Reviews for Dragonslayer
Kuma Akuma chapter 43 . 7/1
Hey. Considering I reviewed for the last chapter I'm reviewing here so you see it. Pretty sure Kishi is reading your stories and taking Kankaku's abilities and simply giving them a different name.
Guest chapter 44 . 6/30
I REALLY doubt the roar of dragonslayer, divine or otherwise, would be able to STALEMATE the sword of promised victory. If an actual divine DRAGON stalemated it, now that would have been believable, but a dragonslayer? Seriously man, you nerfed Excalibur to a RIDICULOUS degree!
NaruCrazy chapter 44 . 6/27
So at the end of the Edolas arc will Lisana be back in earthland or the fairy tail grp would have to have their own Edolas arc later on in the background?
Guest chapter 44 . 6/26
Wow... That sucked just as much as I thought it would! Seriously though, what the fuck is your problem?! Why is it that every shitty Naruto xover writer always brings Naruto characters into another world!? I mean, just Naruto being in another would have been fine, the tailed beast were stretching it, but now you bring hashirama, the only guy that can easily subdue the tailed beasts and he's a FUCKING EXCEED!?

... I have never said this to anyone in my life, but I hope you FUCKING DIE!
Ryu Master of Seals chapter 21 . 6/26
So you just basically decided to add Naruto having a split personality at the last second just to have a plausible excuse as to why he's having an internal struggle with that wasn't very creative.
humnia chapter 6 . 6/26
actually that fight was drawn out an annoying, I wish he'd have just killed 'em
NaruCrazy chapter 40 . 6/26 that's where Meredy was and that explains Hades condition too...though it would have been hilarious if he died on the airship and the guild got trolled...hehehe
NaruCrazy chapter 39 . 6/26
You never mentioned Meredy during the whole Grimoire Heart scene. Also, when Naruto killed Kane, Rustyrose, captured Ultear, fought Gaara and Shukaku, blew up the airship, Meredy and Hades were also present inside the ship along with Hades 'Heart'. You never mentioned anything about them. Maybe the heart and was destroyed and Hades met his anticlimactic end...hehehe...but that still leaves Meredy. I hope u clear this up or maybe cuz I havent read future chapters I am missing something.
DarksiderForever chapter 44 . 6/26
Sheer Badassery. Cant wait for the nxt chapt
NaruCrazy chapter 37 . 6/26
Damn thats a long term plan...
DarksiderForever chapter 35 . 6/25
Omfg that whole 'Im A Dragon Slayer' speech and Zabrocks Beat Down... Daymnn
NaruCrazy chapter 29 . 6/25
YEAAA! I guessed right that it was Erza in the last picture of the photo album found by Naruto.
DarksiderForever chapter 31 . 6/25
MutherFuckin YEEEEAAAAA Wendy's back and Naruto gonna go crazzziii Naruto Vs Balam Alliance Vs Light Alliance Vs Raven Tail oh man Wendy is back and her Badassery knows no bounds! C31
Lednacek chapter 44 . 6/25
to be honest. too many fights in too little story.
Sailor Pandabear chapter 44 . 6/25
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