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uncute-jess chapter 18 . 10/28
Let me just take a moment here to fall down on my knees and worship you and this emotional roller coaster that you call a story. :)
I have to admit, I've always feared Harry Potter fics. There's just too much that can go wrong:
People acting completely ooc, screwing with the storyline and so much more that could have, in my opinion, wrecked the wonderful fantasy world that Mrs. Rowling had created and that I let very willingly occupy my mind since Day 1.
But you have not only given me the best fic I have ever read, no. You filled the story revolving around my favourite couple of all time with so much life, you stayed so true to their character while letting them grow... I can't describe what I'm feeling right now.
I'm just grateful. Thank you so much! This was what could have really happened and this is how I'll always keep the romance between the youngest Weasley son and the only Granger child in my mind.
DarkPhoenix chapter 18 . 10/25
Guest chapter 18 . 10/11
It's 1:40 in the morning and I've only just finished reading, but I am so happy I did finish. Thank you for 2 hours of laughing, crying, and all the emotions in between. You have taken Queen Rowling's creation and improved it beyond words.
Thank you
moonstonefelicis chapter 18 . 10/10
Great fic. And your disclaimers are the funniest!
OtterAndTerrier chapter 18 . 8/28
Sarah, you can't make people bawl their eyes out like this, you just can't.
Where do I start? I honestly felt like liveblogging my reading of this fic or leaving a review whenever I finished a chapter, but I figured that'd be lame. I don't even remember what chapter was the last review I left in. But I have loved this oh so much. I would honestly print this and put it on my bookshelf along with few other fics devoted to these two dorks. I loved the moments you picked. I loved that it made me relive their story from a different place. I loved the characterizations, this glimpse into their heads. I love the way you built the tension between them. The wedding dance, oh my flipping gosh, I was on the edge of my seat. Ron's thoughts when he left, and Hermione's when he came back. LUNA FREAKING LOVEGOOD. The little conversation about their future hypotetical children's names (I'd read one like that moment before, but this one was even lovelier). The moment leading up to their kiss. Their second kiss. The conversation they needed to have FINALLY, and their dynamic as friends evolving along their relationship. Harry's epilogue-gosh, it was so emotional. I'm probably forgetting something in the hurricane of feels, but now I'm also wondering who came to speak to Ron and Hermione and what was the locket doing on his night table. And I'm probably forgetting a lot of things that I've loved, but seriously, honestly, thank you, this will go now to my "Fics that I'll love for ever and ever" collection.
OtterAndTerrier chapter 12 . 8/25
As promised, here's part two of my reviewing. I haven't read Ron's part yet, but I had to say... it was a real effort not to collapse on the floor sobbing hysterically at Hermione's conversation with her mum. Really. Brilliant scene. And afterwards, with Ron and Hermione realizing how much he's grown was so amazing as well, even if it's heart-breaking that at the same time she's resigned to being friends with Ron. Although the previous chapter's ending, with Ron's last thought... dear heart of mine.
Still loving this story, thank you.
rebelsaurus29 chapter 18 . 8/25
I have been reading this fabulous story for a few days and I loved it. The missing moments were phenomenal. It was sweet and embarrassing and sad abd everything in between. And this last chapter was PERFECTION. Thank you for sharing this amazing story :-)
rebelsaurus29 chapter 12 . 8/24
He was doing so well, too. Lol.
OtterAndTerrier chapter 4 . 8/18
So I've started reading this fic, and considering I've just finished this chapter and already forgot everything I wanted to say, expect me to leave a review every now and then as I read.
So far, I'm loving it! I love how each chapter has different scenes and from both POVs. I loved their first visit to Hogsmeade, how Hermione is fiercely defensive of her friendship with Ron and realises how much fun they have when they're together. I love how she tries to brush her feelings for Ron as a passing crush, and how she ultimately fails. This chapter right there was amazing. Ron making up excuses for his reaction because he also doesn't get where is that really coming from is brilliant. And I absolutely adored the way he thinks Yule Ball Hermione isn't *his* Hermione, and how he finds some comfort when they're arguing and thinks he's reclaiming her from Krum somehow. I really can't wait to read more because I'm loving your take on their seven years.
Thank goodness for complete fics!
saltsanford chapter 18 . 7/14
Just wanted to say how much I LOVED this story (and all of your Harry Potter fanfiction!) When people ask why I ship Ron/Hermione, I wish I could have them read this fanfic. You captured everything I love about them as a couple but could never quite articulate. There's nothing like well-written fanfiction where everyone is in character- nicely done. :)
probablyahufflepuff chapter 18 . 6/27
Happy sigh. Loved it. Years later and I still can't get enough Romione. They've ruined me for real-life. Beautiful story, thank you)
Accio14Anna chapter 18 . 6/2
Love this story :')
erised.rou chapter 1 . 4/18
i dont have much to say except how bad i felt for only just recently found your work on missing moments. it is tad believable, no exaggregation and stick to characters like superglue, and its like bloomsbury accidentaly burnt some pages out of the original JKR works and you mercifully uploads them for us to read.

im proceeding on your another works, and i eagerly awaits another multi chapters soon! :D
akshaydighe chapter 18 . 4/16
Its been nearly 4 years since the last HP movie came out. Haven't had much contact with the magical world since then. But yesterday was just browsing on Quora and stumbled upon the question "Why did JKR pair up R/Hr and not H/Hr ?"
Some gentleman in his response wrote just go through this fan fic to study the intricacies of R/HR relationship. Just seeing the words Harry Potter, made me nostalgic and i decided reread the books for nth time. But then i realized i have shifted homes since i last read HP and dont have any of the books with me right now. So i thought why not give your story a try till i have my books back.
I must admit that i am not that much into fan fic because i feel that some of the stories go against the very essence of HP. For me, the spell binding (in literal sense!) story written by JKR is impossible to recreate. So i was pretty much dicey while starting with your story.
But as i went ahead with the story, i was literally intrigued by it. I finished it in one go in a session of 6-7 hours. After so many years here was one story that convinced me that R/Hr was indeed the best pairing for Hermione. (Yes, you guessed it right i was always of the opinion that Hermione should have ended up with Harry and not Ron). But here is a story that changed my perception entirely.
What i particularly liked was you understood the characters so well. And your writing style is as close as it can get to JKR's. I always wondered how HP series would have been from Ron or Hermione's perspective. You have captured their emotions, aspirations, insecurities and fears so wonderfully. Specially the one where Ron thinks "He was always the spare one, and would fling himself in front of any curse in Harry's way". Brilliant just brilliant.
What i love the most is you never deviated from the original story. Instead you filled up the missing gaps so well, that i felt i was reading the missing pages from the book itself.
How this love story is a world apart from others is showcased perfectly with the near misses and almost a game of cat and mouse (read Crookshanks and Scabbers!). And the end where Harry thanks both his friend for being with him till the end, almost brought tears to my eyes.

I take a bow to you Sir! Well written.
TotoroBird chapter 18 . 4/9
So I know this was written two or three years ago, but it felt completely and utterly wrong not to leave a review of my gratitude for this story. I read it all in one six to seven hour sitting, and it is absolutely stunning: beautifully written and wonderfully sweet. I enjoyed every minute of it, and thank you for writing it. It reminded me why I love a Romione so much.
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