Reviews for Dragonslayer
DKa heinze chapter 45 . 20h
Fuck with this shit!
317 chapter 34 . 20h
DKa heinze chapter 35 . 7/31
Fuck your mom you insolent fool author!
kahemoto chapter 9 . 7/31
the description of raven tail at firs mad me think of team rocket from pokemon
wjIV chapter 45 . 7/29
sooo gooddddd maaaa .. wkjmannn want more want more .. but tobi say cannot emm
mark.madara321 chapter 45 . 7/28
Very good masterpiece!
Gothic-Diamond chapter 45 . 7/23
Interesting twist on the two mythologies... please update soon.
KHARAKI TAKAN chapter 45 . 7/23
Interesting start to the chapter.

Ooh the new Lacrima.

Interetsing history of Edolas.

Great chapter.

Hyberion probably something to do with what his name states so Light., In fact what you stated for God Serena should be Hyberion while God Serena is all about Nature. Maybe even something to do with Space.

Good A/N.
void242 chapter 45 . 7/20
This story is a very interesting piece...looking forward next chapter~
Guest chapter 45 . 7/19
Amazing story. I think it will be very bad ass if naruto adquires void dragonslayer magic.
DannyPhantom619 chapter 45 . 7/19
Awesome story...wonder what Naruto&Ultear's kids will look like?

So far I like Fu, Wendy, and how Erza Scarlet is actually Erza Uzumaki Namikaze. Hope we get to see a Naruto and Erza sibling tag team fight against some other opponents/victims.
T-manboy chapter 45 . 7/17
Hmm...nice chapter.
It looks like Naruto's going to have to rescue them not.
Giving the world of Edolas a Naruto story, strange, but mixes with the plot well
Usually I don't see Edolas Naruto's since he's from a dimension already
But here, he's from Fiore.
Edolas! Naruto will probably be...
Sparkles!, idiocy!, rasengan spamming!, protect friends, belong to Fairy tail!
Death, darkness, gloominess, murder everyone
One of these though
Shukaku, you a$$.Bullying your own brother, you're a JERK
Not like he would care though.
fresh prince1 chapter 45 . 7/17
the only thing about this chapter is that you made the juubi ubber strong. I know that she could meddle with time and space but really it messes with the planets and even stars it just seems really out there but that my personal opinion other then that great chapter with no grammar mistakes that i saw.
Slyr3x chapter 5 . 7/16
Let me get this straight... he was taught the strong kill the weak, and says he killed the wolves because they 'deserved to die for preying on a weak little girl'.

Not long before that, however, he had no qualms in karate chopping Wendy's head like an overripe melon because he deemed her weak, and thus was about to prey on her. So by transitive property, Naruto deserved to die as well on grounds of his own statement, as it effectively made him a hypocrite.

Wait, why am I even bringing this up? I don't even...
Ryder93 chapter 35 . 7/15
please remove that dattebayo...
it spoils the seriousnesss
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