Reviews for An American Geek in Halkeginia
Tsamoka chapter 39 . 6/7
Your version of FoZ would make a FAR better anime then the cannon one.
StrangePointOfView chapter 39 . 5/6
I am very glad you kept the feel of a romance, instead of using this chapter as an excuse to go into smut.

As it is, this story has a minimum amount of perversion any story based off of the Familiar of Zero can have. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it makes me swoon in dizzy romance, and both Louise and her Familiar are epic. This story is intelligent and original, and I look forward to more.
StrangePointOfView chapter 34 . 5/6
And now they're together. It was a slow journey, but worth the wait. You've taken one of the most perverted-gag-reliant and overblown harem stories, and you have turned it into a genuine and touching romance. This achievement is nothing short of outstanding.
StrangePointOfView chapter 33 . 5/6
Well, Jason's a very impressive fighter, and the war song was undeniably epic. I do hope Jason and Louise get together now.
StrangePointOfView chapter 20 . 5/6
This is some very realistic work. I mean, in regards to the characters, their motivations, how they act as opposed to how they might act if this were an overblown anime drama. I really enjoy reading this.
StrangePointOfView chapter 19 . 5/6
Kirche just got burned!
StrangePointOfView chapter 14 . 5/6
This is very fun. I enjoy how Jason is interacting with not just Louise, but Siesta and the Princess.
StrangePointOfView chapter 10 . 5/6
Louise and Jason seem to be getting along really, really well. They're rather cute together.
StrangePointOfView chapter 7 . 5/6
I love that Jason's actually helping Louise become more accomplished with magic. Also, well done handling the Kirche situation.
StrangePointOfView chapter 4 . 5/6
I like how the OC has managed to exert some level of control over the situation without Louise getting angry about control lost.
Kuno-Baby chapter 39 . 4/30
Guest chapter 6 . 4/26
'De old shadrack, mishack, and abendigo. ( if that is how you spell it)
T51b Moridin chapter 39 . 4/24
That was a freaking great chapter. I loved that the level of drama didn't get to ridiculous levels and was believable and actually very enjoyable. It was no chickflick but neither was it some crzy ass macho fest of snausages. Excellently written. I am most assuredly looking forward to the next chapter. I absolutely adore your main character and the affect he has had on those around him. Just ignoring canon Saito and looking at the world of fanfiction in general he is a very believable if not outright excellently depicted OC/Self INsert style character. Lets face it he could be from some other story and I wouldn't know because he fits so well into this story that it just clicks. Also, I'm seriously enjoying the romance. It is building in believable and enjoyable manner and really gives the feeling of a healthy relationship instead of the hijinks that many authors thinks is what replaces one. The emotional support, physical assisstance, and all around helpful attitude is a major plus. I say this story would outright bring in audiences of all genders and walks of life due to it hitting on so many subjects. Well done and I pray for your continued success.
T51b Moridin chapter 38 . 4/24
Figures Guiche would fuck that up so bad that she would get pissed. He should never have even implied such behavior instead simply apologized and slowly built the relationship into what he wanted instead of ending up damaging the girl further silly idiot.
T51b Moridin chapter 37 . 4/24
Heh. This was enjoyable. Training periods are alwyas interesting due to the innovation and work put in. Good song choice. That would be an excellent song to use later for something too.
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