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Fish Stick Friday chapter 7 . 8/22/2012
Okay, so I guess their grandma isn't nonexistent after all. She just lives in Kansas. Which, btw, Kansas is a nice touch. I get the reference. You ARE hinting at what I think you're hinting at, aren't you?

Darn you, Kendall! Quit snapping at Carlos! Don't make me come through the computer screen and hit you upside your head like Lucy does (which btw, for some reason I find REALLY hilarious)!

That was seriously messed up, Laura. That bit Kendall said about James being right...about not being a psychologist. That wasn't what I was EXPECTING Kendall to say at all. What is this? Operation: Make Eric Hate Kendall? I mean he was never my favorite character to begin with, but dang, Laura!

Wait a second. I'm confused. I thought Logan REMEMBERED wanting to be a doctor? Not he remembered it because his teacher told him.

Nu-uh! No way! Don't even start Operation: Make Eric Hate Logan! Why would you even want to do that, Laura? Logan is my FAVORITE character! Do you get that? But the way he snapped at Katie was just plain mean! No, no, no. I got it. It's not Operation: Make Eric Hate Kendall OR Operation: Make Eric Hate Logan; it's Operation: Jumble Up Eric's Rankings Of The Boys. I'm right, aren't I?

But Kendall LIKES babying Logan. Er...uh...I said nothing...
Fish Stick Friday chapter 6 . 8/22/2012
I love how Carlos is so optimistic. I wish I could be as optimistic as him. That's why I'm most like Logan. Next to Carlos, I'm a buzzkill.

Laura, stop it! You're hurting me. Carlos and his dad are supposed to have the best father/son relationship EVER, and you're rooning (hehe) it!

Unfortunately, I agree with Carlos' dad. I don't think Logan is going to get all his memories back overnight. I think it will take time. I think everyone (none moreso than Logan) would LOVE for Logan to get his memories back overnight, but it just doesn't work like that.

That little bit about pretending the problem doesn't exist reminds me of something (and again, I know you don't watch Teen Wolf) Stiles said once about how he deals with his problems. "I prefer ignoring them until they just go away." You sure you haven't watched Teen Wolf? Lol. The resemblance between those two quotes is uncanny.

Aw, Carlitos, why don't you like school?

Hehe. I love how Carlos gets nervous when they enter the principal's office. Exactly how many times have you BEEN to the principal's office, Carlos? And for that matter, you too, James. Seriously, I saw that crooked grin you gave Carlos. Hehe.

But Kendall's not the father; he's the mother hen. Teehee!

Kenneth? Kenneth? That woman is a few crayons short of a full box. Lol.

Compared to Mrs. Cambridge, probably ANYONE is more normal. Haha.

I don't want to have false hope here, but OMG! LOGAN REMEMBERS! That's great news! Like seriously awesome news!

Haha, nice little dash of Jagan you threw in there. Jagan has long since been forgotten ever since Cargan and Kogan took the forefront of my bromance/slash BTR affections. Hehe.

I'm just waiting for the part when Carlos glomps Logan. Er...uh...I said nothing...

Tsk, tsk, Kendall. I thought you didn't want to lie to Logan? Yet here you are lying to his face about a nonexistent grandma. You should be ashamed of yourself!
Fish Stick Friday chapter 5 . 8/22/2012
OH! So that's what Kendall's idea is. I have to say that while I do consider myself a fairly objective person, I'm leaning towards agreeing with Kendall. I mean I HATE Ryan Mitchell. I always dread it when you even mention him in your stories just because he was such a horrendously awful person. I guess I can see where the others are coming from though; it would be like toying with Logan's memories. But Kendall is just trying to protect Logan. And NOT telling him about his dad is a way of protecting him.

But at the same time, I think Kendall is kind of being a jerk to James. Acting like he wouldn't understand because he wasn't there that night Logan told him (Kendall) everything. It's I don't know, kind of like an air of superiority that is irritating.

And then Kendall snapping at Carlos, "What?" Really, Kendall? Really? Oh heck no! Tell me Kendall did not just snap at Carlos. Tell me Kendall did not just snap at Carlos!

I have a feeling though that it isn't as black and white as everyone is making it seem.

I like how when they were looking at the picture of Katie as a toddler, Kendall was the one she wanted to go to.

That made my heart ache when you mentioned that Logan called Katie "Kaylee" the other day. Poor Katie!

