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Azai Jin chapter 63 . 5/6
Thanks for the chapters so far!

I have been away from reading this story for some time, so when I could not remember exactly where I had read too, I decided to just read it from the beginning and I'm glad I did that! This is a really great story, with many interesting and exciting moments, and I hope to read much more of it!

Thanks again for the story so far! Can't wait for this story to get more chapters!
wmwhitewolf chapter 63 . 4/26
Can't hardly wait to see how this develops! KEEP UP THE GREAT WRITING!
Guest chapter 63 . 3/7
Albertg I never expected the author To respond directly to me. Yes this is the authors story so they can write it however they choose. I simply pointed out some things that I thought were inconsistent. You act like my comment was meant to hurt the author which is not the case their plenty of other people who comment on this story as guests. Sometimes we have to comment as guests so when certain people read what we wrote in the comments section and get triggered like you clearly don't follow us around online harassing us constantly. The author has done a good job with this story. Yes the fleets situation allowed for power hungry people to gain power yes their were common sense people in charge before the fall but the power hungry were their as well. The articles of colonization were used by richer colonies like caprica to oppress poor colonies. Because they felt entitled so in a hypothetical scenario if the Federation met the colonies before the fall certain individuals would want technology. We all know how special interests and lobbyists work their greed is what leads to wars being started. When I talked about war between the colonies and the Federation it was a completely hypothetical scenario based on how the colonialS in this story act towards not only Logan and his crew but towards admiral Janeway and her officers. The seeds for this behavior were their before the colonies fell. the fleets situation allowed them to grow and flourish. I'm have no doubt that if I did write a story on this site I would have people in the comments section criticizing it and thats fine including if it's as a guest. But I have nothing against the author I was commenting as plenty of other people have. Your own stories have a similar scenario that plays out when the colonials come in contact with Stargate command. The colonials feel like they are entitled to everything. That's how the colonial leadership in this story acts. The author was certainly spot on when they wrote that in. At the same time you have common sense characters like adama who try to keep the peace. Apparently my review isn't pc enough for some people. Certain members of the quorem are more then willing to start a fight with Starfleet they constantly complain about how Logan and his crew aren't doing enough
AlbertG chapter 63 . 2/24
Hey, Clavina: Thank you for your latest installment! It was wonderful and all I can say is MORE PAUL! He is pragmatic and I like his personality. If he stays on board, he is going to have a lot of revelations to sort out. As for Lee… he needs to understand that he isn’t in control. He knows this but not in his heart. So, o with the next chapter.
This next section is for Guest, the one who made the comments. So clavina please forgive me as I comment on his comments.
To the Guest that wrote the set of long comments (as I believe the other Guest is not the same person).
Instructive criticism is an important to all authors whether we like them or not. But it depends on the type of criticism and how they are presented. Some comments that you made; I am sure the author appreciates

However, not everything that is canon on the Moore BSG is necessary to this story. It is a fanfiction story, not a critical canon-based story. For example.: If there are around 40 ships then so be it. This isn’t the Moore reality per se. it is an offshoot with entirely different forces being brought into play. Yes, the Cylons and Colonials were like-minded. How could they not be? Moore made that clear in the series. Would the Colonials have tried to start a war with the Feds if they had met before the Colonial Cylon war? Personally I don’t think so. The cultures would have clashed but the majority of the Colonials had common sense and would not have tried to start a conflict with such a technologically advanced society such as the Feds. It would serve no purpose, religion aside. The obsessive religious attitudes evolved among the hungry, desperate, fear-ladened, hunted men and women survivors and power-hungry Politian’s, trying to accumulate political scraps of a defeated people. Otherwise, sad to say, they were just like ordinary Americans they were patterned after.

Now, Clavina is following Moore’s story to a point, but remember Guest, this is a fanfiction story, she has leeway if she wants concerning the numbers of ships, etc. The antimatter scenario is something that she chose to do. Could the Cylons develop antimatter warheads? I don’t know in Moore’s world. Maybe, maybe not. We know that they were at least as smart as the Narn in the B5 series and the Narn had antimatter mines. They stole the technology from the Centauri and developed it on their own. THIS is not B5. But I can see the cylons developing some form of antimatter and I can see them wasting that precious material very easily, especially because they were desperate. This is the author’s choice. We theorize antimatter containment here in the 21st century. If the Cylons can contain it, then they can use it as a weapon.

