Reviews for Tron: Resurrection
Cyberbutterfly chapter 5 . 5/22/2012
Sorry about the slightly delayed review... Busy weekend.


Ahem... Sorry- had to get that out :)

So, you've got a LOT going on in this chapter. (which is awesome- I'm always impressed when people can juggle several story arcs at the same time)

I'm glad they've tracked down Alan... Makes sense that Bradley would be looking for them- because he'd probably recognize the portal for what it was and keep and eye out for fellow User's. And there he is... In his 60 (ish) and still kicking ass and saving young User's from deletion!

Now, Quorra... She- I am worried about. Trey- I'm concerned for to, but I don't know much about him, so it's hard to feel the same about him. But- MCP has a BODY in this story! I'm happy about that... And it makes more sense, that way he can defend himself if need be. But whatever plans he's got for Quorra, it's really not going to go down well for her.

And again... TRON! (Yea!) Yeah, I know... I'm such a fangirl... :)

One little suggestion- adding section separation lines to the story... It can be confusing when you switch from one group to another without them- especially in parts where there's not a whole lot of change in action. Just a thought.

Cool chapter, and looking forward to seeing what Tron has to say about the MCP (as well as what ideas him and his User come up with)
Cyberbutterfly chapter 4 . 5/14/2012
Whoa... Hold on to your hats, kids, this grids a whole new ball game!

It's not coming as any surprise to me that MCP knew they were there... Laser activation- especially on a level of transporting 8 User's to a grid is going to leave a signal... Never mind the fact that Master Control zapped Alan into the grid- and was probably counting on a rescue party.

What I wonder was- did he count on Ed. Because while the others may know about the system- if Ed rebuilt Master Control, then he's the guy to protect, because he's got the best chance of figuring out the programs MO.

And you've brought back Sark! Now, Sark was Dillinger in the first movie... But now there's TWO Dillinger's. I'm interested to see whether this Sark is a complete copy of the old- or if he's actually modified into Ed's program.

Okay... One suggestion- and PLEASE don't think I'm being harsh- I putting this out there for you to do what you will with it.

You switch around to different characters POV's (perfectly fine and normal- I do that all the time to), but you'll occasionally jump into ultra 3rd person.

An example is with the attacking programs. Sam is gearing up to face them, and then you have a part where it describes the form and function of their weapons. Nothing wrong per say, but being in the view point of Sam- he wouldn't know about there weapons. So what about leaving that out- having the characters reacting to the fact that the riders apparently have weapons that can shock even a User- and then have someone going 'What was that?' later on... With the crew Sam has- somebody probably could tell them 'oh yeah, it's these weapons we made for the game'... Sometimes it's nice to learn things as the characters do... And it would have helped raise the suspense level, because I would have been forced to try and figure it out as the characters did.

Again... Please, please, PLEASE don't think I'm slamming you... I'm enjoying the story- but I will occasionally through out a critique or 'what if' idea... Take this as what it is- a sign that I'm becoming invested in your story, and am studying every aspect of it for maximum enjoyment.

Until the next chapter- nice job with the action scenes- and happy writing :D
Cyberbutterfly chapter 3 . 5/13/2012
Well... I think Ed's going to seriously get his ass kicked when all this is said and done. Still, while it sounds like he's being played as a puppet- it doesn't sound like he meant any malicious harm with the MCP. (as in- he didn't mean to trap or risk killing anyone)...

I'm curious to see what kind of character developments you have for him.

I'm still also curious to see what the game grid is going to look like, as well as how much control the MCP wields. As Justin said- an AI program is a whole new bag of troubles.

Keep writing, I'm reading and enjoying :)
The living Pen chapter 2 . 5/13/2012
I have been really enjoying this, please continue.
Cyberbutterfly chapter 2 . 5/12/2012
Okay... at some point we're going to need some back story on why no one blinks at the mention of 'MCP'... After all, Sam, Alan, Dillinger Jr... These are all people who have been affected (and know all about) the MCP... It would be something drastic that would make them start running an MCP program (especially considering it just pulled Alan into the game grid)

But I'm curious about the new characters, and what the grid going to be like... Because this ISN'T Flynn's grid- and I can't help thinking that a gaming system would be a MUCH different kettle of fish than Flynn's system.
Cyberbutterfly chapter 1 . 5/10/2012
Well... I'm curious enough to read.

Although, I'm surprised that Alan didn't react more to the 'MCP' program Ed was using. After all- he has a 'history' with it.

So... Keep writing, I'll keep reading. (short review I know, but first chapters are always more of a 'teaser' for us readers ;D)