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Cassie chapter 10 . 4/5
...Well that was unexpected. I'm sorry, but I think Kyouko's act was very mischaracterized, and I don't see how killing Mami was necessary at all. I hope you didn't just dig any hope at a happy ending into a deep hole, ugh. But I suppose with these girls things never end happily anyway! Besides that, your writing itself is great, but I'm scared to see where this plot goes from here on out.
Cassie chapter 7 . 4/5
Your quality of writing is really outstanding. I love your word choice, how you keep the Japanese culture consistent, everything. Finding this story was such a pleasant surprise and I'm so glad I did :)
FoldedHands chapter 10 . 3/20
Damn. This story, despite its dark tone, was pretty sweet in showing the relationship between Kyouko and Sayaka. Now it's really hard to continue sympathizing with Kyouko. I figured she was going to try to get Mami killed by the demon, didn't think she was going to do it herself until just before she did.

I don't know how to feel about this development, but pay my doubts no mind. Keep up the good work, atree. I look forward to seeing the rest of this story.
kyosayalove chapter 10 . 3/17
Wtf. Im so glad your not dead but whyyyyy? I was never much a mami fan but why kill her off using kyouko. Nooo sayaka is gonna find out sooner or later.
Loleus chapter 10 . 3/16
Reading the previous chapters and such, I've noticed that Homura has, in a way, been put on a bus. Mami, Sayaka, and Kyouko (Team Streetlight!) have all been given really interesting and intricate backstories, but Homura's own story seems to have been left as-is. Untouched. You've sewn a few hints here and there about the previous timeloops and Madoka, but I wonder if the lack of exposition will mean she gets a bigger part when it really matters.
Psykoakuma chapter 10 . 3/15
Ok I am officially convinced this is not going to end well. At all.
I'm going to let you in on a secret. Mami is not really popular with me. And it has everything to do with her shooting Kyouko dead out of the blue when she freaked out about going witch. I still carry that memory with me whenever she pops up in a story, even now. But what a time for Kyouko to act like someone from out of Poe's literature. Is she really that confident Mami isn't needed to defeat the big bad demon? This is just one of the issues that causes me great doubt as to a happy conclusion.
I know Kyouko is a killer. That much is undeniable. But still.
Well shit yo. Alea iacta est.
YuriPrince chapter 10 . 3/15
I had a feeling Mami would die in this chapter, though the culprit I had in mind was the daemon, not Kyouko; quite the turn of events there. I think it's safe to say Kyouko has "fallen of her rocker".
Melah94 chapter 10 . 3/15
Well that got really dark FAST. I knew something like this would happen but still.. Poor Mami ;-;
Otaku4eva99 chapter 10 . 3/15
That was fucking intense.
Excuse my language I don't usually swear in my reviews.
But this was fucking intense.
This fanfic is so awesome and gripping.
Also really creepy, like really creepy.
Love your writing style.
Did I mention this was motherfucking intense?
For Spite chapter 10 . 3/15
Well, the minute she paired with Mami I started suspecting something like that but it's still a pretty dark twist. I wonder if she plans to take Homura out this fight as well, wait a while, or even leave her half the city. It might depend on whether she thinks Sayaka can take losing two friends at once.
For Spite chapter 6 . 3/13
Oh and glancing at the review's Angel0wonder's theory makes the pause before the word friend in this chapter particularly poignant.
For Spite chapter 9 . 3/13
This is an extremely enjoyable story. Enough so that I was just re-reading it after having read it when it came out and I'm hoping to see it one day continue. Your flashback arc in particular stands out. If there are any issues with it it's only that Sayaka bounces back surprisingly fast instead of moping more after being saved.
Tis'was chapter 9 . 8/27/2013
Eagel spread, mounting oh my could this be the infamous scene where the protagonist forces herself onto the other girl but she enjoys anyways. Geez I haven't the time to mentaly prepare myself. And tis was my reaction.
kyosayalove chapter 9 . 8/27/2013
Awesome chapter. Kyouko was kinda harsh but badd ass at the same time. Cant wait till next chapter
angel0wonder chapter 9 . 8/27/2013
Awesome. Simply awesome. Oddly enough, my favorite thing about this chapter is the confrontation between Mami and Kyouko and the "extent of her kindness". That was a great line, by the way. But it just peeled back another layer of Mami, and Kyouko's observation was dead-on, how she's afraid to be hated. Though I find Mami's comment about watching the person she "loves the most" to be interesting. What if she got feelings for Sayaka? That'd be fun. For me to watch. It makes me wanna go back and reread the story to see if there was any more evidence to support that, also to refresh my memory of all the awesome that has taken place so far. Point is, Kyouko is not afraid of being hated at all, as evidenced by past behavior, so she can do what it takes. She can go into that territory where Mami can't or won't. Though I'm surprised Mami gave her permission so easily, but she was worn out and her pride was no where to be found, so yeah Kyouko, save her please.

And then we have Kyouko saving Sayaka. I love how her way of going about it is like she's saving herself. Her past self, really. And the way Sayaka reacts to it, like she's being /violated/ was really heartbreaking to read, because she really is being saved against her will. But she ain't in her right mind, so it's all good! Then at the end she thanks Kyouko for doing what she had to do, and it's a heartwarming scene. Just lovely.

Though I'm happy that we're going back into the think of present matters again! And now with better understanding of where the characters are coming from! Can't wait for that.
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