Reviews for Misstep
Lord Destroyer chapter 1 . 5/13/2012
About time that someone wrote a Spirit Camera fic. I've played the game, and despite the shortness of it, as well as the whole well lighted room issue, to me it is a more than a decent horror game. I've actually got this idea in my head for a Spirit Camera fic, but since I'm not good with action scenes, I'm hoping that someone write it for me.

What is my idea, one might ask. Well it is, that a young male hero not only finds the Diary of Faces(the Purple Diary) along with Maya, but falls in love with her. Towards the end, he asks both Maya's to merge as one, end the curse at the outside part of the diary(his world), only for his request be denied. After a few weeks, he sees two girls not only dressed like both Maya's, but also looking like them as well.

At the beginning, he does not believe in existence of ghosts. Now, whether or not that both Maya's came to the real world after ending the curse for him, or he is seeing twins who merely resembles the ghostly pairs is up for grabs. My idea is more a challenge for anyone to write a fic involving a male hero and one or both Maya's. Like I said, I would write this myself, if I didn't fail at action scenes.
Secret Staircase chapter 1 . 5/12/2012
Ahh, this was great! I loved how you wrote Maya's loneliness and her driving desire for companionship that makes the other Maya real. I was really excited to see a fic for Spirit Camera, too! I enjoyed it very much.