Reviews for Fifty Shades Meander
vickiel2r chapter 48 . 7/29
Christian is determined to get Ana pregnant. He wants to experience the fun of fatherhood with having a baby.
vickiel2r chapter 47 . 7/26
No other woman could take away Christian’s sight on Ana now specially since they had been back together, married again and trying for another child. Friends like Kate would always be there for Ana even after the mess she created when she left Christian.
vickiel2r chapter 46 . 7/26
Ana dressing up provocatively and being in display to other costumers can only attract unwanted attention and ends up being harassed by a paparazzi. They are a high profile couple and attention they will get but just intensify when encouraged by any means.
vickiel2r chapter 45 . 7/21
Christian is determined to have Ana conceive as soon as he can help, eager to experience all with her pregnancy, her delivery and the joys of caring for the baby, the toddler and all that he missed with Chris.
vickiel2r chapter 44 . 7/20
Ana finally recognized and admitted her lack of a daddy, her insecurities with men. Sessions with Dr. Flynn is turning positive after all. Christian experiencing the total effects of being a daddy courtesy of his only son, Chris.
vickiel2r chapter 43 . 7/20
If Christian opens up voluntarily about his past secret lifestyle then he wouldn’t have to worry about being used as a public sensation against him to smear his well guarded image. An subtle article in a publication that is not meant to broadcast a sensation should be enough, after all the lifestyle is being practiced discreetly by many men and women.
vickiel2r chapter 42 . 7/19
Jose and Lincoln together working together or not had left their marks more to Christian being shot than the dead man. Ana can’t hardly blame Christian for going after Jose not knowing the real picture on her situation at the time.
vickiel2r chapter 41 . 7/19
So Jose could still be a suspect and could he had been working with David or just two different people with their own agenda. They still need to be in the lookout for incidences.
vickiel2r chapter 40 . 7/19
Good riddance to Shawn O’Reily and find another woman for him.
vickiel2r chapter 39 . 7/18
Making up for lost days - years. Back at Escala, the re-emergents of Christian the Dom, and the plan for another pregnancy. Marriage the second time to each other knowing more what to expect and renewed dedication to stay together until the end of their time.
vickiel2r chapter 38 . 7/17
David the impostor shooter is dead. He had caused so much disruption, he is a criminal. Taylor actually killed him to stop the rampage. Christian and Ana back at Escala and time to punish her with more kinky fuckery for disrupting his board meeting with her kinks.
vickiel2r chapter 37 . 7/17
If the shooter was not caught, then we can say that security in a huge event like that was useless. Just like I was thinking hope Christian goes to Montesano as the place is not known to the perp. Christian did put himself out there as a bait giving that speech. He had said he may use himself to lure the enemy to him.
vickiel2r chapter 36 . 7/17
It must be hot but holy Moses, Ana is too bold she sure does not have much control of herself. Christian was at his board meeting. No wonder she left Christian in a hurry when she got pregnant because she was not thinking clearly. The perv probably breach Grey House. Waiting for the next move.
vickiel2r chapter 35 . 7/17
Did the shooter thought he killed Christian? He was sure he must have done it.
vickiel2r chapter 34 . 7/17
Was Blackmore working alone, I hope so but still needs to be found before killing anybody.
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