Reviews for Living the Dream
TracyLynn chapter 16 . 4/8/2014
Can we please have some more joint showers ? I think Ianto is going to need some cheering up after Lisa tells him the truth and she better tell him the truth...
AshleyMarie2010 chapter 16 . 4/7/2014
Love it
AshleyMarie2010 chapter 15 . 4/7/2014
Loved the glee reference. It totally fit :)
sd4ianto chapter 16 . 4/7/2014
I've missed you. Welcome back.! Oh Ianto if you could only see how much Jack loves you.
DashingHero chapter 16 . 4/6/2014
Brilliant chapter! Loved Jack's protective speech at the end :) Looking forward to more
Maharani Radha chapter 16 . 4/5/2014
You left me on the worst cliffie in the world! But I'm glad you updated! Lisa and Ianto break up, yes? :)
Aya2013 chapter 16 . 4/5/2014
great chapter! hope you'll be able to update soon cos i love this story!thanks
Bendyfish chapter 16 . 4/5/2014
Great chapter glad that Jack took this approach with Lisa, let her tell Ianto because if Jack told Ianto then he would hate Jack. Please update soon don't leave us hanging for so long as this is a great fic.
shinee1234 chapter 15 . 4/5/2014
I'm pretty sure that quote is by Sue Sylvester in tv drama glee.

Nice chapter with such a cute and adorable end scene. I am so with renee. Flirting with the Waiter on a date!
Genetically.Modified.Timelord chapter 16 . 4/5/2014
Awesome chapter, I have a feeling that Lisa isn't going to take jacks advice but it would be wise if she did.
Can't wait for next update xxx
penguincrazy chapter 16 . 4/4/2014
yeah an update, great chapter. Can't wait to read what happens next!
hopeless51 chapter 16 . 4/4/2014
Can't wait for new chapter I'm hooked and love the cliff hangers
RhianaStar chapter 16 . 4/4/2014
can't wait to the next chapter
PCJanto chapter 16 . 4/4/2014
Awesome update,Way to go Jack,let's hope Lisa don't turn Jack words around to her advantage.
nannily chapter 16 . 4/4/2014
This will break poor Ianto's heart. :((
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