Reviews for Unquestionable Love: The Prequel
Guest chapter 13 . 7/27
Still one of my favorite bits of this amazing fic
Guest chapter 1 . 7/26
I thank you everytime I reread this fic. I never get tired of it.
Covered in Bruises chapter 50 . 7/20
Why is this fic so full of women abusing men? Its literally like a essay on how its okay to be abusive? Hermione better go to jail after this chapter.
Montara chapter 70 . 7/14
Their life as a family seems wonderful. Even with his "visits" to the hospital, even with his aches and pains, he's happy and so is Hermione. Not to mention, those girls are so happy being his daughters :D And we all know about their fourth daughter :DDD

Loved the ending and thank you for sharing your wonderful story, what a journey! I'll read the sequel next, after finishing my work projects (who invented this thing called "work"?! :D)
Montara chapter 69 . 7/13
Now, I can understand why they've named their daughter Lily! I've read a few chapters first from the sequel and I didn't understand why would Hermione be ok with this name. Now I know! And she's right, Harry's mother doesn't own that name, if Hermione likes it, she's entitled to use it!

Loved the chapter!
Montara chapter 68 . 7/13
She's pregnant! Their dream is about to become a reality soon! :D

Thank you for sharing your story!
Montara chapter 67 . 7/10
The way they plan things, the way they are so...with their feet on the ground, I love it! Not many people are like that and end up with more than they can bear.

I'm so glad Severus wants those children! :D I bet Hermione sees his decision as the best wedding gift :)))
Montara chapter 66 . 7/4
I like the way they flirt :)
Montara chapter 65 . 7/4
The Mirror acted like a premonition, like the one he had before she was tortured to save him...gave me goosebumps, and of course, I was crying...very emotional moment!

Hope you had fun today! :) And I'm happy too, my daughter comes home after 2 weeks in Greece :D Can't wait to have her back!
Montara chapter 64 . 7/3
And now they will have a new place to start their lives as a married couple, without the phantoms of the past. Good for them! I totally understand them!
Montara chapter 63 . 7/3
I really don't understand why those who teach at the castle can't sleep at home and come to work in the morning, like a normal job...Especially when they have the Floo Network :(

Poor them, now they have to see each other only on weekends :(
Montara chapter 62 . 7/2
I can't believe that I almost wrote the same words as I did the first time I reviewed...word for word! Wow. But I really am happy I already know they will manage to get through this...I just forgot how :D
Montara chapter 61 . 7/2
For a while, I thought Ron was touched by a dark spell or something, like I read in a story, somewhere...I don't remember where..., to behave like this...
Montara chapter 60 . 7/2
Poor little Severus :((
Montara chapter 59 . 7/2
Reading the words "his future wife" gave me goosebumps :)) Thanks for this chapter, was wonderful! :D
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