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mya chapter 15 . 10/18
who will she pick ( you are amazing)
mya chapter 14 . 10/18
amazing you are a great writer
Guest chapter 7 . 9/25
Taeyana chapter 2 . 8/29/2016
Man you is one talented writer I cried the frist two chapters I plan to read it all so much passion and realness you put into this cartoon they should make this into a movie thank and and I hope you become greater than before
Guest chapter 18 . 6/22/2016
Yo where the hell is the rest of the story? Who is Helga going to be with? Arnold or Brainy?!
Anonymous chapter 18 . 10/13/2014
Honestly, I know you won't be finishing this story any time soon, if not ever. But I have to write this review, for the sake of it.

When I read the first few lines, I was immediately hooked. Just... the whole first chapter of this was incredibly powerful. The descriptive writing of the emotions these characters are going through is just so realistic, it kind of scares me. This is the first fanfic that has ever gotten tears out of me in almost every chapter.

Then, something in your writing changed. It wasn't as strong as first few chapters, and all of the different side plots and POV's got a little confusing. Nonetheless, I continued reading. The whole thing with Rhonda having a dead sister was so random, but I loved it. That was the last time I cried during this story.

And then.. Phoebe died. From... heartbreak? Interesting, but not very realistic. I saw no real connection between her and Gerald in this fic, the whole thing seemed kind of forced. Like a last minute idea to add some more angst into the story. I definitely have a few of my OWN ways of writing her death, but that's just me.

I ended this story with a hallow feeling. I honestly had no clue if Helga would choose Arnold or Brainy, (I was sort of hoping for Brainy, even though I love AxH)

And I'd still like to know. There are so many unanswered questions, so many things left unsaid. Though, I must say, this didn't leave me feeling as empty as the ending of BTHNL (which is a popular HA fanfic)

I wish this would have been continued. It really was a good read, in my opinion. I do remember reading it a while back, but not the whole thing. Just know that I will be thinking about this a lot, and maybe one day return, just to read it again. Because damn, that first chapter... wow.

Your below average gal, Anonymous
Katie chapter 9 . 10/12/2014
I know that you have actually probably already finished this story but I just wanna throw you some ideas anyway! Arnold and Helga together, Brainy gets super obssessive. He really starts to do stalkerish things to both of them...And he kills arnold! Ahh I don't know just ideas! lol
beszt95 chapter 1 . 9/3/2014
3 lines into the story and I already added it to my favorites. But 101,000 words... lol I'll be here a while :P
Guest chapter 18 . 1/25/2014
Bring Me Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee!
Dark eyes chapter 9 . 1/5/2014
Helga should end up with brainy because he's the one who's careed and loved her all his life without fail well arnold(although he's great) never noticed her until the incident
neal.swarbrick chapter 5 . 12/22/2013
Really? You don't know what made Bob Pataki the man he is?

Then I'll tell you, briefly.

Bob (Robert) Pataki was born in the mid-west in the mid-to-late 'Forties, son of an ordinary small-town girl with an average American High-School education and a young man, a US Marine Corps Sergeant, only a year returned from the horrors of World War Two.

Whilst his Mum was everything that a Mother is expected to be - Loving, Caring, Full of Joy at her Children and the way they grow up - his Father was, in his head, still in the Army. He had joined up in 1940 because his father had fought against the Germans in the Great War, and he had gone through several Theatres of War - the Deserts of North Africa, the Mountains of Italy, the Hell of D-Day and the Jungles of the Far East. He had seen terrible, TERRIBLE things but had survived them all because of US Marine Corps Discipline. He had gone through fire and blood and sweat and steel and had, so he thought, come out the other end, unscathed.

Back on civvy street though, once he'd got home, he didn't fit. Sure, he got his old job back and his friends from before the war were there but it was never the same any more. He couldn't stand loud noises, he found. Bangs and crashes made him, at the very least, flinch and sometimes, if they were loud enough, he ducked, quite involuntarily. His fellow males, some of whom had also served, understood enough to not comment. And that was ok, but his wife would sometimes query it, reminding him that the war was over - why was he ducking? She would never understand because he would never tell her what he had seen out there . . .

