Reviews for Not Myself
Guest chapter 88 . 4/1
And Harry is friends with this brat, harpy why?
Guest chapter 84 . 4/1
Harry gave her an odd look and replied, "I was being serious. And I'm as a distant relation to house-elves as you are to Ron. Now let's go get some food. I'm starved."
Are you implying house elves and high elves are the same species? Niahm and Ron are definitely both human, barring any surprises in the following chapters.
Guest chapter 59 . 3/31
Is Emily the Herbology professor, Sprout? No Emily in cannon.
Guest chapter 47 . 3/31
And Mika isn't impressed that Snape's name is in the auror book? And his oh so paranoid father hasn't researched that? Oh well. And I'm sure a 13 year old child is TERRIFYING when she glares and cusses . Oh, she also constantly threatens Harry. Ooooooo scary! Guess I'm just too old to see it as anything but childish and silly. Aw, kids are so cute. Snarks aside, pretty good story. Thanks
Guest chapter 45 . 3/31
Oops...Harry just told Scabbers. Quite an enjoyable story. Thanks
Soren chapter 4 . 3/19
The author has made a lot of effort it shows but the story is too repetitive, has too many holes in the plot. Dumbledore doesn't react as much as he should to Harry living on the street . Harry knows her full name despite not even defeating Petunia. Harry doesn't act like a slytherin, yes he's manipulative but he acts spontaneous too, he's a bloody griffindor. In short, the story is full of cliches not very well written
Guest chapter 11 . 9/5/2022
I can appreciate your writing, especially in conveying the characters accents, but this story is just not for me. Draco only gets a month detention for killing Harry's owl? Then we are told Harry is Snape's son? This is just far too weird for me to enjoy.
Eagle-Eyes chapter 183 . 5/21/2022
He may not have been himself, but he was still Harry. Brave yet cunning. Strong yet reserved. Fierce loyal talented stubborn. Very Harry.

Great story...

Keep writing as life allows
Eagle-Eyes chapter 169 . 5/21/2022
"Clean up aisle entrance. Clean up aisle entrance ".

Why is no one answers? Oh, that's right. Only the muggle raised understood that...
Eagle-Eyes chapter 168 . 5/21/2022
Liar Cheat. As soon as I saw it.
Eagle-Eyes chapter 131 . 5/18/2022
What you said to reviewer borg is so true. I read ff a lot, like almost daily... some stories I don't like and read only 3 or 4 chapters, then move on to another. Some I read over and over. Some I review and some I don't.

This one is fabulous... I plan to keep reading until it is finished or until I run out of completed chapters...

You have the right idea... you enjoy it so keep writing and that other guy can go read other stories that may appeal more to his or her liking.

If you don't like a book don't buy it. Don't read it unless the teacher says so. This may only be fan fiction, but the same still applies..

You my dear author need to keep writing because there are many out here that enjoy what you have written.

Keep writing as life allows
Ayesha Saleem chapter 1 . 5/4/2022
Honestly please don’t bother with reading the story.
The author has tried very hardI commend her efforts, but this story is full of cliches, the writing is very simplisticI am genuinely confused as to why it has so many favourites/reviews!
Guest chapter 153 . 3/18/2022
Of course it is impossible that Malfoy will survive, so it's perfectly safe to give him Lupin's name...3 times! No risk that the Ministry will find out Lupin bit Malfoy. Oh well, such is life. Thanks
Guest chapter 57 . 3/17/2022
Ni is all too quick to attack Harry verbally or physically (just being cute and witty of course) but if he says a word to her she gets all offended. Then she ironically attacks him for not standing up for himself. Silly little girl.
Thanks for an interesting story...but not sure I can handle 180 plus chapters that are somewhat repetitive. Soooo canon with slight changes.
Guest chapter 24 . 3/16/2022
A potion that reveals what HOUSE the parents are from? Great idea. Let's narrow the potential parents from thousands to hundreds or possibly even dozens. Very helpful.
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