I like that bit about the harder you work for things, the greater the reward.

Onto the next chapter. I still got some time before I have to start getting ready for work, so here we go!
NIKA chapter 18 . 8/22/2012
winterschild11 chapter 18 . 8/22/2012
It's perfect! Not much else can be said about it!
WyszLo chapter 18 . 8/22/2012
1. "It's July 28th already?" I waSN'T READY FOR HTAT. I love you.

2. "Logan laughs at him. "You sound like your grandma," he teases. "She always asks all of us that." Kendall smiles. "Who's grandma?" he asks, raising one eyebrow questioningly. Now it's Logan's turn to blush. "Our grandma," he says softly." Stop that's precious I'm love yes this was great.

3. "Biting his lip, he stares at Kendall closely, seeing past the happy excitement in his green eyes and recognizing the hidden sorrow and guilt." Is this the old Logan coming back? Laura?! IS IT?! CAN HE READ KINDLE AGAIN?

4. "I was stupid to look for love and affection in a man who was empty when you were standing right in front of me with more love and affection than I could possibly deserve." THIS. I loved this.

5. "And I think that's sort of a reason I never told you the truth. I knew that if things turned really bad, you would be there whether you knew or not." FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE. That was absolutely fabulous.

6. "Kendall, when I showed up at your house that night, you didn't question what I was doing there. You didn't ask me why I came without calling and you just accepted my explanation. I didn't even need one actually, I could have just shown up at your door and you would have been fine, no questions asked-" Ugh I love that about their relationship SO. MUCH. FAVORITE.

7. "You've always been there for me. Even when you didn't know it," Logan insists, sitting down besides Kendall and touching his shoulder. "When you didn't even question me crawling into bed with you, that was the best gift you've ever given me. Just pure love and acceptance with no boundaries or expectations. It was more than I could ask for at the time, and the best part was that I didn't even need to ask." YES YES YES.

8. "You're not just my best friend and my brother, but when we were growing up and my dad was either ignoring me or beating me, I looked up to you. There was never a time when I was without a father figure, Kendall, and I have you to thank for that." Oh my gosh Laura you're going to make me cry happy tears I'm so in love with this. FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE.

9. I loved Luke's part. I just makes me so happy to see how much Luke cares. The absolute best part was that no one knew what Luke was doing. He was doing it for himself, which is how you know the concern was true and genuine. He didn't check up on Logan because it was his job or Papa asked him to or everyone else, he just wanted to check up on Logan because he cared. And that's the best. He's pretending to be the tough police officer but we and Logan know that he's just as scared and upset as everyone else, and I love it. I love how much he loves Logan.

10. "You're everything my mom didn't get to be and my dad didn't want to be." FAVORITE.

11. "It's always been like that with you. I've had someone to look up to. . . someone who, even now, lets me call him, "Papa" like we all did when we were little. I call you that not just because it reminds me of growing up with you around, but because I really do think of you as my father." Laura oh my gosh this chapter is AMAZING it's seriously one of my favorite things that I've ever read I'm in heaven and loving this and FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE. SO. MUCH. LOVE.


13. "But I do know that you love me and I've come to learn that I don't need to know why." Laura... that's HUGE for Logan! HUGE! That's one of his biggest breakthroughs ever! Can you even begin to imagine HTSAL Logan saying that?! Or early LH Logan? NO. This is so big. I love it.

14. "I know," he replies, giving her the best gift she could ask for. No more questioning, no more second guessing or disbelief. He knows she'll always love him." HUGE. THIS IS SO EPIC AND LAURA ALDKJFAKLSDFASKDF THIS. IS. AMAZING. Oh my gosh look at our Logie-bear!

15. "You've taken care of me by being someone I could love and protect. Everyone is always taking care of me, and as much as I love it, I want to be like that for someone." Yes. Yes yes yes. Logan and Katie are my FAVORITE. You are flawless.

16. "And we watched The Lion King until you fell asleep," :)

17. "To even be compared to Kendall is the greatest compliment Logan can ever dream of." LOVED that.

18. "He gives Katie a quick kiss and tugs her pony tail before turning to Carlos and James." Laura that was unCALLED FOR WITHOUT ANY WARNING. FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE LOGAN AND KATIE ARE MY FAVORITE.

