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JKR chapter 15 . 2/29
I know people are flawed but this fic just seemed like Hermione bashing for a fair part of it trying to make her seem at least magically weaker and less intelligent than she actually is. It also made her seem incredibly selfish and self absorbed to the point where she was borderline narcissistic. It made Hermione seem much more insensitive than she is which consequently made her a lot harder to like as a character. Worse still, when it came to being apart of the action, the times for her to do something effective maybe even great she seems completely useless which feels completely OOC. There was a lot of Hermione, Ron and Ginny bashing but there wasn't much insight into Harry's character flaws. In the books and in the films Harry frequently seems to take Hermione's presence in his life for granted or find her nagging annoying even if she's doing it out of concern for his general well being. Harry has ignored and avoided Hermione, a sign of passive aggressive behaviour because he is unable to maturely articulate his feelings about things to her and Hermione is not open to recieving criticism which makes it difficult for her to listen see things from a different perspective. I don't think Hermione is shallow but I do think she can have too much pride and a little bit too much arrogance in the self assured belief that she is always right. However, I also saw Hermione as a deeply empathetic and caring individual, a smart individual who was good at problem solving, talented with good instincts thus able to get herself, Harry and Ron out of most trouble. I don't think Harry and Ron appreciate Hermione as much as they should have and their friendship has always seemed more than a little bit one sided with Hermione overworking herself and trying too hard to try and prove herself worthy of their friendship. It's quite sad really. In some ways it's why I think there's more potential for Hermione to find a suitable match in Draco or Cedric if he was still alive because at least Draco Malfoy can recognise Hermione's brilliance even if he's envious of it and resents her for being a Muggleborn with superior intellect and magical abilities. And Cedric and Hermione are both avid intellectual types, hard workers who value integrity and commitment. They would have had more in common. It would be interesting to see more Fics where Harry has to make things right with Hermione because Harry is not a saint. I'm not sure I approve of Luna's characterisation either. I could see her getting angry but I don't believe in her approach to conflict resolution. I think Luna would try and instil the same insight into Harry and his grief, or Voldemort's choices just as she would with Hermione's poor life decisions through peaceful conversation and intelligent debates, metaphors, allegories and subtle comparisons. I never imagined Luna doing something deliberately cruel to another person. Defending herself and her friends sure, but I never thought her words could be so loud or quite as violent. Honestly, I see Luna and Hermione coming to a mutual understanding and respect for each other through in depth harmonious discussions, or calm debates which would turn into a mutual fondness, and eventually affection which would create a strong friendship between the two.

Overall I don't think this fanfic was that bad. Some of it was quite interesting but my interest and attention dwindled when a) Harry was involved with too many potential love interests which were a threat to the main HHr storyline, B) the boundaries between friendships and lovers became severely blurred the story felt confusing and c) the way the characters were described was so different to the profiles I had built up of them in my head that by the end I wasn't really sure which characters I was rooting for or willing to support however, rather than being able to remain unbiased, the more I read the more deeply uncomfortable I became so I had to stop reading. I couldn't finish this story all the way through. I had to skip to the end just to double check this was still a certified HHr fic, they were monogamous, and they got their own happily ever after. I think at the end of the day it's just accepting that people will always have different interpretations to others over the things that they experience either in real life, or through observation, and as such they will develop a different moral code of what they think is wrong and right which will be different for individuals in different situations. I can't really judge this author's decisions but I found them difficult to digest and accept as plausible. It wasn't really my cup of tea
kuuz chapter 19 . 2/20
what a lovely story. been a while since it finished updating, a long while even, but it still holds up to this day! really enjoyed reading it the past few days, and will likely come back. thanks :)
gameangel147 chapter 19 . 12/19/2023
Cute, adorable, tense and exciting!

I really enjoyed this story, from the teenage drama to the cute nicknames to the way you described how the two felt around each other. I also liked how you handled the characters, letting them mature and not take the easy way out of just having things resolve themselves.

Kind of sad it's over, but thanks for the story!
fridelain chapter 2 . 10/2/2023
OK, this always annoys me. The Half blood prince book _does explain_ the changes to the potions: In the one quote we see written verbatim, it says to crush with the flat of the knife instead of slicing, because _it releases the juices better._ Canon Hermione refuses to even look at it - she doesn't know there's a curse written on it until after Harry uses it on Malfoy.

Using an annotated textbook is no different than Hermione doing extracurricular reading of different potion (text)books with diffetent or improved recipes or the whys and hows of substitutions. Harry still can read and compare the original recipes, and reason out the pattern of the changes, even if not every change were documented as to why.

What is "cheating", if you take school as a competition, as Hermione does, is getting extra time, when other students are not offered the chance. It should be struggling students that got the offer of using a time turner, if anyone. Instead, she goes the route of "the only unfair advantage is the one I don't have/refuse to use".

She could have sworn her "friends" to secrecy then offered to share the time turner discreetly. If nothing else, Harry, who obviously needs to train hard if he's going to survive Voldemort&co, could use it to catch up his studying, which often takes the back seat to SAVING EVERYONE'S LIFE, because nobody else does.

I would like to read more fanfics that tackle the moments in canon when Hermione/Harry are being stupid to carry foward the plot in a more rational manner.

