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goldenguardianoftruth chapter 1 . 5/6/2017
Guest chapter 1 . 7/14/2016
Ever since Eighteen has lost her twin and now living with Trunks and Bumla he touched her cheek, Seventeen told her that Trunks is now deeply in love with her and he had nearly gone and himself killed Eighteen had been sobbing until he had touched her hand and started now touching her cheek." Trunks, I-I-I-I-I really don't understand why you kept on touching me?" Eighteen ask wonderly." Well possible that I would like you to feel me but still you never understood why I like touching you and looking though your blue eyes, most of all hearing your heart," smiled Trunks leaning towards her she was begging him not to do something that she don't like he kissed her cheek to show his love for her. Then Trunks told Eighteen that kiss he gave her has beeen turned was his goodnight kiss for her when he left Eighteen touched her left cheek where Trunks kissed her. Just then somewhere out from shadow there somebody else who has appeared when room with that is poison gas spreading, she wouldn't been able to escape she has clapped down cophining. " Who are you, what are you going to do with me?" Eighteen asked while she were still on strungling bearly breathing unconsciously her eyes closed when morning came everybody else has died came as sprits chatting later on that afternoon Trunks came upstairs to wake up Eighteen, when he spotted there were a message for her brother Seventeen writen in blood showed she has just been taken as a hostage. If he like to have her alive he must bring the others with him, Trunks gone finding everybody else and informed them what was written they came ustairs no misstake to show that Eighteen has been held as a hostage so they go off searching for her untill they have now just found her." Eighteen, don't be dead open your eyes please open your eyes I know you would had been to able hear me I know your heart has been beating just please open your eyes, please Eighteen" begging her twin brother Seventeen triying to wake her up by time when everybody else has now appeared Tom Riddle has gone to exesplain everything to Seventeen and others is that she wouldn't wake but that she is still alive. Seventeen feel his sister's hand she is cold as ice Eighteen has been brought down as a hostage to bring everyone else," there is an safety option for you to wake up your unconscious sister is that if Trunks to fight Basilisk snake and it would only obave me. If the girl's twin brother love to have his lovely, bave, beloved sister back very same way she love to have her own loving twin brother back so choises are yours fight the Basilisk and save the girl or she'll be dead in a few minites." Riddle challened, Seventeen knew that Trunks has to fight in order to save his loved twin sister Eighteen. Trunks agreed to take that challenge took a blade killed that 60 feet long snake took Riddle's own black dairy from her arm and disposed of Tom Riddle, Eighteen's eyes slowly opened she had been brought back home she tried to so hard to remember what has been happeneding last night but she couldn't she has only had just remember that she has just woken up back at Capsule Corpration where Trunks told her what has happened she has just notices his arm was hurt she has start breathing too fast." Trunks, breathing too fast though I don't like you touching me but your touch must has became something like I had never feel before that I..." Eighteen has now gotten too exhausted to keep her eyes open so she had to closes them Bulma explain she is too tired to carry on night fall Seventeen has been watching happily as his sister's eyes reopened smiled with him," you were right Trunks really has deeply fallen in love with me but that mean you would have lost me forever and I don't want you to loose your only twin sister forever," Eighteen gotten worried. Dear sister, your brother love to see his sister happy with the human Saiyan that love her Trunks seen through your eyes and don't worry someday you will start from the beging and then start remembering everyting what importion is that you need to sleep I may not be here when sun rises morning but he will." Her brother smiled and start to vanished, Eighteen grab hold of him" please wait if there is gonna be me cause without you I won't focse remebering you so please promise me you are gonna be there aren't you cause if you are you'll be remnered fiirst," Eighteen his sister looked at him and smiled. Seventeen promise that hat he'll be there" your heart beat fast for when your own brother is here", he told her morning has came really close Trunks placed his hand to feel where the sleeping child's heart then his hand on hers she feels him." Trunks, when you do touched me do you feel me warm instaid