Reviews for My Own Poke'mon Journey
Hishiko-Chan1999 chapter 4 . 9/24/2012
mintlita chapter 3 . 6/28/2012
After reading all three chapters, I surely say that this is way too much like the old Pokemon show I used to watch as I kid. The only thing different is the addition of the Naruto cast, and your OC. Other than, it's sort of boarders on cliche side. I mean could you have put your own twist to it? If you need help, here's a little list of do's and don't's when writing any sort of Pokemon fanfiction;


1.) Take and recreate a version of the Pokemon or Naruto universe to call your own. (Create new town names, characters, and ect.)
2.) Focus on more than just your OC. (Since Naruto and Pokemon are the main fandoms, focus more on their characters.)
3.) Give your OC, as well as the canon characters original Pokemon. (By that, I mean skip on giving Naruto a Vulpix, Sasuke a Shinx, and Sakura a Jigglypuff. Avoid anything cliche and overused.
4.) Be original as much as possible. Don't just follow the games, show, or manga. This is fanfiction, which means that YOU are in charge of creating their universe.
5.) Keep the plot flowing easily, and smoothly. By that, I mean avoid adding in a bunch of filter chapters.
6.) Revise, revise, revise, and revise. Always remember to reread your work, and revise it. throughout the story, I notice some little errors that could be easily fixed by revising.


1.) Start the story off with the trainer awaking to their journey.
2.) Continue with the story to where the new trainer get's their first Pokemon
3.) Focus mainly on your OCs, and not the canon characters. ( I realize that this about your OC, but the canon characters matter more in fanfiction. Otherwise, this should be posted on Fictionpress.)
4.) Post a story with a title, which tells the readers what it's about. (That's what the summary is for.)
5.) Never post without revising. You can after all, be reported, or worse flammed for having bad grammar. Beta readers also help so always reread, or have someone else reread your work for you.

I hope my review has provided you with some helpful advice. xXKiraUzumakiXx