Reviews for Pinky Promise
DaddysLiitleGirl chapter 17 . 11/5
DaddysLiitleGirl chapter 14 . 11/5
my god tony's so adorable
TheWorldIsMyMuse18 chapter 17 . 10/15
PLEASE PLEASE MORE, I know that being a writer is hard and that maybe you're going through something right now or maybe you're not even reading this and its just floating in cyberspace, but please please please write for this story. I love it so much.
Guest chapter 17 . 9/9
I love this fanifc so much I've laughed, cried and smiled I know it's been year but I do hope yo find inspiration to update I need to know what happens :)
Guest chapter 7 . 1/6/2016
I wasn't sure what to make of this character who seemed so bitter and spiteful for no apparent reason towards Tony, but I trusted that it would unfold itself as I continued reading the story. But to have her criticizing the receptionist for her looks just seemed distasteful and demonstrated that her lack of decorum wasn't just localized to Tony, but extended to others who appeared vaguely threatening? I'm not sure what to make of this play-bunny commentary she has going on, but it makes me want to discontinue reading. The formatting and the juxtaposition of past and present has me clinging to some faith that there's a reason for this, but barely.
InkHeart1212 chapter 17 . 7/9/2015
Well, I need more. Like... like now.
Guest chapter 17 . 5/10/2015
Love it! the club hanger made me want to pull my hair out but I admire your courage to do that to the fans who want to read that *) lol your gonna have a lot of reviews from fans that are dying to know what's gonna happen next. Good luck to you!
Guest chapter 17 . 5/5/2015
Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please Please please please please please please please please please please write more! I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!
ToshimiOkami chapter 17 . 4/21/2015
This is awesomeness. Please please please say that you are still out there somewhere thinking about updating this soon. It's the first fic I've been able to read more than 2 chapters of for aaaaaaaages. If you are no longer writing and still get this, a closer reply is totally acceptable and completely appreciated
Princess Massacre chapter 17 . 4/19/2015
Holy moly! The ending to that chapter was really heavy. I have to know what happens now! I can't wait for you to continue this story when you have the time.
G chapter 17 . 3/17/2015
Wha... what the fuck just... happen...?
I... someone, someone... I need to sit down... holy shit
mel.xo chapter 17 . 5/3/2014
Ohmygod, I can't believe you'd end it there! I need more, like neeeeeeeed! You've left us with like a double-whammy cliff hanger! I mean Tony remembers! Felicia left! (No problem, Tony can track her down with his superb stalking skills) and she has cancer! :(((( I mean all these feels aside, I just love Tony and fella so much. As kids and in the present, they're always so much fun! And I'm usually a pepperony shipper too.. It's been close to a year since the last update, and I don't think you'll be updating, but I figure I'd just let you know how amazing it would be to see this completed :)
Special Agent Author chapter 17 . 1/22/2014
NO! You CANNOT just leave it off there. That's not fair. *sobs* WHY?!
Please, please update. Please.

Okay, actual review time.

Brilliant writing. I love how you portrayed Tony's childish side, and the story is as funny as anything. In fact, it made me burst out laughing a couple of times. Not many authors can pull off humor like that, so congratulations!

OC Critique: *cracks knuckles* Fella is a very interesting OC. She's got plenty of faults, and as many strengths to match. Part of the fun of this story is watching her deal with everything that Tony, or just life in general, throws at her. Now, should you ever continue this story (PLEASE DO) make sure that Fella deals with what I think's been pushed her way in this chapter the way Fella would. Don't make her completely lose her character, because that's what makes this story so fun to read.

In the end, I can't do much but praise this story because it is just that good. SO PLEASE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE SRSLY IM NOT KIDDING UPDATE.
Calliope's Scribe chapter 17 . 12/14/2013
I hope you continue writing this, it's really good!
Tocade chapter 17 . 11/20/2013
PLEASE update soon! I need to know what happens next! Also, for a minute there I wondered if Vanessa was hiding the fact that Tony was there.
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