Reviews for Unquestionable Love: The Prequel
And FOREVER chapter 53 . 12/15
arghhhh! I need to stop reading for the night! why'd u end the chapter that way? lol
And FOREVER chapter 30 . 12/11
I need to go to the live journal thing to read some of the details?
And FOREVER chapter 24 . 12/11
man I'm loving this story, I love how ur doing ur slow burn! just little bits at a time, leaves me yearning for more *.* I was up till 4 last night reading xD man I was miserable today lol
Guest chapter 56 . 11/28
Ahhh I’d forgotten how much this chapter gets me. Love love love!
SPgaia chapter 70 . 11/27
Thank you so much!
I'm immensely grateful for this story. It has kept me company in a really difficult period of my life. So, thank you!
It is beautifully written, the story-telling is smooth and elegant, the characters are potrayed wonderfully: each and one of them has a peculiar and personal characterization, an own psycological depth. I specially loved the endearment and fondness that develops gradually between Hermione and Severus. Hermione has become a wonderful and strong woman, self-confindent, sure of what she wants; while Severus has finally dampened his sharpest traits becoming a loving husband and father.
It is exactly how everything should have been in an alternate universe where Hermione and Severus could help each other in the most beautiful way: by falling in love with each other.
I will surely keep reading all your stories and I hope you will never stop writing.
Thank you!
ErosionSunset chapter 51 . 11/14
It’s such a good story but there’s SO much dialogue that doesn’t reveal new information. It’s dialogue for the sake of dialogue. I find I can skip almost a whole chapter and not miss much information. I’m having a hard time figuring out where the plot is going now. Have to keep reading
Guest chapter 70 . 10/7
This was a stunning piece of work. From beginning to end you left me enthralled. Highly underrated story.
Guest chapter 20 . 10/5
The scene when Ron asks Hermione to be his girlfriend is so strange. I understand that it's probably his nerves but it's completely unromantic, it reminds me of these scenes in cop TV shows when the suspect is in a dark interrogation room and the cops are asking them a lot of questions and not letting them time to even gather their thoughts hoping that they will slip and say something incriminating. I don't know if it's done on purpose but it gives the scene an amusing undertone for me.
Guest chapter 70 . 8/24
I like this story a lot! It would be great that you continue writing fics like this one. Congrats.
Guest chapter 13 . 6/7
Still my favorite chapter!
Guest chapter 70 . 5/21
Love it!
Mel chapter 70 . 5/3
I have again forgone many a responsibility the last 2 weeks to read this story in its entirety. No regrets! It was sooo good! You write angst so well, and I love it. My favorite part was when they saw each other for the first time in the woods - so emotional, brought me some tears. Also really loved when they were in Australia. Seeing Severus with a family is just too cute. As much as I need to take a break from fanfic and focus on RL, I'm sure I'll be back quite soon to read more of what you've posted. I can't believe I haven't read these sooner. Despite being late, I want to say: thank you so much for posting!
scarletblackdies chapter 1 . 4/16
this is a good one to read because there are many ff's here that only good from the start then boring in the middle of the plot. I like this kind of long stories xD. So I hope I finish this
Timelady92 chapter 67 . 3/8
Oh, I absolutely need to add: I love that they spent part of their honeymoon in Vienna. It's my part-time home, so you got my heart beating faster with that stunt 3
Timelady92 chapter 70 . 3/8
Well, wow. What an emotional rollercoaster.

I wasn't sure at first whether to read the original or the prequel first, but since I was more in the mood of reading a young Hermione story, I went with the prequel.

So, yeah, I practically spent all my free time in the last few days to read your story (and went to bed waaaay too late every day *cough*) and I don't regret.

Wonderfully written. The right dosage of angst, fluff, romance... if I had to choose a favourite part (or parts), it would be the time they were still getting to know each other, their secret meetings during Horcrux hunting, meeting the parents and their time at the hospital (yeah, strange, I know. But I like how she was caring for him.)

I absolutely love your Ron. He's such a prat, I wanted to hit him so often XD I absolutely love stories were Harry is accepting and Ron's an arse. Maybe because I never got my head around why Hermione chose Ron in the end.

Well, there is still so much to say, but I can't formulate everything properly, so instead I'll keep it short: Absolutely stunning story with amazing character development. Very believable, well done. Love how everything turned out.

There are still a lot of questions I have, but I guess they'll be answered in the original UL or the Untold Stories. Not sure if I'll read it right away... I need to 'get down' a bit first lol

Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of art with us.


timelady (aka slytherindiary on tumblr)
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