cold tell me why please just tell me?" Eighteen has been pleasing with Trunks told her that he had wanted to feel her warm instaid of him feeling her cold, time came for Eighteen to remember Seventeen and now remebered everything eles that has been happened darwn came she final does have a change to really touched Seventeen and he feel her. They held a big speacil celleabraitoin everybody watch as Trunks has just brought Eighteen outside nothing on Eath would ever sprait Seventeen from Eighteen again then she wept upon Trunks's arm and pain and blood has now just completedly disappeared when night came close everybody headed on back home. When Eighteen dryed her eyes when Trunks has now approached her" you had tears from your eyes meant that you are happy to have your brother back and your memories that why your eyes are full of tears cause you are happy and I love when the android girl I love smile having time of her life with her twin brother. That night Seventeen came seeking for Eighteen he had approached her before she would be able to speak his hand moved to her lips there is a big surprised for them both snow fairies and spring fairies swilled around them." What are they really doing swilling around us for, where are they taking us to?" Eighteen asked as they see a bright light ahead of them. There were an old orphanage memories flew towards them both" Seventeen, that night you told me something before tell me what that was again please," Eighteen pleased." Your heart beat for him your own brother like his heart beat for you his own sister, child listen to your hearts," sang spring fairies danced around them bright light showed they were back where they were before wondering what that whole" listen to your hearts" meant, Seventeen told Eighteen many nights ago that he had lived inside her heart morning was coming & 2 twins are out of bed they dashed back inside in their room they aturally they share a room together. They had time when got into bed just in time morning sun roses up at 10:00 am others has got up at 10:20 checked on 2 twins around 12:00 pm as they got up util Gero came behind Eighteen & wrapping one arm around her neck somehow disappeared, she woke up sat on a chair eith rope tied around her wrists she tried to loosen them as she were doing that Geo approched her "let me go just you wait until my brother & others come for me you would sorry" grinned Eighteen Gero turned to her." My dear, what had make you believe they would I am going to hurt you very painfully what you feel so does your brother you both share a bond what happened if that bond got ripped apart," Gero smirked at her as he stuffed a cloth in her mouth & he moved her to an oprtion table where she chained down, while he is going hurt her others were chatting happily until sceaming they found out that Seventeen is with them he knew fast way to Gero's lair & his sister were in a terrorbale mess he ran to her shot chain off he lifted her into his ars,"well you came for her luckily her heart wouldn't had stop beating for you," voice smirked. Eighteen has blood over her clothes they left their only chance is for a vampire to save her, the Cullen family help out Bella hasn't bitten anybody she got a chance now stabbing fangs in Eighteen's neck vampire's blood gone though she had been saved her eyes opened others were gathering round in Cullen's living room as she walked, Eighteen see Seventeen she hugged him never letting go she go telling him what Gero has intended to do to their bond, Alice knew Eighteen & Seventeen are in graved danger " you 2 have to here what I have seen is true you are in graved darnger with him seeking for you your bond is at stake
Guest chapter 1 . 12/31/2013
Ever since Eighteen has just lost her own twin brother and start living with Trunks and his mom he touched her cheek she still doesn't understood why he touched her when sun was going down,Trunks appeared" Eighteen, I know what you are feeling pain cause you lost somebody you loved I had always know how painfully that was for you" Trunks tring to comfidence her." Trunks, please stop I really don't to hear this right now and don't touch my cheek just don't please" pleasing Eighteen but Trunks placed his hand on hers finally night has came Seventeen's sprit appeared smiled down at Eighteen while she slept" looking at you feeling your skin and still you hadn't remember what has happened last night," Seventeen smiled. Eighteen feel like opening her eyes although when morning came she would forget who was there" Brother, why don't you want your sister to remember last night the more we see each other the more your sister doesn't remember is it cause you want to sirpusie me?" Eighteen ask wondering, Seventeen really like his sister to remember last night she wasn't ready" you are not ready to remember