Reviews for A Scandal in Baker Street
Half Blood-Jedi-Warlock chapter 27 . 7/22
I think I had skimmed through the first few chaps of this story and favorited it, but forgot to finish for about 1 year. I just finished reading it now, and can I say that my mind feels like the TARDIS currently? Whirling around with insanity and a few explosions causing my neurons to implode? Omg, I LOVE the timey-wimey stuff! Lol Sherlock's insistence on invading the Potters' privacy, and then Mycroft's craftiness and Jo Rowling/Anthea's "time-queen" travels, which all bring about the plot as it is right now. The Holmes brothers are in a league of their own, but when you compared them to the Doctor, his companions, and the other characters in this story, they seemed almost normal. I love how you meshed together the Harry Potter and Sherlock timelines carefully! Haha and when Amy and Rory and the Doctor came, it was in the Time Room in the Department of Mysteries, which makes perfect sense because he's the Time Lord. After the situation with Moran/Moriarty/kidnappings is through, the plot gets kind of convoluted, and I can't really tell what your goal is in writing more after that point. The story seems to stay stuck, and even though the characters describe what is going on by talking about it, I think you should move forward a bit. Like, for example, Sally-Ann Perks and her transfer to 1991 Hogwarts. I like the idea, but maybe in between switching from her viewpoint to other timelines' viewpoints, try to move the story on a bit. Instead of coming back to Sally on the same day over and over, come back in a few days or a week, which would give you a lot to write about in Sally's flashbacks, and something would have actually happened. Maybe do the same for your other characters. Otherwise, your character is static. I know, I know, as an author you have to make choices, but you do need to get a move-on sometimes. Some of the characters are a bit OOC and talk too much, so I found myself skimming loads of dialogue to chew on some actual plot where things moved forward. Also, I noticed that Lestrange and the others were using Time-Turners... why? Wasn't the entire stock smashed in Harry Potter's 5th year? How did they get one? And how did Jo/Anthea and Sherlock get one (end of story)? I have to say, despite the confusing timelines, I do love the craziness of it. And omg, getting banned from Diagon Alley in several different timespans?! Haha that was absolutely hilarious!
All in all, great story. Just needs a bit of improvement.
Arwenien chapter 22 . 7/20
Ok, now I must admit the plot is really abmysal. I hoped to find logic here but everything just started to crumble in the middle of the story. There are so many improbable, illogical, or just plain idiotic... everything. Harry forgot how to open the right door in the Department of Mysteries? No problem. They destroyed half the department and no one noticed? Who cares. They're talking about nonsensical things when they should rescuing people? No problem again. Lestange was casting curses in the atrium and NOBODY did anything. No aurors. Nothing. Bones was even suprised. WTF? I could go like this for hours.

Sorry for my irritation, but I'm horribly dissapointed. I've been searching for a good story for weeks and I thought I finally found one :( The first ten chapters kept my interest, but then everything started to go downhill.
Arwenien chapter 18 . 7/20
All time-turners were destroyed in Harry's fifth year, when he and his friends broke into the Department of the Mysteries. Nobody used them in the second war, because they didn't extist anymore. It was possible to resrore a few of them, but not the whole room. It's quite a big plot hole.
Arwenien chapter 17 . 7/20
My God, why there's so much rambling about completely unimportant things? The characters can't stop talking for the sake of talking, even Sherlock (which is a shame - he should be the wise one). I'm bored to tears. I beg you, dear author, this story has a potential, but you ruin it by completely nonsensical conversations. Less talking, more action, please.
Miss.Mia.Iris.Potter chapter 21 . 6/14
WOOOOW! That's the only thing I can say about this story. It's just amazing. Almost perfect characterizations, brilliant cameos (thankyou for Cormoran Strike, I love him and Robin too.) I Cannot wait to start the second book.

Cheers :)
Miss.Mia.Iris.Potter chapter 11 . 6/13
I had thought I wouldn't review before finishing the whole book but I just couldn't stop myself. The witch weekly reporter called Joanne Row-...LOVELY! I just love the way this is going. Just brilliant.

