Reviews for Never Giving Up Without A Fight
anonymous chapter 45 . 10/11/2014
Wow what an amazing story :)
Momochan77 chapter 45 . 4/30/2014
It's fine if there's no sequel. And the last chapter was amazing. I hope you create many more stories in the future that are just as great or even greater than this one. :)
Molly Grace 16 chapter 45 . 4/28/2014
Good story. Very cute. I'm glad I stuck through the whole thing.
Haley chapter 45 . 4/28/2014
Such a sweet ending
Allie chapter 44 . 4/16/2014
Can't wait to see what the last chapter is. This is a good story ash, I loved it. You're a really good writer :)
Allie chapter 43 . 4/16/2014
Keep up the good work ash
Allie chapter 42 . 4/16/2014
Getting good ash keep up the good work.
Allie chapter 41 . 4/16/2014
Keep up the good work ash it's getting good.
Allie chapter 40 . 4/16/2014
Go takeda! Beat him up. Keep up the good work ash.
Momochan77 chapter 44 . 4/10/2014
It's almost over? I'm both sad and happy to see it end. :'( I'm sad because I love this story. It's really good. And I'm happy because it's all come together so well. I can't wait to see what you else you do. My only true question at the moment is...WILL THER BE A SEQUEL?
Molly Grace 16 chapter 44 . 4/9/2014
Good chapter. Very sweet. I think it gave me a cavity.
Haley chapter 44 . 4/9/2014
So cuuuuuuute this chapter was good although short but still good can't wait for the next chapter
Molly Grace 16 chapter 43 . 4/8/2014
Great chapter. The bad guys have been beat and the girls are home safe. Looks like all this story still needs are a few heartfelt confessions and tying up any loose ends.
Momochan77 chapter 43 . 4/7/2014
There Haley safe now! Well she's unconscious from a gun wound but still! I can't wait for the next update!
Haley chapter 43 . 4/7/2014
Great chapter the fight scenes were really good I can't wait for the next chapter
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