last night yet my dear sister" smiled Seventeen running his fingers though Eighteen's blonde hair, when morning came she noticed Trunks left she found him and held him close" Trunks, wake up come on please wake up you had told me before that you know how painful to loose somebody my brother always came at night. I might not feel him but he always feel me we chart until morning I woke up he disappeared please wake up Trunks" begging Eighteen when she got him home she lowed her head on the quite sobbing her heart out Trunks has woke up and has just spoted her sobbing herself to sleep" feel your heart breaking soon your brother will appear holding his sister and see you happy again" smiled Trunks feel Eighteen's hand and when she has woke he stroke her cheek" Trunks, thought you had gotten yourself hurt your mom was worried..." Trunks kissed Eighteen he has gotten her to stop speaking in a broken holet he pushed his wight on her she has been strouguling so she wrapped her arms around him Trunks looked into theose blue eyes of hers he tied her arms down when she hasn't been looking" Trunks what has gotten you stroking my cheek?" Eighteen ask thoughtfully. "You never told me not to stroke your cheek you told me not to touch you and I fell in love with you, Eighteen" Trunks told her she tried to move her arms she ask him why can't she move he told her that he tie her arms down cause she weren't looking she begged him to let her go but he kissed her when time for them to leve they went for his room pinned her back against a wall " Trunks, please let me go if you really love me you would let me go I can have my arms wrapped around you and letting you carry
Guest chapter 1 . 12/23/2013
Eighteen and Seventeen were still blowing up biutings when Trunks has just appeared fighting them both, Trunks just going to blast Seventeen until Eighteen moved herself in between Trunks's blast and Seventeen has bad feeling that blast is going to hurt his sister. Seventeen rolled his sister onto her back he looked right at her before he dissappeared Trunks took Eighteen home Bulma had layed her on a bed where Seventeen's sprit appeared a long side her." Seventeen, what hurt me that you just kelt on trying to sacrifice yourself for me and not been able to feel you and I-I-I just don't know how long..." Eighteen feel Seventeen's finger on her lips and smiled," Dear sister, you know why I kept on trying to sacrifice myself for you because I wanted you safe be happy and most of all I love you I will always love you" he had gently whispered into her ear. Eighteen feel Seventeen's hand on her cheek then he start fading away " Please, don't leve me I need you just please don't go you can't leve without you there be nobody that ever going to love me like you" poor Eighteen crying her blue eyes out " You don't need to start worrying about me I will always be with you besides when you wake up by morning you wouldn't remember about last night although at night you'll see me again just not in mornings" Seventeen some how always smiled at Eighteen and he leant towards her he gently kissed her cheek. Eighteen just feel Seventeen's fingers across her lips himtidsed her when her eyes are closing she normally start asking what he is doing" Shh, dear sister you are too tied to stay a wake and next night time you'll be able to stay a wake just not tonight" smiled Seventeen running his fingers though his sister's blonde hair and stroke her cheek placing his hand onto hers. Seventeen wishppered to Eighteen that he will always be in her heart by morning Bulma check Eighteen when she has woken up." What just happened where are am I?" Eighteen tried to remember what has happened last night she looked around there stood Trunks's mother Bulma smiling" Capsule Corp is where you are dear Trunks brought you here when you were had been unconscious for hours and don't worried dear Trunks wouldn't hurt you. Trunks, came in side" Eighteen, easy I am not going to hurt you even though you are in pain because I had just took your brother and I really am sorry" Trunks conference her when Bulma left he sat down next to her and he reached out touching her cheek." What are you doing oh no please don't please don't touch me just don't please, Trunks I don't like being touched" pleasing Eighteen but Trunks touched her cheek what made him pleased she feels him sundenly she passed out Trunks layed her back down. Eighteen has finally recovered at night Seventeen appeared" Trunks has touched my cheek and I-I-I I don't know what feelings he has for me he felt sorry and something has happened" Eighteen is now completedly out of breath." The feelings that Trunks is feeling now is love I told him to give Eighteen the love she like Trunks falls deeply in love with you and you will fall deeply in love with him" smiled Seventeen.
