Reviews for Unquestionable Love: The Prequel
Montara chapter 58 . 1h
Hermione is lucky to have them as parents...

And Severus exposed a lot for Hermione's sake...poor man, what he does for love :D
Montara chapter 57 . 4h
Glad her parents sort of forgave her about wiping their memories! I don't know if they'll be so forgiving with her relationship with Severus.
Montara chapter 56 . 5h
It took him a lot of courage to ask her :) And I'm glad he did! Loved the chapter. Thank you!
Montara chapter 55 . 6h
I forgot how shocking his past can be...poor girl, and poor Severus.

I've just submitted my new photomanipulation with Hermione and Severus, if you want to take a look.

montara. deviantart art /Forest-of-Dean-HGSS5-543418344

It was my birthday gift for myself :D
jensteed chapter 69 . 6h
Just as amazing a story on a re-read as it was the first time I laid eyes on it :)
I adore Severus and Hermione's story, it's never easy but it's so worthwhile and beautiful. Thank you, as ever, for your wonderful stories x x x
Montara chapter 54 . 8h
Well, it seems I've already reviewed this chapter a long time ago...I've read a lot of stories in between and ...I know I had the feeling of remembering some situations but I wasn't sure...I knew I've read some of your stories, but didn't know for sure, I mean, some stories can repeat and I thought someone plagiarized least I now know nobody plagiarized your works, that I was the one rereading your story :)))
I think Severus is about to propose. After their patronuses changed, and the way they feel for each other, it's the most plausible next step :D At least, I hope so :)) - see, I've wrote this part when I didn't know for sure if I've read your story before :D
Montara chapter 53 . 9h
Poor Hermione, she's a strong person and still is affected of what others are saying...after all, she's so young, still. At least, Severus is free!
Montara chapter 52 . 9h
So glad it is over, at least with Azkaban (hope Hermione will make things better in the future for the inmates...nobody deserves to live like that!) - a nice gift for me, Severus being freed, even with conditions...Thank you! :D
Montara chapter 51 . 10h
Chocolate, indeed : (well, it's my birthday, so a little chocolate is a must :D) Let's hope for this period of their lives to pass quickly so they can start their lives together :)
Montara chapter 50 . 14h
He's in Azkaban :(( Me crying here :(((
Montara chapter 49 . 15h
This is really not going in their favor :((( This is not a fair trial! They should ask for someone else to judge him! But, I suppose, there's nobody else...still this is not fair! :((
Montara chapter 48 . 6/30
The news Harry and Ginny brought are not good. I hope Severus will be found not guilty but...with all that pressure...:(
Montara chapter 47 . 6/29
It's so hard to see him almost helpless...and with the trial so close...I don't think he'd last long in jail...

But, I'm so glad Hermione is there for him, he picked the right woman, she's so strong, even a woman closer to his age wouldn't have acted better...he's lucky and should stop trying to make her go away :)
Montara chapter 46 . 6/29
I so love their conversations :))))

I just hope he will be set free of charges! :
Montara chapter 45 . 6/29
So, Ron did it again, he managed to make Hermione cry...again! Hopefully he'll leave her alone!

Those consequences...he did everything as a spy, when he was fighting for the Light! And he has Harry on his side...that should count for something! :
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