Cheers :)
Miss.Mia.Iris.Potter chapter 7 . 6/13
OK...This has to be the most brilliant idea I've ever seen on . The writing and characterizations are perfect, and it has a real dramatic plot. Also I love the way you are incorporating original ACD stories into this. And, Molly and Charlie! is such a great ship idea. I'd love to see them together. This has to be THE BEST POTTERLOCK fanfic I've ever read. You're brilliant.

Cheers :)
Miss.Mia.Iris.Potter chapter 3 . 6/13
This is soooo good! The way everything sits in sync with each other's canon. It's brilliant. Though I wish Mary is also in the story. And thank you for keeping both the stories in canon. I love these kind of non-AU crossovers.

Cheers :)
Covered in Bruises chapter 11 . 6/11
I'm waiting for someone to rail at Hermione for being such a hypocrite. After screaming at Harry and Ron for involving muggles she does that exact thing for less reason and more risk. I'm loving the Ron/harry buddy thing going on but wouldn't mind if Hermione fell into a fire.
purpleMurex chapter 14 . 11/30/2014
Irritated Londoner still here: please stop destroying my city... pretty please?
purpleMurex chapter 13 . 11/29/2014
irritated Londoner here: STOP DESTROYING MY CITY
bleeb90 chapter 21 . 11/6/2014
Good job breaking the fourth wall there! You smashed it down and played with it as if it were Lego. At least, I think you did, by turning one of your characters into a time traveling JK Rowling. I never watched Docter Who, so I don't know if the next 6 (?) chapters will make enough sense to me to keep reading. Anyway, up till this point it has been a damn good story. Kudo's to you!
Sue Clover chapter 27 . 8/30/2014
You are amazing. You are. You're still confusing worse with worst, but you've made my laugh until I'm dying several times tonight as I caught up with this fic again. It's been a while. I can't wait to see where all of this is going. I think I have a clue what that magic-deleting potion was for - stopping the rampage of one excited self-proclaimed physician. Or not, but that's the reigning theory on that count. You are brilliant. This is insanely complicated, and I'm sure I'm going to forget lots of details in the time it takes for you to update and me to read it, but I love it. Got that? love it. I was ranting about you to my mom a bit and she suggested you should do it for a living, like professionally. I was thinking earlier that you were definitely right about one thing - Moftiss could never come up with something as complex and devious and downright absurd as this! It's way beyond their level of confusing, and on a level of awesomeness that's right up there with River Song and Mary Poppins singing about rainbows and time travel. Although I didn't phrase that example right, that sounds terrible. Nevermind, you get my point.
Sue Clover chapter 26 . 8/30/2014
But 11 was surprised at the revelation of magic! How can this be if he found out as 10?
And did you mean, your one saving *grace*? Your one saving grave doesn't make much sense.
Sue Clover chapter 25 . 8/30/2014
Love that little scene. Love all of it, really. So, some of it is starting to make sense. I finally realized that that little scene where Jo convinced Harry to teach at Hogwarts happened after the scenes where they were in Paris and talking about the upcoming trip to Hogwarts. It all fell into place when I remembered that comment about people finding out about his real job.
I love the whole Moriarty thing. That is starting to make sense. I love how the Triwizard tournament was a ritual - it occurred to me recently that it would have been easier (well not exactly easy but it was doable) for Voldemort to just have someone kidnap Harry without all of the tasks. Although, since Moody/Crouch helped him through all of them, I don't know if they really proved his worthiness as a foe. But seriously, Moody/Crouch could have kidnapped him in one of the times Harry was alone in his office with him. And the whole the attack was a ritual thing is brilliant. It's totally something Moriarty would do (it's all about the code, no you're stupid there is no code!) And I love the cliffhanger. Although I do resent a bit how you made the Warlock's Hairy Heart about some gem. It has far more in common with Horcruxes, and we've already gone through a search for them. If you make it a search for gems, you make people forget the point of the story, and it's initial creepiness. How can it be both about a wizard removing his heart, and about gems? I'm only a partial Marvel fan, as I've seen a few of the movies and liked them, but seriously. If you wanted to put a clue in one of those stories, couldn't you have picked one that didn't have such a loose connection? At least with the Hollows, the actual story still told you most of what you needed to know, and the inherent moral warning still stands. I don't know anything about these gems, but I don't see how warning people not to remove their hearts has anything to do with them.
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