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BlaseBlanco chapter 20 . 1/30
I usually have trouble reading action-heavy writing but this was just SO GOOD and absolutely captivating that I couldn't stop reading. Love love loved it!
BlaseBlanco chapter 16 . 1/30
I haven't slept. All. Night. And I'm not even finished with the story. BUT I just wanted to tell you that I am absolutely in love with this story. It's magnificent, you're magnificent. Just wow.
Im Just Trash chapter 20 . 8/16/2016
Also the Gin died was probably the best character death I've ever read. I'm not a big fan of death but the way he died was almost beautiful in a way. He died next to his other half and they could be together forever. Very romantic.
Im Just Trash chapter 20 . 8/16/2016
I didn't want this to end! It was one of the better stories I've read, actually having depth and a story to it. You didn't focus on the sexual part, rather focusing on the growing relationship between the two. I wish there was a sequel but I think this was a perfect place to end it all. Very good job on this. I am immensely impressed.
Guest chapter 20 . 8/11/2016
So, so good...I loved the ending! Grimm and Ichigo got their freedom. :) Thanks so much for this fic. Really.
1nefishTwofish chapter 20 . 7/20/2016
Holy shit this was amazing. Definitely one of the best fics I've read, you're a fabulous writer!
Mermaid's Magic chapter 1 . 3/25/2016
I wonder if Ichigo will kill Cuatro..
aile chapter 20 . 2/5/2016
this story is very awesome.
though I wonder about the kitten, pantera's fate.
but I enjoy read this. Good job!
Junichiblue chapter 20 . 1/17/2016
DAMMIT! THAT was a good ending! That kind of ending just drags you right back to the beginning of the adventure all damn over again! I mean, srsly, I shivered, and my eyes have this little touch of damp... ack. :D
You know that melancholy feeling you get when something good is over, when you have to step back and leave a finished adventure behind, but you know it's never really finished and you kind of just want to sit there and watch/read more about the rest of their lives?
Well, you suck. T_T
Cuz you made me feel like that. O_o
And as excited as I was when I turned the page to this chapter, my face fell when I realized it was chapter 20 already. I'd been reading along and had lost track. Too soon! I say! Too soon!
Sigh. Anyway... I had a couple of thought during this last chapter. SO MUCH happened in this one, the change of atmosphere from inside the lab and hallway to outside, to Ichigo's home, to their new apartment (and yay! the doggie!)... it all really accentuated that feeling, that forward momentum.
I Absolutely laughed and I may have cheered or whooped or something when he said Cero.
Dammit, that was brilliant! A totally, OH SHIT. I was tricked. We're all dead... moment! :D
Well executed. And hilarious. And SO smart. Such a movie moment! That's what I really got from this whole thing, that movie feel. You really have a way with that. ... TEACH ME?! T_T
Yeah. I know. I know. You either have it, or ya don't. ;)
Hmmm what else was I going to... oh yeah... You know, that moment where they sat down at the base of the trees... something occured to me, a la Mazerunner... and for a minute I was half waiting for them to leave Aizen's territory, and be one their way, albeit in a hurry, but essentially free. Then I half thought, in a surprise and evil twist ending, it would pan back to Aizen (who'd held back), standing in his room (having somehow explained away the explosion to the military visitors) with a satisfied smirk on his face as he watched a monitor, and turning to some other new personal soldier, and saying, excellent, phase two of testing has commenced. Let's see how my pets do. * Insert tears of frustration from devoted readers *
But I'm SO glad you didn't do that. I was really looking forward to a happy outcome for their lives and their relationship. After all that, they deserved a happy ending.
Loved this. Junichiblue
Guest chapter 19 . 1/17/2016
Junichiblue chapter 17 . 1/16/2016
Junichiblue chapter 16 . 1/16/2016
Ahhh yes. The background story I was so curious to learn more about! It all makes sense nows!
:D *rolls on back, blissing out on intel* Awww, and the chaste kiss and tilt of head in curiosity was just so sweet between them. Not to much. Not too fast. Not yet. And I enjoyed this calm before the upcoming fight...
Junichiblue chapter 12 . 1/16/2016
Awww... back to the drawing board again. Doh! o_o And I guess this time... they might deal with Ichigo a little ... differently. I have one thing about this latest fight. Grimmjow is supposed to be growing in strength but it just came across this time as if he was not stronger than before, just how the writing went i guess. Just undercloser inspection, I noticed that he grunted from hitting a tree and though it doesn't seem like much, his power would shine through better there if he acted like he hand't hit a tree. But that's soooo ok! That's just my critical eye kicking in because, honestly, i can't find any other damn thing to be critical about! O_O I love this! :D I must have MOAR as soon as I get time...
Junichiblue chapter 11 . 1/15/2016
well that happened a looot faster than i had anticipated! lol. I had envisioned ichigo being chased through the woods for a half hour or so by Grimmjow, and then, Grimmjow remembering... but holy hanna... i guess we're moving on to the next bit! :) So now Ichigo is injured, Grim remembers... and he's super strong... does he pick him up and run? Ahhh we shall see...
Junichiblue chapter 10 . 1/15/2016
Ok, I wasn't sure if they were going to actually get around to wiping Grimmjow's mind, or if he would be saved in time... but... aaahhh... it happened. o_o So several thoughts... I wonder just WHY does Aizen need this army of his? What are his goals? Would be interesting to know, but I don't know if you've addressed it or not, perhaps in later chapters i will find out. Or not. Either way. :) Oh, and... I have a theory.. . and i'm excited now to see if it happens... I'm thinking, yes, Grim is truly wiped clean, but... Aizen's little serum will turn against him, because Grimmjow's abilities will go beyond projections, and in fact, his brain, ... will heal itself. :D so he will slowly start to remember, perhaps keeping it on the down low even... eeeee... I'm so glad there are still ten more chapters left. :D
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