19. "But something you have more than Kendall is the ability to lead steadily. You're there when we need you" YES. The always at-the-ready second-in-command for when Kindle inevitably breaks from pretending to be so strong. James IS always there to catch them when Kendall falls apart.

20. "You never announced that you were coming to save me and you didn't push past anyone to get to me." I love this for two reasons: the image it gives me of James, and the image it gives me of Kindle. It's perfect.

I loved EVERYTHING about this chapter. EVERYTHING.

hope for eternity chapter 18 . 8/22/2012
Awwwww... *heart*
cherieai chapter 18 . 8/22/2012
I only found a couple of grammatical errors. Nothing biggie! Anyways, your stories are always filled with so much fluff. It just gives me such a warm feeling in my heart ). I don't know know much about guys, but I don't think they are as affectionate with each other as they are in your stories. LOL. But I like it nonetheless. My favorite quote was "But blood and writing, Logan has learned, does not define a family. Love does." So sweet! Thanks for the update!
CelestialSonata7 chapter 18 . 8/22/2012
This was so sad and angsty and amazing. Perfect, as usual. :) You're amazing.
WyszLo chapter 17 . 8/21/2012
Sorry sorry sorry this review took so long!

Here we go:

1. "But you're here because you're both family and you need to know." I love how Mama Knight includes Luke in being family.

2. "If Ryan Mitchell pushed his son away with his neglect and. . . abuse, Logan would try to cling to him by defending him no matter what." TWISTED. Twisted and perfect.

3. "Carlos loves Luke. He only has to look at him to know what Kendall is going to be like in the future. He's not an official part of their family, but he might as well be. He cares for Logan as much as anyone else in the room." FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE. I LOVE LUKE, AND LUKE/KINDLE.

4. "But you know what's even worse? The fact that we should have known and we didn't. We should have seen something, noticed something, anything! But we didn't! We were blind and deaf and oblivious. We could have protected Logan and we failed him!" Oh Kindle... I think you summed up his feelings perfectly here, Laura. Absolute flawlessness.

5. "Everyone thought that his dad was too busy to pay attention to him and he never said otherwise. I was scared that I'd be wrong and that Logan would hate me for accusing his dad of. . . you know." YES. It makes complete sense why James never said anything.

6. "But I was right," James continues, and Carlos can see right now that there is no way he's ever going to forgive himself. Not even a little bit. "I was right and it's my fault that Logan put up with it for so long. If I had said something, then I could have helped. But I didn't and I'm so sorry, I'm really sorry, I-" GUILTY JAMES IS BACK! (I'm sorry, James, I really am.)

7. "Most of them were from hockey," Logan says softly. "Most?" Carlos hasn't heard his father speak since the announcement and the sound of his voice now scares him. He's never heard his dad sound so broken." Oh Papa... oh Papa I'm so sorry...

8. "I thought that if I loved him no matter what and gave him everything I could. . . I thought that he would love me back. But he didn't." Logan's voice breaks and he starts to cry again. But not from the fear and regret of having everyone find out his secret. This time he's crying from a grief that he's held secret for years. "He either ignored me or he hit me and I didn't know what I was doing wrong, because I tried everything, I really did. But he-" LOGAN LOGAN LOGAN LOGAN MY BABY OH I LOVE YOU THIS WAS HONDERFUL AND TERRTASTIC AND FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE. I love broken Logan so so so so much. And the haunting of RyRy LAURA I'M IN LOVE.

9. "Logan, come here." Carlos watches his father go to Logan and take him into his arms. The second he has him, Mr. Garcia holds onto Logan like everyone else in the room wants to: Like he'll never let go. "I'm so sorry, son. I didn't know, but I should have. I should have known." lkasd;lfkjasdlkfjadsklfj

10. "Everybody is broken Carlos realizes." My fault. I'm sorry everyone!

11. "Instinctively, Carlos moves to James to make sure he's okay." Role reversal.

12. "Then it occurs to Carlos, that maybe he doesn't matter right now. Maybe James and Kendall don't matter right now. Maybe no one, except Logan, matters right now. Logan should be the only person who matters right now, even if they're all hurting. They failed him tremendously, but they're going to fail him all over again if they get stuck playing the blame game for too long. They don't need to be focusing on their mistakes in the past. That's not going to do Logan any good. It's making things worse actually, because all Logan needs is to know that he's loved." This is why Bunny is literally the most perfect human being ever in the history of the world to have around when things start to fall apart. Because where Kendall and James fall to their emotions like anger or guilt, Carlos, no matter what, can look past what he's feeling and figure out who needs him the most and how they need him. He may not articulate what he sees as well as Kendall and James, but he acts on it the best in times of need and that is why Bunny is the most precious and perfect person on the planet.

