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Chiba Taiki98 chapter 54 . 9/15
This shot was dope as fuck! EASILY the absolute best Fairy tail and Naruto crossover to date! And for some reason I feel like your just getting started!
ivanganev1992 chapter 11 . 9/9
Nox Deus chapter 54 . 9/8
I hope naruto get is revenge and kill Tartaros and
Hi chapter 54 . 9/5
I've enjoyed your works sooo, much. I've been wondering about Zabrock, can you make a story about him?
lord-kurama chapter 54 . 8/26
Awesome ch mate, kill them all naruto
perseus99 chapter 53 . 8/25
I loved that first scene, really broke the tension. almost an omake in the beginning
FoxHybrid chapter 1 . 8/23
It's been awhile since I have read a good fanfiction such as this one
tanithlipsky chapter 54 . 8/22
very good. I like the moral conflicts.
Guest chapter 54 . 8/18
Maybe i missed something. But where the heck is Wendy at during all this?
LyHy chapter 54 . 8/18
Lol. Poor Makarov
NxE092015 chapter 54 . 8/15
Thanks for the fast update. Keep up the good work.
Oyinsco chapter 54 . 8/15
Nice chapter, keep up the good work.
Davies96 chapter 1 . 8/15
great chapter, cant wait for more
Rifat chapter 54 . 8/14
It appears that I have not reviewed this chapter, despite reading it a mere nine minutes after you published it. You can castrate me after I've given the review.

I almost got pissed when the scene began at the FT Guild, mostly because after somehow slogging through 63 volumes of nakama bullshit I've come to despise that guild for almost everything it stands for.

Then we have your story that is much, much better than the original manga which became more predictable than Luffy's eating habits. I'm pretty sure Mashima read your fic and ripped off a couple of scenes from you story which appeared a good one or two years before the actual chapters themselves.

I ranted off...again. Anyways, like I said before I was initially triggered when it started at the guildhouse, but it was so much more bearable. Mostly I think because of Juvia and Gajeel, you seem to handle characterization much better than I give you credit for and for that I am literally throwing cyber cookies at you.

Then we shift to the NaLu scene and for the first time,I actually appreciated Natsu in general, glad you didn't make him outright retarded - well not completely; he has the thinking capacity of a crumpet after all - and inherently showed that like every person he also has his emotional scars.
Keeping Lisanna dead was a good move, otherwise a clarifying scene like that wouldn't have been written.

Don't make him TOO smart. Otherwise that would be a bit too OOC, then again its your call mi amigo.

Lucy's little dilemma and confusion is completely correct, and like Happy said she indeed is a nice person. Again, kudos to you for fleshing out her thoughts and traits with that wonderful passage. Makes me feel like I can have faith while writing about her in my FT fic. That said, the little comical relief moment at the end was a good hook.

Erza and Rin's conversation was okay, not saying it was bad but to me it felt kinda drawn. I mean we already know who's who and what actually happened there. But since it was from Erza's POV, I guess I can understand why you increased the interaction in that scene.

Finally the meeting between Naruto and his old friends. You, you are a bloody, brilliant, bastard for making that scene play out like that. Conflict of interest and clash of ideals/beliefs are always amazing things to read about, but having it in between comrades is that much better.

I see that Sakura, Ino-Shika-Cho are clearly confused and not sure how to believe that their friend, someone they almost grew up with could live a life on the other end of that spectrum. So to them the fact that someone among them could have no qualms against killing and questioning the very system they live is nothing less than staggering.

Naruto's adamance, as you said, is like a wall isn't it? Unbreakable to its very core. I'm glad to see how we slowly got to see Naruto shift from that kid in chapter to what he is now, and like I said before you flesh out interactions and develop characters very well. Even though it's kinda an OC, the same traits are well rooted in him like the original Naruto and I can only hope that the endgame you have in store for us is nothing less than amazing.

There, done with the review. Thanks for taking the time and giving us another great chapter, man.

Take care and stay well.

- Rifat Alam.
OBSERVER01 chapter 54 . 8/14
darn good.
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