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quest chapter 64 . 7/16
Harry should stay with Lea. Dislike how Susan and Daphne have a contract with him. Amazing story by the way!
Wishfull-star chapter 64 . 7/1
lol poor Ron maybe he'll learn some patience, I loved the chapter and I can't wait for more:)
buterflypuss chapter 64 . 6/30
Good chap
buterflypuss chapter 63 . 6/1
very interesting
buterflypuss chapter 61 . 6/1
where are harrys pets and familiar in all this?
Captain James H00K chapter 63 . 6/1
I loved this chapter! I hope you keep writing. I'm still curious as to what will happen to Harry for the next few years. I don't remember that conversation, if there ever was one, and I'm quite curious about the Stone, the Basalisk, the Tournament, the Order of the Phoenix, and the last two years. Will they be able to get rid of Voldemort once and for all? Or will they find a way to make him whole again? Since every time you split your soul, you lose your mind as well as your body. Just curious.
Wishfull-star chapter 63 . 6/1
ah how sweet all the couples are now together, I loved the chapter and I can't wait for more:)
Mukuro234 chapter 63 . 5/31
Awesome XD
wechard chapter 63 . 5/31
. . . And now I can't help but wonder if Harry will have some new siblings around the time he goes back to Hogwarts for his second year. Cause moving the whole Wizarding World, and all of the magical creatures, is sure to take at least a few years to complete. In regards to the couples mentioned this chapter, the main question is, which one will be the first to give Harry siblings? Will it be Time and Earth; Nothing and Ice; Space and Wind; or Plant and Lighting? Cause Xion and Demyx need to first build up their relationship; Sora would kill Axel for knocking Roxas up while they are still young teenagers; the Moon-canines Trio need to first work out their personal issues before they can even truly contemplate having more children; and Lea would castrate himself before he even thinks of making the Organization grandparents before Harry's at least 20. I would have said 30, but Lea wouldn't have any problems having a more physical relationship with Harry when he is no longer able to be considered underage. Some of Harry's parents might wish that Harry doesn't give them grand-kids until he's 30 or 40, but they would be able to live with it if Harry isn't a teenager.

I just had a thought. Is Namine also separated from Kairi? I don't remember whether or not you said she was in an earlier chapter. If so, will she and Kairi find love with someone, whether they form a polarymous relationship, get with each other, or have two separate partners is up to you and Nate. How will they react to Luna? I can just see some of Harry's parents practically adopting her, because she reminds them so much of Namine. Will Harry's other parents also practically adopt Percy as their son, or will they view him as their nephew? Cause Harry's their son, and Percy will basically become his brother once Saix finally fully claims both Sirius and Remus. But at the same time, Percy is older, and doesn't need them all to be his parents. On that same note, will they also view the other Weasley kids as Nephews and Niece, or as Family Friends? Will the twins basically start worshiping Percy, since he is the son of, not one, but TWO of their idols? Does he also have a prankster side that he is just hiding?

Will Xaldin insist on basically sanitizing the kitchen from top to bottom once Xigbar and he are finished in there? Will some of the guests spending the night need ear plugs or silencing wards if they are in rooms anywhere near the new love birds? Will Harry need earplugs or head phones? (My mind is currently saying, Hello gutter, my old friend.) Do the Lesser Nobodies still exist, I can't remember, and if they do, do they still obey all the members of the Organization? I think you said that they do still exist, but I might just be thinking of a different fanfic where Harry actually does becomes a Nobody.

Will the Live-Action versions of Alice in Wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass make any appearances, or will you be sticking with the cartoon version. On a different note, my family and I saw Through the Looking Glass yesterday, and I definitely recommend seeing it. It is better than the Live Action version of Alice in Wonderland, and actually incorporates multiple things from the books that the previous movie didn't. Such as why the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, and the mouse were having a tea party when Alice met them as a little girl. It is amazing. If you want to wait for it to come out on DVD, that's perfectly fine too.

Back to the story, will any of the guests need to, let's go with "politely", interrupt any of the love birds before they forget themselves, and start something in the middle of the ballroom that shouldn't be taking place in the main area of such a formal ball. The other rooms of the building the ball is taking place in, sure, but not in the main ball room. After all, they didn't come for an orgy or sex party. Also, there are children present. None of the parents there probably want their kids even knowing of something like that just yet, if ever. Cause with how Simba was at the beginning of The Lion King 2, I bet he wouldn't have minded if Kiara became an eternal virgin and nun, if it didn't mean the end of his line. Then again, the new Disney movie, The Lion Guard, apparently is about Kiara's little brother. Will he be making any appearances, or has he not been born yet?

