how you managed to capture human Damon's innocence and didn't make Katherine the biggest part of the story. I loved the last two paragraphs especially, because it points out alot that could have gone different in Damon's life if he hadn't of quit the Confederacy. He may not have ever fell in love with Katherine or even turned. Great job.
Eric'sSaucyLittleFae chapter 1 . 5/13/2012
Tinyflyer02 chapter 1 . 5/13/2012
A fantastic character study of 1864 Damon. I really loved it. :)
hotpatutie chapter 1 . 5/12/2012
What a beautiful character study. So in time with him and his motivations, his quirks...the boy who loves too much and the boy who is rejected, the vain but sensitive boy who is thrown into the horrors of war...and has his eyes opened to the harsh realities outside the quiet living in MF, who still protects his brother because it is what you do when you love the way he does.

I really enjoyed reading this!
allofthestoriesarereal chapter 1 . 5/10/2012
That was wonderful!

I love the opening line, which I think is a more clever way to say things aren't always as they seem, reminding me of how the show lives on that very theme. Your 1864 Damon is exactly as I imagined him, and I enjoyed him trying and failing to live up to his father's expectations, his affectionate and solid relationship with his brother, and his moments with Katherine. I thought it was lovely how you didn't make either brother seem like rivals or one stole Katherine from the other. I also liked that she wasn't theirs to steal, and Damon may have been observant enough to know Katherine had too much fire for Stefan and the only way he'd learn was by getting burned by her, but he fails to see that this advice would also be good for him too.

I really liked Stefan here, how he defended Damon to their father and also his letters to Damon, the bits about Katherine were really sweet and amusing. I love your attention to detail as always-Stefan's innocence and romantic nature, Damon's observant one, Katherine's seductive and fun one, Damon's constant references to Katherine being "the house guest" amused me and reminded me of the season 2 episode. Oh, and it was fantastic how Damon tried to teach Katherine the rules and play the game, but she only cared for what she fancied at the moment. That was lovely characterization.

My favorite part had to be the last one:

The Confederacy could fall without him. Damon turned and walked toward the laughter in the garden. He was simply having too much fun to return to battle.

How do you write these things? I remember that line from the show, and I loved it then, and I love it now just as much. Also, great title.
Playwithfire97 chapter 1 . 5/9/2012
So sweet and sad and isgafrokhdkocltdgll the emotions! :( Damon before Elena is very interesting... id love it if you'd expand this one shot or write more like it!
afanoftvd chapter 1 . 5/9/2012
Brilliant character study, gives us a rich insight into the boy that grew up to become the Damon we know today.

"Regiment, son. It's called a regiment," Father called. These words of his father as Damon heads for war,illustrate Damon's naivete more clearly than Damon could have said or thought himself.

"Mostly, he waited for the killing to begin again, because the killing was easier than the dying." You did a marvellous job, especially in this sentence, describing Damon's realization that there is no glory, only hell in war.

Giuseppe's unemotional "that's likely the last we'll see of your brother" and his later focus on the chevron's rather than the fact that Damon survived is heartbreaking. It is only fitting that Damon finally gives up on the hope that he might be good enough for his father, abandons his father's values and chooses his own path.

Also really liked Damon's awareness that Katherine should not be focussing on him, but on his brother and the purposefulness with which he took the risk that he might disappoint Stefan and catch her for himself.

Great job capturing, the horror of war, sadness and disappointment that drive the fun loving Damon we see on the surface.
This Is My Escape chapter 1 . 5/9/2012
One word: Flawless. I know short reviews suck, and I'm truly sorry for that...but that's what this was. Everything was spot on, and seriously, this: "I don't want to live up to anyone's expectations." You wrote that out and explained it beautifully. Damn it, Giuseppe, you ruined Damon.

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