Reviews for Keyblade's Light
Wishfull-star chapter 55 . 10/1
that was a lovely chapter and I can't wait for whatever happens next:)
Mukuro234 chapter 55 . 10/1
Awesome chap XD I really do love your stories XD
DovahkiinGamer chapter 55 . 9/30
I am loving it! It's so cool to see what everyone is giving him, and I can understand why it's getting difficult, had my share of that writers curse
sasusakuhiwatari chapter 55 . 9/30
Luv it! Plz update again soon!
DovahkiinGamer chapter 54 . 9/5
Is the hp reference the door for Ravenclaw that asks the questions? Or how the Order asks questions to see if someone is fake?

Such an awesome chapter, I can't wait to read the next chapter, I've been looking forward to the gift chapters for a long time
Mukuro234 chapter 54 . 8/31
Awesome chap XD I love it XD
Wishfull-star chapter 54 . 8/31
that was a lovely chapter and I can't wait for whatever other gifts are given out:)
The Kid Forgotten by God chapter 12 . 8/15
12 chapters later I was hoping the writing would have gotten a little bit better, however, that doesn't seem to be the case. This is an interesting concept and could be amazing given time. There are things such as the constantly shifting POV, the over use of words such as shock, there are other words to express surprise and disbelief after all, and the grammar that could use a once over; that make reading this a chore and come off as bland and uncreatitve.

There is also the style in which you're writing and how it comes off as a bit childish. A ten, nay eleven year old Harry calling them 'daddy' is also rather unbelievable. Attention starved and abused or not, boys at that age don't call their father figures daddy, it's either dad, father, or by name.

One other thing which is an issue, since Harry does have so many parental figures now in his life, the over use of epithets makes it extremely hard to keep track of who is whom and what their powers are. To fix this just stick to their names to keep everything straight. It will make for a more enjoyable reading experience and people wont feel the need to rip out their hair as they keep switching back and forth from the KH wiki page to keep the Organizations' members names in mind.

Hell just by fixing the epithet issue and the over use of 'shock', would make for a much better read.
megsjedi chapter 53 . 8/4
Welcome back!
Dark Neko 4000 chapter 53 . 8/1
What will happen next time
Mukuro234 chapter 53 . 7/31
XD way past awesome
Wishfull-star chapter 53 . 7/31
that was a lovely chapter and I cat wait for whatever happens next:) got to love a good snowball fight:)
sasusakuhiwatari chapter 53 . 7/31
Omg! Luv it! Can't wit 4 the next chapter!
roobug21301 chapter 28 . 6/30
ok just went back through this story, in "the First Two Lessons" chapter you have Harry and Seamus talking about Irish Pubs... and in this chapter you have it like they had never spoke to each other, just thought i would let you know...
DragonFire Princess chapter 52 . 2/24
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