Leia chapter 1 . 12/15/2013
Seventeen and Eighteen were still blowing up builtings when Trunks appeared "Trunks, has choose to fight sister stand where you are, don't like you being hurt " smiled Seventeen looking back at Eighteen. Trunks blasted both Seventeen and Eighteen she stood and ran for her brother, Trunks just about to blast Eighteen when Seventeen rolled her onto her back. Then Trunks took Eighteen back home with him, Bulma placed her on a bed where the spirit of her brother has appeared." Seventeen, I-I don't know if your sister would been able to touch you..." Seventeen placed his finger onto Eighteen's lips as he looked into her blue eyes," Shh dear sister, your brother is always here for you even if you close your eyes still here feeling my hand on yours my fingers in your hair whyping your tears but never are am I going to your side at night" smiled Seventeen closing his sister's eyes, placing his warm hand on hers. Seventeen rested his head onto Eighteen's chest he hear her heart beating for him lifting his head, Seventeen leand towards his sleeping sister and wispper into her ear" your brother will always be in your heart dear sister" Seventeen smiled. Eighteen just feel Seventeen's warm hands on her cheeks he leant towards her he kissed her and before he leave her, Seventeen looked at his loveable wonderful twin sister smiled at her and he just dissappeared, but always still in Eighteen's heart forever Seventeen would appeared by Eighteen's bedside and talk until he had to leave her again.
Leia chapter 1 . 12/14/2013
Seventeen and Eighteen were still blowing billing when Trunks appeared "Trunks, you choose to fight us again sister stand don't like you being hurt allow me to fight him" smiled Seventeen looking back at Eighteen. Trunks blasted Seventeen and Eighteen her brother died saving his sister, Trunks took Eightteen back to his house where Bulma was placing her on a bed, Eighteen's heart was beating for Seventeen her eyes slowly opened up to see him."Seventeen, I don't know if I'll be able to touch you or ..." Before Eighteen spoke Seventeen place his finger on her lips," Shh dear sister everything gonna be alright I did what was right for you cause I never wanted to loose you like you never wanted to loose me" smiled Seventeen leaning towards Eighteen he kissed her cheek placed his hand on hers. Seventeen feel Eighteen's heart beating as he smiled at her one more time before he dissappeared.
re d chapter 1 . 12/29/2011
a where is the next part
MysticalTears chapter 1 . 10/31/2008
Omg I love it *-* IT WAS SOO INCREDIBLY CUTE! JUST TOO CUTE! Omg, I love this pairing even though I don't have anything against Krillin. But that's the "past"-relationship and this should be the future's.

I like the whole idea *-*
AliceBellaShip chapter 1 . 3/27/2007
cuute...i think people should do more of this couple..there really good together
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Burnsidegirl chapter 1 . 12/30/2002
I really loved the story. 18/trunks is still pretty new to me but I like stories that are different. Awesome story! I loved it! They make a great couple, but, Trunks can go with almost anyone...keep writing fantastic stories! -Jinslittledemon ,and Burnsidegirl
Likkychan chapter 1 . 12/13/2002
T-that was so sweeeeeet S-so...buaaahhh!*cries*
SayianGurl chapter 1 . 7/11/2002
HOW SWEET!That is a great fact, it was so great I think u deserve to know that there will be a live-action DBZ movie out in theaters next year!Okay, see ya at the movies!_
dbzfan chapter 1 . 6/2/2002 was really a beautiful story..great work
Seikimatsu too lazy to sign in chapter 1 . 6/1/2002
w00t! THATS SO SWEET! *drools* You finnaly finished it... YOur one of my fav writers, you know that?