Reviews for Come to Finish Me Off, Sweetheart?
Guest chapter 6 . 10/29
God. If your story wasn’t awesome i would stop reading it. I hate when people don’t understand that it’s tje CAPITOL and not Capital
Kpfan72491 chapter 26 . 10/7
Great chapter
melliemoo chapter 27 . 7/24
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Suyi chapter 27 . 7/23
My deepest condolences. My beloved Mac passed away two years ago and I know how you're feeling. Hang in there and take your time. Your faithful readers will be here waiting for your amazing writing, no matter how long it takes. Take care!
pookieortega chapter 27 . 7/23
I totally understand because in March we had to let my cat of 15 years go, and God it hurt like hell. Take as long as you need
Cassie Sharpie chapter 27 . 7/23
I'm so sorry for your loss! You have my deepest, sincerest sympathy.
LemonDropMartini chapter 27 . 7/23
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I wish you peace in your time of sorrow.
Newsie35 chapter 27 . 7/23
I am so sorry to hear your news! Please know you are in my thoughts.
Guest chapter 27 . 7/22
So sorry for your loss, I know how hard it must be for you. Take your time with writing, id love to read whatever you post in the future.
wonderishome chapter 27 . 7/22
I'm so sorry for your loss.
CrazyWithABook chapter 27 . 7/22
Take all the time you need! My condolences goes out to you!
NotAnIslander chapter 27 . 7/22
Thoughts and prayers to you! It's never easy to say goodbye. You take time for you!
Paul chapter 26 . 4/9
Actually liked this "if we burn" speech better than the original. Hope it got broadcast all over the Capitol.
Paul chapter 25 . 4/9
Loved Beetee, Cressida and haymitch she after about what they could send snow.
Interesting to see katniss consider taking out coins early here. Wonder if it's a red herring and means you've really got a different fate in mind for snows rival in ruthlessness.
Paul chapter 24 . 4/9
Great to see you back. Gives me renewed faith in a lot of other THG fanfic authors on long hiatuses. Am a little disconcerted that you didn't update quite according to your planned schedule, but there's explanations for that.
Finnicks threat to snow was ten kinds of awesome. Almost as good as if he'd actually revealed secrets like in the book. Hope it saves more victors, like some of the mentors.
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