13. "But he's not apologizing anymore. Because that's not what Logan needs to hear, and Carlos' dad knows that. Instead, he's saying, "I love you. I love you. I love you." over and over again." Yea so the Garcias win life.

14. "Kendall, there isn't going to be another day in my life where I don't ask myself that question. Why didn't I ask Logan? Why didn't I look into it more? Why didn't I ask around? Why didn't I trust my instincts? Why didn't I stop it?" "I mean, you were still just a kid when it was happening. I was an adult. I knew something was wrong and I didn't follow up on it. A police officer too. I'll never forgive myself. I should have known." Luke, I'M SORRY.

15. "That's what happens when you're someone's hero, Kendall," Luke whispers. "You promise to watch over them and take care of them, but you just can't protect them from everything. It doesn't matter if something is beyond your control, you'll still do your best and then die when you fail." Oh Luke... oh Kindle... just everything about the two of them is so beautifully tragic right now.

16. "The thing is, Kendall," Luke turns to look at him and Kendall flinches at the intensity in his eyes. "I've come to accept over the years that I'm only human. As much as I love to be the hero and save the day, I can't be a superhero and save the world. I can't protect the people I love all the time. I know that, Kendall, but you know what else? I'm not okay with that. I'm not okay with it at all." Kendall stares back at Luke, surprised and somewhat terrified to see himself staring back at him. It's not just his reflection though. It's another awful truth, one he's been running from for years, and one he can hide from for no longer. "I'm not okay with it either," he whispers." OH. MY. GOODNESS. Laura, this was PERFECT. You summed up Luke and Kindle PERFECTLY here and I'm OBSESSED. You're absolutely amazing.

I love you!
EpicInTheLibrary chapter 1 . 8/20/2012
Well hey there! I said I'd do this on Friday and I feel awful for not doing it because I was all excited and I was gonna read it and it was gonna be great and then... well. I wish I could say sorry and have it mean something but by now I doubt it's more than just a word. :

So here I am, trying to redeem myself by actually doing what I said I'd do, albeit later than I'd planned.

I remember reading this before, but apparently I didn't review, so that's what this is. I'm still not sure exactly what I'm supposed to leave in these review boxes so I hope it's not all wrong but anyway. Aaaanyway. I think what I like most about this is the way in which the situation is explained, like instead of doing a flashback kind of thing, you kind of killed two birds with one stone by explaining what happened while simultaneously solidifying the idea/reason why Kendall isn't losing it. It's creative and I just like it idk.

So here's another Logan story, huh? Takes me back to HOC because of the memory loss, except this time it's not James' fault and it's not like a mental retardation thing like idk how to describe it but this isn't the same as that so there. Oh and then Kendall does start to cry, and that last line, it just ties it all together, like a drabble or something. I really really like it. It means this could potentially stand on its own, except for all the questions and idk idk it's just a really good prologue because it has all of the elements of a prologue and it's just GOOD.

So basically I'm really intrigued and I want to go on to the next chapter so idk what to do because my plan was to read/review one chapter per day so that you could have a review to come home to every day but how am I even supposed to read just one chapter per day omg this was a really bad plan. I'll have to figure this out okay ahhh.

Anyway. I love you. And I was really calm and composed and correct with spelling/capitalization/punctuation? Yeah idk why that happened maybe I'll be more fun in future chapters lol. I love youuuuuuu :*
bluestring chapter 17 . 8/18/2012
I can't wait for the next chapter.
I was crying like a baby the whole time.
So. Much. Angst.
CelestialSonata7 chapter 17 . 8/17/2012
This was so depressing! :( So much angst and sadness. Poor everyone!

Don't get me wrong though, I loved it. ;)

I love Luke so much. He's the best OC I've ever read! And I love that he cares so much about the boys. I love that Luke was comforting Kendall, sort of. That was sweet. :)

I hope in the next chapter, there will be some cute Luke and Logan fluff. :)
tvfangirl84 chapter 17 . 8/17/2012
Soooo good I loved it
NIKA chapter 17 . 8/17/2012
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