Reviews for Things not to do aboard the Galactica
H Max Marius chapter 1 . 1/24/2016
:) Enjoyed this. Too bad there wasn't a way to incorporate one of the best scenes from the book 'God is my Co-Pilot'... Namely the one where the author is on landing approach to the airfield and declares that flight one-zero is coming in... and the entire field scrambles.
Steven chapter 1 . 3/28/2014
Outstandingly awesome!
Guest chapter 1 . 10/30/2013
this was bloody hilarious I could'nt keep my face straight for laugihn at the charictar of six being chaed by as battlestar and the words we went that way please more rules and funny situations please include the prsident and will adama
BloodLily16 chapter 1 . 7/8/2013
Oh goodness... *facepalm*
AndyH chapter 1 . 12/14/2012
Awesome,. just awesome. Looking forward to more.
Runner043 chapter 1 . 6/25/2012
I am also new to BSG.

You're right, it is quite dark most of the time. Thanks for lightening it up. Your list was funny.
mserra109 chapter 1 . 5/26/2012
Great story!..I loved it :)
Arhu chapter 1 . 5/14/2012
very, very funny. though i don't imagane many people got that "Long Burst" is a refrence to the book "god is my co-pilot".
EvilTheLast chapter 1 . 5/14/2012
Cute...but kind of short. Rule 16:Only the President is allowed to do 'acid' while serving the people.
jameron4eva chapter 1 . 5/13/2012
Funny i like it. I got a suggestion, rule # (blah blah blah) Never annoy the short tempered marine.
longstreet chapter 1 . 5/13/2012
That was great i loved it.
MSerrada chapter 1 . 5/11/2012
I enjoyed it :)

Are you sneaking yourself as 'Long Burst' in there though? ;) If so, you really should avoid drinking, it appears to get you into nothing but uncomfortable situations!