Reviews for One Hundred Days of Summer
SparkleMouse chapter 2 . 8/23/2012
Doesn't stop her from wanting him though. Doesn't keep her from thinking about the stunned gasp into her mouth, the thud of her body against the door, the press of him over her, into her, and the way his adoration made her whole being narrow to the pinpoint existence of them. - I love this paragraph.

He studied her body as he studied everything else about her, his fingers gentle on the bruised places, not asking, not even a heavy sigh, and she was so grateful to ignore it and just have him - I can picture him like this, gentle and tracing her bruises, just feeling her and getting to know her.

She's not going to spend another day half-hating Alexis - What about whole-hating Alexis?

And then because she doesn't want him to doubt her, not any longer: Last night was miserable without you. So come when you can.
And then because she knows how his mind works: Yes, like that too. - YES YES YES. This. Shit.

Really, how long does it take to coddle an eighteen year old?- LMAO. Amazing.

She's packed a bag because she doesn't want to stay here, (all their terrible fights started here, at her place) and maybe it's superstitious (even though she's not) and maybe it's shying away from the hard parts, but she doesn't want to be here any longer, at ground zero for everything wrong. - It's really sad she looks at it like that but at the same time I love that she does.

Then she's at him, not even letting him in the door, her mouth on his hot and hard and desperate because maybe he's too good for her, maybe she's not made it clear enough, maybe a night apart changes things, maybe this is more fragile than she knows.- I love how desperate she is. Like she needs to make all this time up to him.

"Got in a fight with the sniper. Got choked - You know. The usual.

"Your bed is bigger," she says finally, lifting her eyes to his.

He grins. "I haven't even seen your bed." - I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HER BED!

She nods back, lifts her fingers to trace the edge of his mouth. "I used to think that I wasn't anything apart from my mother's case. Her murder. But that's changed these last few years, and I wasn't - I didn't know how to let go of the one thing that had always saved me." - This so accurately sums up the old Kate Beckett.
SparkleMouse chapter 1 . 8/23/2012
I can't believe I'm about to embark on another 100 chapters. Get ready, girls. They're coming in.

There were variations of it too - god, Castle and Castle, pleasewere among his favorites - YES. I love that. I love that little look inside his head. And that he mentions that she never calls him Rick because yeah it's a little weird but also awesome. So there's that.

"Or, well. Only when you're mad at me," he corrects, part of his brain wondering why he's not just shutting up. - Yes LOL. That.

He's breathless and stunned when she lets go, whispers into his mouth, so softly. "Rick." - She's so confident and sexy. I love it.

"Rick," she breathes, and this time he whimpers, doesn't even care; he might just die anyway, because surely he's hyperventilating now. - SO SEXY.

the lights are dancing behind his closed lids, beautiful flames coming up and up. - Love that line.

It's only when he hears the key turn in the lock that he remembers his lunch plans with Alexis. Shoot - Eh. Forget her. Is that bad parenting?

He's been watching Kate tease him with the grapes he found in his fridge, the way she pops them into her mouth, one by one, before she chews slowly with her eyes trained on his - WHY IS THAT THE SEXIEST IMAGE EVER?

Instead of going straight for the door, she comes back for him, lays a hand over his heart as she leans in and brushes her lips over his cheek. - I love this gesture.

"I just-" her gaze is questioning, patient, and his secrets spill out despite his efforts. "I needed to make sure it wasn't - a dream."

Sorrow, desolation flash in her eyes; the next moment she's pressed against his chest, kissing him fiercely, her palms cupping his jaw. There's something rough, almost aggressive in the scrape of her teeth, the desperate slide of her tongue - he knows what she's trying to do, but it's not working. - God I love this. Both his disbelief and her trying to prove that she's in this.

"No," he says gently. "No. I love you. I'm in love with you, Kate. It might just...take a little while to sink in." - You've won my heart. Whenever anyone says IN love I'm pretty much a goner.

He doesn't have anything against this turn of events, but it does seem too good to be true. - Foreshadowing? I hear bad things about the end ;)
someheartslove chapter 94 . 8/23/2012
Third chapter in a row that made me cry. I have no idea how you do it, because I know it will be sad for some time now, he can't be all perfectly fine the moment he wakes up, she will be sorry and she will feel guilty, she will be angry and feel powerless and I know that I have to expect all of that, but I just LOVE the way you write it. You always amaze me with the intensity of how much they feel, how much they love, how good they are with each other. Loved the part with Alexis, when she told Kate she couldn't go in, because it's not her dad that is in there. Again - tears. But to perfectly written than I'm not sorry at all.
I really like how you're resolving this with the precinct, and I'm really curious about how that will end.
Love, love, so much love.
ToonGrL chapter 100 . 8/22/2012
Brilliant. Just...perfect. I have no other words that can do it justice. This story leapt off the page and played like a beautiful movie in my mind. Thank you for this.
Lydian Stone chapter 28 . 8/22/2012
Loved the talk with Alexis. No matter how big your kids get, there's just something so sweet about tucking them in.
crazeeria chapter 100 . 8/22/2012
This was freaking fantastic! I absolutely loved it!I love their relationship and growth throughout it!

