Reviews for Luck of the Draw
Sardonic Kender Smile chapter 1 . 12/20/2012
["Ye think ye've got all th' luck in th' world, but then along comes a dragon, and ye realize ye weren't so lucky after all."] STORY. OF. MY LIFE. (Haha, sorry. I know this fic is supposed to be serious xD. I will try to review accordingly.)

["It isn't a game," he finally said] Irony!

[but died giving birth to her—our—own.] That's so sad. The idea of Sain getting killed while being mugged is really sad, too. Both of those could totally happen IRL.

["To win, I think," Raven continued with a straight face. "But I might be wrong."] "Ya douche!" Great characterization, though.

You said this one got some shaky reviews or something. I think the reason for it might be that telling it backward got rid of suspense (since we knew what Mark was thinking from the very beginning as he recalls it-so some parts feel redundant since, contrary to a typical story, we'd seen it already). HOWEVER, it still had a really fresh feel because of said backwardness. I've never seen a story told this way, and I think it worked really well with the last line. It's just a cool idea overall (as is the idea about luck vs. fate). And you have all your typical great Manna-bits in there about underlooked characters, like how the person Mark hugged just happened to be Florina, or how Farina and Dorcas were chillin'. Those are always my favourite parts of your fics!

Trevor X chapter 1 . 5/26/2012
Mm, yes, small group tactics are just that- small group tactics. Grand battlefield maneuvers depend upon the orders issued by the commanding officers and the ability of the leaders of the smaller units to comprehend those orders and also to recognize changes in the terrain or in the order of battle so as to appropriately respond.

I think I liked this, though I was a lil confused by the order of conversations. Until I realized that it was going backwards from the end to the beginning. (I think?)

Shutting up now before my brain seizes up and I start spouting gibberish.


TheFreelancerSeal chapter 1 . 5/14/2012
Once again you do it so well. This story is very well done. I usually shy away from stories featuring the Tactician; why I don't know. I guess I never found him particularly interesting. But this is a good piece, and I expected nothing less from you.

I do have to agree with the previous reviewer though. I also got a bit lost in terms of time. I blame it on not having played FE6, though. But despite that, I enjoyed it. I'm guessing it goes backwards though since the last section is the beginning of FE7.

I liked when they were all discussion whether or not they were fighting a war and if they were a real army. That's what I think gives Fire Emblem its charm; you're not commanding faceless soldiers, but characters with faces. And the discussion of luck really ties each bit together. I like that kind of continuity.

Well done.
Sentury chapter 1 . 5/13/2012
More often than not I fumble through this website scrolling through stories and clicking on something that draws my interest to work my way through a pretty good idea with some pretty good writing. I'll yawn halfway through and at they end I'll think to myself how that was a pretty good read, trying at times, but pretty good nonetheless. And then there are times when I read something and I don't even realize I'm reading it, where I'm so enthralled with the story and the characters that I'm finished 10 minutes later without even realizing what happened, this, is one of those stories. I knew from the opening sentence that this was not your average fanfiction.

The dialogue is so eloquently written that I feel like I AM Mark, rather than reading about him. Cliche as that sounds. I also love how you touch on a multitude of different characters which shows that Mark had a unique relationship with all of them, further strengthening your point that he didn't want to lose anyone.

I also loved the way you opened up with the conversation with Fargus over luck and then proceed to have Mark spend the rest of the story arguing or strengthening the point until he realizes (or at least what I precieve) that it wasn't all luck that granted him victory. It was both heart wrenching and beautiful to see him agonize over the fact that he was able to save everyone, only to have them die from crazy insignificant reasons like it didn't even matter.

The only real negative I have is that it was difficult to place chronologically. I realize you may have done this purposely, but I think the part with Fargus happened 30 years later, correct? So that I believe is the last part...or is it the very end where he finally dies? Or is that the beginning right before Lyn finds him? I also didn't really understand the part about him being imprisoned? Was that Fire Emblem 6? I've never played it so I'm a little unsure, but I could see maybe you wrote that Hector gave the reins to Mark and he failed and was later imprisoned? Its a little bit nick-picky, and more than likely due to my own lack of intelligence, but I still felt a little confused. However, it didn't take away from this story's greatness at all so I wouldn't worry about it.

Truly great work. I'm so happy I read this, and surprised it hasn't gotten that many reviews. Keep up the good work! This is likely headed for my community. Thanks for a great read.

(PS I like that you named him Mark. It conveys a very simple concept that we can all relate to that what you're writing about is bigger than just him and therefore you didn't need to give him your own special name. Or maybe I'm just crazy.)