Reviews for A Challenge
Guest chapter 1 . 7/11/2014
Mega T22 chapter 1 . 9/22/2012
Lol Finn blushed at a kiss on the cheek from his sister... Dirty, dirty Finn... Lol cool story though
4231dog chapter 1 . 6/17/2012
Oh glob! I love your writing!
lkjsdlkfjs chapter 1 . 6/2/2012
wanna prove it? they already proved it, and Finn almost died in the process! Awesome story!
FanGirl98578 chapter 1 . 5/29/2012
I liked it. It was odd, though, calling Finn Fionna's brother. I'm used to viewing them in a romantic way. They are my favorite couple. You know your the only Jake and cake story?
LunaIsBestPrincess chapter 1 . 5/12/2012
Sounds like pen Ward made this
IamDragonFury chapter 1 . 5/10/2012
Fairly realistic, I could see it happening.