Are you going to write a second story of when she catches the SOB?
someheartslove chapter 93 . 8/22/2012
I kind of hope we won't ever get to see this on screen. Because this broke my heart and seeing all that blood and her face would make me cry like a baby.
I loved the part where you mentioned that she should have been with Alexis in the morning, not next to a person who isn't awake, but how could she be away from him?
This is good. This is sooo good.
someheartslove chapter 92 . 8/22/2012
Oh, man, this is all over the place and perfect at the same time. So many emotions, so many promises and things they missed and I can imagine how she feels, what she's thinking about. I loved the part with Esposito and Ryan, each giving a part of them, completely different but together in this and for the same cause and I loved it.
And I loved the part with Alexis, how they were holding hands, and how they were together in this.
It's amazing how you can make me smile and cry and still adore this story to no end.
someheartslove chapter 91 . 8/22/2012
I mean, yeah, I get it, I shouldn't expect all butterflies and pink unicorns, but WHAT?
And... well, that was kind of realistic. Too realistic. And too good to be true.
There IS someone after Kate. And if this wasn't something random, man, they are in trouble.
I wonder if she'll go back because of this, because she needs a new revenge or something.
And I wonder what Alexis will say. I'm very curious about that.
Man, you left me speechless.
SineTimore chapter 100 . 8/22/2012
Thanks for another wonderful journey. This one is high on the list of favorites. Just love all of your character stuff. Always so impressed by you guys. Insert more gushing here because you've heard it all at this point -
someheartslove chapter 90 . 8/22/2012
I read this to second paragraph and then opened my notepad to write my thoughts in it because otherwise I always forget! And I don't like that. But so many details that I can't not say them.
She opened the door in her underwear hahahah And of couuuurse he was so... hmm.. I'm trying to find a word that would sound classier than horny, but it was that, and it was good and positive and adorable, so... yeah. No wonder.
And then he just discarded his earlier plans and spent time with her just her, alone in her apartment, and I love that.
Loved her questions about the flowers, because flowers mean 'I'm sorry'. She's such a girl sometimes.
Him thinking about her vases was hilarious. She wants something different, but of course he would have a crystal vase. And I loved the part about the price of her flowers and how he would buy something else if he saw the price before.
SO much detail. I'm amazed by you every. Single. Time.
Loved the part with mentioning what they've survived, daughters mothers, vacations, break ins... It was like a trip back to older chapters.
My favorite part, by far, was when he said he never had a friend like that, a partner. Because i really honestly think that's the best part when you love someone like he loves her, to find someone who won't only be your lover but your friend. And they've had the friendship part for so long.
Loved it when Kate told him he should bring more clothes to her place, but I loved his reply even more Sure, they will fight, and his answer was hilarious.
I can imagine Kate in a long purple dress, matching Castle, them looking like going to the Oscars. Great picture.
And again, I have to comment on Kate's touching and being so close to Castle. I really reeeeally reeeeeeeeeeeeeally like it. I think it fits. Into who she's becoming after this summer, into being with Castle for so long. It's totally not Beckett, but it's so totally Kate.
And then the dedication, oh MAN. Are you trying to kill me?! Because if that wasn't the sweetest thing ever. So much meaning in that. for her, for the past, for the future, for their future. And then you put 'always' in the fandom is dead. Seriously, I want, I need, to read this again.
And then some people say fanfiction is not art. How could it not be when it's this beautiful?! When everything happens at the right place and the right time, when everything is there for a reason, not a word too much or too little. There are books I had to read for school that can be used as coasters compared to this.
Loved, loved, absolutely LOVED this.
Kimberrn chapter 100 . 8/22/2012
Thanks for the wonderful story to help the long summer months go by. It was my favorite C&B story of the summer-well written and true to the characters. Thank you again!

someheartslove chapter 89 . 8/22/2012
You see? Exactly what I mentioned in the last review! YOu always have the perfect timing for everything! It came so naturally, like it was supposed to happen, this with her job, and his answer was great and the way she expected him to finish her sentence... You two girls are BRILLIANT!
Kate speaking Russian and in Russian accent - that IS hot. And I absolutely adore it when you write Castle like that, all smitten by her and what she does and how she does it, because he is like that, he will be surprised by everything she does, he will be amazed by every little thing she does for him, to make him smile, to make him fell better... And I LOVE it.
I loved the idea of her taking him to the alley where her mom died. It brings so many memories and it's a perfect way to close some things, to let them go, to start living differently. And now her thinking about going back seems quite natural.
Oh, and one more thing, this story is so amazing that I don't even know what to write at the end of each chapter. Because you do that for me. In a lot of other stories from a lot of different authors reader is the one who says 'she's hot', 'he's in love', 'she did that because of this', but here it's not the case. Because you write all of that in. All of that is in the story already, so visible and clear, and I think it's one of the reasons this story is so unbelievable. Hmm... I hope this made sense.
someheartslove chapter 88 . 8/22/2012
Oooh, oh, oh this was so long and powerful and perfect.
I absolutely love how Kate is determined not to go back in this story. I don't know if you'll change that or not, but for now it fits in the story perfectly, it's just right and natural for how this story is going.
Loved the talk she had with Alexis and how Alexis couldn't understand how she didn't want to go back to the 12th.
The part where Castle become papa Castle with rules is so adorable and good.
I know I said this a thousand times and I sound like a broken record by now, but the amount of details you put into this is absolutely amazing. Now I can totally imagine Kate making spaghetti in Castle's kitchen. HOW amazing is that?!
The ending was perfect. Not only when she said that the only thing she's certain about was them, but when he accepts that he is all that she wants, but asks her what she needs. That is just amazing. That's love.
tatman14 chapter 100 . 8/22/2012
Great stories to the both of you! You two could write for the show! I love all of your works!
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