Again, this is her story, and you are inserting your views. She used a Defiant class because she wanted to use it. That ship helps to define this story. This story is about the people not, what class of ship and how practical it would have been to use an Intrepid or some other Fed (whatever) vessel, This story is about people and their interactions with one another. I am glad that the author is more mature than I when it comes to comments such as you have given. For example, extra mutants on the Xavier? Why? You have other comments that I have issues with, but it is a waste of time to argue on this review section. Suffice to say, fist she refuses to respond to your comments, so be it. Next, and this is important, if you have a different vision, if you can do better, then by all means write it. And last, if you make comments, then be adult enough to identify yourself and not just as ‘guest’. If you make comments, then stand up for them and be counted and not hide in the shadows.
Guest chapter 63 . 2/14
Excellent story! I love how Jane is scaring the crap out out everyone! Looking forward to the next chapter!
Q genna chapter 63 . 2/15
Thank you for continuing to write this story. I was worried for a while. It's nice to see a rational Logan and a Phoenix who is not too controlled. The 1990s cartoon where Logan had a chance at happiness with Ororo if things had worked out differently always stuck out to me.

Logan's wife being controlled and killed in the movie Wolverine by Striker was as upsetting because the man could never catch a break with the women who could love him nor the people who wanted to use his gifts for their own purposes.

This story giving him a chance at something more is just a balm to his storyline.
MasterXMaster chapter 62 . 2/14
Thank you for the new chapter!
Blaze1992 chapter 63 . 2/14
Well at least Lee didn't actually do anything yet.
stars90 chapter 63 . 2/14
Excellent work. I liked Logan's talk with Lee. Being the Captain of this wild ride has forced him to reach for parts of himself he doesn't usually present to the outside world
Guest chapter 1 . 2/4
Must be any reviews that have criticism even if it's constructive criticism are removed since mine never show up in the comments section
Guest chapter 62 . 2/3
It must be any reviews that have criticism even if it's constructive criticism are removed. I would like to point out some things about this story. First I know their is only suppose to be a small group brought to the future but I do think a few other mutants added to the crew could have helped. I don't get why bringing voyager would be bad if that's the case then bringing any ships at all would be a bad idea. Useing a defiant class ship even if it had all the features that most other Federation ships have isn't a good idea. That class of ship wasn't designed to operate by itself without support. A intrepid class would have been better since it is actually meant to operate without support. The next thing is the size of the colonial fleet. If your going with Ron Moore's battlestar galactica. The most civilian ships scene is about 70 in the mini series then their fifty for the first two seasons at this point its half way through season 3 their would Be 40 ships not 163. Finally the cylons getting anti matter war heads after just two or three encounters is far off. In the reimagined series the cylons don't adapt that well even if they did their science and tech is to primitive
Guest chapter 62 . 2/2
Their are few things I would like to point out. If your going with the Ron Moore's Galactica then their were never over a hundred civilian ships at most their were only about fifty at this point in the story their should only be 40 another thing to is the cylons gaining anti matter warheads is to big of a leap the cylonS current level of technology as well as their scientific knowledge is to primitive for such a weapon. A defiant class ship while powerful isn't a good choice even if it has features that most other federation ships have. The Intrepid class is a better choice its more heavily armed and has better facilities to support the fleet and is designed to survive on its own without support of a starbase or other federation ships
Guest chapter 62 . 2/2
Based on how the colonials have behaved during this story had the colonies met the Federation before the fall the colonies would have started a war with the federation just because the colonies couldn't accept that the universe isn't what they envisioned
Guest chapter 62 . 2/2
The colonials and cylons really are the same they have such a narrow minded view of the universe as a whole
Blaze1992 chapter 62 . 2/3
This is likely going to turn into a very tense affair.
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