Hermione's authority worship has a place in book one, should be shaken by book two, and (mostly, at least!) gone by book three. We never hear of her going to McGonagall to tell on Snape abusing Harry and Neville from day one- where's her concern about Harry learning potions? -, or even after he makes the cruel remark about her enlargened teeth... but she goes to McGonagall about the Firebolt without even giving Harry the chance to do it himself.
Nulled Void chapter 19 . 8/31/2023
embracethebright chapter 1 . 8/18/2023
Lavender is all of us that didn't think it made sense that a smart girl like Hermione ended up with Ron. She speaks for the fans
EdTheBeast chapter 19 . 6/7/2023
An excellent love story! Following the death of Sirius.
nagiten chapter 15 . 6/5/2023
why didnt more DA come forward?
nagiten chapter 13 . 6/3/2023
no it just you stop holdign back so much with hermione as your girl a new dynamic is in the works and you arent dumbing yourself down,,, but the memory it really doesnt help stop voldemort much nor would it stop the killings , he should of used the potion for malfoy or together with hermione brewed themsleve some luck i mean hermione brew polyjuice yet they never evne attempt luck potion when it could be evne more handy then poly ever was also wouldnt hermione name come before rons if the name called was ernest clayton? it just you have ron say his name will be called first as he is trying to get his words out to say his sorry
nagiten chapter 10 . 6/2/2023
what did she do with harry firebolt after lunch?
nagiten chapter 7 . 6/2/2023
with the whole prince book it funny that half of it could of come from lily and if snape hadnt been an arse and rowling didnt want harry to be some wise in the lab , he could of actually been like he was in HBP the whole time but snape and rowling made sure that didnt happen. i mean the dude bene cooking for years gardening for years would while not to neville level understand plants and recipes more then most yet cause of how snape acts in class and general it nixed harry interest and well rowling didnt want harry to be what he could be made him struggle a bit to much have a bit to much fun when he should of been learnign practicing buliding the skills need to live and battle threats. plus never understood how hermione of all people can get on his case when she is not really any better she reads books more advanced and that can and have helped her in her classes sure thye dont have little cliffnotes or such but it basically what she been doing using what she has to her advanced ...sure it can be explained away that hermione as jealous and hurt she wasnt the star of the class anymore but still to act like that the whole time and be smug here and there and make harry ditch something that could of helped is foolish.i never understood why no one would beleive harry about draco i mean the whole time before it draco evil just like his father a junior death eater who cant wait for the dark lord ot return...when it actually happens and as per usual no one beleives harry cause they never believe him about something every year it is stupid yes it builds suspense but it just dumb harry has never lied has no reason to lie yet every year he is betrayed or discard or his opinon and ideas are shot down...from book 5 it jsut got OCC within canon for everyone the interests coming out of nowhere no matter how many people say oh but they had time in the burrow to get to know each other, yes they did but 1 we never see that or they never bring it up evne in a thoguht flashback or reminiscing 2 the same can be said for anyone harry spends the summer with girl wise 3 in half blood he is flirting and looking at the waitess for all summer and makes a date with her only to suddenly be like ohh ginny i want you i need you leave dean and get with me...i mean yes teenagers are like that but still the interests came out of nowhere in regards to harry liking ginny and hermione liking ron, true on the weasley side it wasnt but they never really treated their interests like people just objects or ideas not the actual person well more ginny then ron but still those relationship wouldnt of lasted after a breif honeymoon period hermione and ron would be back to yelling at eahc other ron insecurities would pop back up he's a damn flight risk. and would want hermione to be just like molly. harry would just want to fade into the background he hates his fame he hates the spotlight and would just want to finally be just harry. ginny wouldnt let that happen in my mind she now has the man who won the boy she obsessed over and crushed on since even before he knew she existed she wouldnt let him just fade away she would make him do everything to stay in the spotlight , i doubt harry would want to be an aurror he just said that cause 1 that was the only job he knew about and had skills to do 2 to piss off umbridge. he wouldnt want chasing dark wizards to be his whole life it taken enough from him he just wants a family to be just harry and relax. i doubt he could do that with ginny. plus besides qudditch they dont have much in common sure they were both used by tom but who hasnt been used by him? and ginny a bit of a scarlet woman who uses men to make other jealous. so i dont think that would last. both weasley used other people to make the ones they desired jealous and it worked hermione got lost in her horomes and girly love sick puppy. harry the emotionally stunted hero got sucked into and played with got used and he didnt see it. even before i started reading fanfic i didnt really see why those were the love interests same with harry and cho really...the books were light on love interests cause that wasnt the objective harry fighting evil is harry bene the last survivor is. romance was shoe horned in and done so in a way that feels off wrong and forced. the whole time everyone says he is like his father everything about him is his father come again...only his eyes are his mother's so instead of doing what his father did and falling for the muggleborn his best friend his own Saviour and moral center he ends up with a sporty red head who is obsessed with him for years and dump guys like that and someone by all we are shown doesnt know very well? sorry for the long ass rant/review just once i started i couldnt stop
ran chapter 11 . 5/27/2023
and another author fails. can't have herm confess first if their life depended on it.
ran chapter 10 . 5/27/2023
bah. couldn't have her confess without knowing for sure he was into her, ruins the suspense. also herm is acting like a complete psycho in this fic btw. Harry should run.
ran chapter 7 . 4/23/2023
I don't think harry is a character in this story, just a cardboard cutout and its sad.
Guest chapter 19 . 3/30/2023
Maybe you not a fan of Hermione but I am
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