Reviews for Thanksgiving All the Trimmings Overdub
Brunette chapter 1 . 5/18/2012
I've been meaning to read this because I really like glimpses in the O'Connell's family life. It was very sweet and the interaction between Rick and Evelyn is fluffy and genuine. I think you handle Alex well and Jonathan extremely well (you have a way of describing his mannerism that's very vivid and authentic).

I really like the back-and-forth storytelling; I think the juxtaposition is really interesting between their first Thanksgiving together and the one they've kept as a tradition.

I do have a FEW points of criticism:

Rick doesn't really sound like Rick. He actually sounds pretty British a lot of the time. I don't know if you are British, or if you were just so in sync with writing the British characters that it dribbled into Rick, but if you ever think about revising, I would start with his dialogue and the pieces from his POV. The way he interacts with Evelyn and Alex and Jonathan is very true to his character, but the word choices are not.

...Rick does all the cooking? Really? I'm just having trouble picturing that. It's not totally out of left field, though. It's probably a skill he has, and Evelyn seems much to clumbsy to be very effective in the kitchen. So I'll buy it. But it did catch me off guard.

Overall, a nice little story. It was very warm and sweet, and I liked that. Nice job!