Then there were the dreams. Sometimes he was THERE, right in the heat of it, seeing some scene or other that had imprinted itself so deeply into his psyche that it would never leave. And although he would never scream he would awake suddenly sometimes, bathed in sweat, and brushing off his wife angrily as she reached for him.

Into this world, this pastiche, was born Bob Pataki. His father was delighted, of course, another Pataki to join the Marines - keep up the family tradition. Soon though it became obvious that a crying, screaming, child reached into Pataki Seniors head and twisted nerves his wife could not see. She would never know why it did, but it did. He would twist up, angry if she did not run to soothe the young Bob and stop the noise. She loved her husband and did not like to see him upset so did her best to keep the boy quiet. Later, when Bob was able to run and jump and play like schoolboys play, he would get yelled at for making too much noise whilst his father watched the ball-game on TV . . . Meanwhile he was also expected to 'respect' his father like he was a senior officer. "Sir" was the official form of address and he was expected to behave as a good soldier might.

And so Bob Pataki grew up, regimented and with much noise discipline. The 60's hippy movement passed him by until the moment it came to Vietnam. Presenting himself for Service he was horrified to be passed as medically unfit. Some congenital condition that had skipped notice 'til now prevented him from following in his fathers and grandfathers footsteps. Although he tried all ways to get round it, in the end he was forced to acknowledge that he would never serve Uncle Sam.

And so he dropped out. And that's when he met Miriam . . . .
StrangerWays chapter 18 . 9/4/2013
What a horrible ending. It left me feeling so hollow. This couldn't have been the end, could it? Life isn't just this it? I'm hurting.

This story is one that leads others to think about their own depression and as many writers in fanfiction and readers, most, are very depressed, or have been.

I found myself comparing this to my own feelings and dwelling in the feel of loneliness and exactly what it's definition is.

Your analogies, metaphors, and imagery were the epitome of emotion. It became to a point that it was terrifying, terrifying for the Helga, the characters, yourself and well me.

You've drawn out emotions I found I didn't want to look back onto and then to just leave it at such a sad ending. To find no hope. Makes me wonder if the troubles of the world can weigh us death.

But then... You introduced a character who spoke of The Lord. That chapter was so beautiful. So strong and truthful. Raw and blatant that it hurt and yet it healed. Sometimes pain can only be fixed through more pain. And that chapter did that for Helga, for possibly you and me.

I didn't cry. Surprisingly enough. I wanted to but no tears shed. I think because I've been there..the feelings never the act.

You introduced a side so dark into HA world that its never been replicated or executed such as you have done.

You have inspired me. Captivated me. And lastly abandoned me and your wonderful reviewers.

I cannot cry because you've caused me to become so overwhelmed I can't feel.

The first damn powerful.

Now, I honestly couldn't see Helga loving Brainy, romantically. These things usually are felt at the heart. Helga so passionate feels such things spiritually, so Brainy, who may deserve her, I think could never be with Helga.

And our dearest hero, Arnold, I can see Helga always loving him and him loving her but at this point...I don't see her with him either.

I preferred Helga being alone. Truly concepting that being alone is okay when you love yourself. Then love from others can come after. Being Arnold or another man.

Rhonda, I loved what you have made her. She is Helga, Helga is her. So strange how these two have always known but yet resented each other. The idea of a sister, who consequently did the same act in the past was pure brilliance.

Phoebe, you broadened the perspective. She died from grief? It's possible.

Depression isn't a joke and you make that very vivid in this. The depths and realms you travel. Even into the subconscience and dreams. So fantastic.

Anyway, all in all, a good fic. Some parts I felt you lost your main focus and got caught up with all of the things you dabbled in, which felt like everything. Lol but you did very well!

You are a good writer. And I wish to call you great once this is finished. Please finish.

For you left me unfeeling, and I would love to feel again.

I hope your health isn't the cause. Godspeed!
dariansison chapter 1 . 8/9/2013
Omg this actually made me cry nice job I really like it :)
allTheBest chapter 18 . 5/16/2013
I feel like I wasted my time reading this.
It started out good but all the metaphorical stuff just clogged the story line.
Kind of meaningless. Left no feeling except empty.
Midnighter67 chapter 10 . 8/21/2012
Im always a sucker for a happy ending, so i choose that and though it might be a little late to say this i vote arnold
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