Sorry about the rambling. You already know I love your story.
GoldenTurboKeyblade chapter 63 . 5/31
loved it.
KyoudaiDoushi chapter 12 . 5/17
The fuck...? Absolutely nothing in this chapter made sense. They're just standing there in the middle of a Muggle zoo showing off magic - magically summoning weapons and walking through magic portals - and no one, including a Pureblood Witch who I'm still trying to figure out why was even there, says anything? No one calls security when a Dursley walks about and attacks someone or Augusta takes to paddling someone else's child? And magic or not, no zoo would just SELL one of it's animals to some random family who somehow managed to remove it from it's enclosure.
Mukuro234 chapter 62 . 5/3
wechard chapter 62 . 5/3
Ahh, such lovely feelings of romance, mischievousness, and possible pleasurable torture in the future. Sorry that I didn't review for some of the previous chapters, life has been a bit hectic. I love how you made it so that all of the characters are self aware of many personal issues that they need to work on to heal. Especially with the Moon-canines Trio (I know, the name sucks, but Sirius isn't exactly a wolf), and now I can't help but wonder how Saix will react/handle the information about becoming a step-father after the flood of emotions is over, and he has time to think about it.

I also can't help but wonder how Demyx will get to actually asking Xion to be his girlfriend, because I am able to see him stumbling over himself a lot. Yes, he comes off as self-confident, but this is something that he has never done before. He probably is able to do it without a bunch of stumbling, but love is something new to him. Although, I might be wrong.

My mind had a bit of a perverted thought regarding Xaldin "being in the kitchen for the entire evening," and Xigbar's personality. May Harry and the other children never walk in on that. It will probably happen at some point in the future if Xigbar wants something especially "sweet" for "dessert", since they both have enough self-control to do that when a very important party is happening right then and there. Anyone would be able to walk in on them. Knowing Xaldin, he would have it only happen when there is no risk of someone walking in on them. Looking back on what I have written, scratch the bit and thought part, it is just plain old perverted and has somehow written multiple scenarios where it happens, and some of them have various members of the organization walking in on them. Some of them being Harry. Why is my mind trying to traumatise the baby by having him see his parents in a very intimate situation?

And getting my mind away from the gutter. We know that Zexion will not have any romantic partners, but what about a platonic life partner? If Zexion is asexual and or aromantic, that could be another reason why he doesn't see a reason to go into a relationship with anyone. But he could still have a platonic love interest. After all, there's more than one type of love. If you two do go down this route, his partner would need to be able to understand and accept not only that Zexion will have his duties to his family take priority at times, but also that Zexion isn't very interested in romance or sex. That doesn't mean that said partner (or partners, cause you are able to love more than one person) fully understand and accept it from the get go. Because unless said partner/s are the same, it would most likely be a long road that involves a lot of fights, talks, and so many other things that all relationships need to have to be able to work. Heck, it would still be a long road with how Zexion's personality is. Maybe I'm just saying this so that Zexion doesn't end up partnerless, but I can't help but hope he ends up with someone who loves him.

And now my mind has given another possibility that Zexion's Somebody was in love with someone that died in front of him, and he was unable to protect them. So to run from his grief, he dove into studying the heart, eventually becoming a heartless and Nobody. Zexion himself wouldn't really share the same feelings, because he's his own person, but he remembers the all consuming pain and grief that his Somebody was with the death of his loved one, and doesn't want that for himself. Nobodies are different people from their Somebodies, so it is possible that while the Somebody had one sexual and romantic orientation, their Nobody would be able to have a different one.

*blush* Sorry about the rambling again. And possible mental scars from the Xaldin/Xigbar section. Your stories that I have read are all amazing, and I am looking forward to when you next are able to update.
Wishfull-star chapter 62 . 5/1
ah how lovely it was a wonderful chapter and I can't wait to see what you have in store for the other beautiful couples:)
setokayba2n chapter 61 . 4/12
Before Ron and Hermione reformed, I was thinking how far could they reach, thinking if maybe they could try to follow Harry and accidentaly turn into nobody, or try to use a love potion or something like that, but well, now that is not a problem.

Another thing is... Why the obsession with Potter? Yes, he was of noble house before he accepted the crown but is not the only, even so, after they see that they fail, they don't try with other, and is me or Malfoy is very silent? Is he going to do something?

A couple of extra questions is...
Could the Expecto Patronum hurt the Heartless? Or lure them? What about dementors or powerfull spells? If Pettigrew and Umbridge end banished and stay in the muggle world, could they not try to conquer them? They have magic after all.

Also, about the presents... How is that Simba or Jack from Nightmare before Christmas are not in there?

It's not bad of a story, really, but I think the quality dropped a little lately. Not sure why, but I think that.
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