Reviews for Fifty Shades Meander
MF79 chapter 72 . 10/8
WOW! WHAT A STORY! I've told you in PM at first I wasn't to fond of this story because of the beginning... I stuck with it because you said it would work out. And I'll be damned if it didn't. I along with I'm sure other readers would love to see you write more stories for us. PLEASE PLEASE! AWESOME AWESOME! Going to your blog now :)
MF79 chapter 71 . 10/8
Damn that was HOT! **giggles** ;)
MF79 chapter 69 . 10/8
again... OMG! You have to write more stories! PLEASE!
MF79 chapter 67 . 10/8
MF79 chapter 66 . 10/8
OMG! I knew it the moment I saw the email...
MF79 chapter 58 . 10/7
your AN is too funny and cute... Using fresh ginger the way I do on a normal bases I could see where it would probably create a tingle effect... LMAO!
MF79 chapter 55 . 10/7
in words of ... that was fucking hot!
Love all the music in your story!
MF79 chapter 51 . 10/7
Loved the article! I read it on your blog instead of here. I loved that it looked like a true magazine article with the pictures and all. Loved that you wrote them having another baby so easy!
MF79 chapter 50 . 10/7
Christian waiting for her to "go" is funny :) I couldn't help but giggle ;)
MF79 chapter 48 . 10/6
Great Chapter!
MF79 chapter 45 . 10/6
OMG Go GREY! LOL Ana will be pregnant before she knows it if she isn't now!
MF79 chapter 44 . 10/6
the ending of this chapter may not have had a lemon attached but it was HOT none the less...
MF79 chapter 42 . 10/6
Ana, Christian along with Taylor need to have a talk and go over all the facts. IF they did they would realize that Jose is with Leila!
MF79 chapter 40 . 10/6
hmm... smooth move Christian!
MF79 chapter 39 . 10/6
That song totally fits Christian... You are awesome!
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