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hetaseven chapter 1 . 9/5/2016
My KnB OTP! xD Thanks for the fic Author-san. ~AoKuro Biased~
Guest chapter 1 . 2/4/2016
Vein's chapter 1 . 3/3/2013
I think this is beautiful

Thank you for making this
Alice Hell chapter 1 . 10/21/2012
This was really good. I loved it! Thank you.
4 is for Clover chapter 1 . 8/8/2012
I'd be interested in a sequel of what happens after high school. Like if Kagami asked Kuroko to continue playing with him but he couldn't and how everyone would react.
Chibi-Onee-chan chapter 1 . 7/6/2012
Wow, this is really deep (in my opinion anyway) and I really really loved it :3
Guest chapter 1 . 7/4/2012
Kuroko could still remember, the Aomine that loved basketball, the Aomine that he used to know and admire that would practice with him till night after practice. The one that he knew that gave it his all in his playing, the one that was nothing but a fleeting memory now. No matter how much he longs to see it, wish that things could go back to the past it was impossible. The Aomine he was partner with no longer exists.

Truth was, Kuroko knew he was drifting away right from the start but he did not want to admit it and subconsciously ignored it till it was too late. The distance between them had grown so long that the line separating them was worse than before. Aomine was from a different world than him, but even so they got along very well when it comes to basketball. Up until then, they were still close and Aomine still sees him in his eyes.

Aomine would come over and find him and they would hang out together with Momoi and the rest sometimes. More than anyone else from the Generation of Miracles, Aomine was the one he admired and acknowledged most. He could not help it, Aomine was special in many ways.

The one who first noticed and acknowledged him was Aomine and that fact would never change. Without Aomine, there would be no Kuroko right now. He would never forget how they first met, how Aomine stumbled upon him in the Third-String's gym one day. Like everyone else, he did not notice him till Kuroko had greeted him.

But the only thing different was that Aomine did not ignore him despite knowing that he was not up to his level. The only thing Aomine laughed at was when he told him how much lack of a presence he had and despite learning that he was in Third-String, Aomine did not judge him and instead practiced with him. That Aomine was the one Kuroko longs to see again, the one that would practice with him with a smile and whether they had talent or not did not matter as they were playing out of love for that game.

He was the first person that Kuroko opened up to and saved his struggles and uncertainties with. The Aomine back then really was just a basketball idiot that only cared about basketball and nothing else. His test results were nearly as bad as Kagami's. Kuroko could not deny that he was as much as a basketball idiot too and that was what made them compatible and close. They both loved the game as much as each other.

Kuroko would never be able to repay him enough for all that he had done for him. The first time someone actually accepted him and paid attention to him was Aomine and that made him special to Kuroko. Even when he was late for their usual practice, Aomine had waited for him and asked him not to give up basketball when he wanted to quit.

If Aomine was not there to ask him not to give up, he would have given up a long time ago and Akashi would not have noticed him. Neither would he be able to come up with his current style of playing and remain talentless in playing basketball. Aomine was the main reason he played for TeikĊ and perfected his skills for.

He would always be his first light and goal. No matter how much he looked up to him, Kuroko knows he would never be able to defeat him alone. It was fun playing basketball with the him from back then, Aomine would always be smiling and praising his passes and Kuroko still sees in playing in his memories and dreams sometimes.

It was hard to believe that the Aomine he knew existed when he looked at the current Aomine. This Aomine does not need him and it was the basketball style he had come to like. They used to get along so well and their way of thinking was the same till Aomine grew too strong and no longer see any joy in the game.

Kuroko had tried to convince him to come back to practice and that there would be someone strong enough to defeat him one day, just like how Aomine had encouraged him back then. It worked for a while still he grew more jaded and no longer believed his words. For the first time ever, Aomine had ignored him and did not notice him raising his hand for the fist bump that was the token of their relationship.

Slowly, Kuroko felt that he was no longer needed by Aomine who could now win without him and no longer need any of his special passes. His place in the team grew wider away when the rest slowly started rising in power like Aomine and it was like he lost their trust. More than anything, it pained him that everyone only see winning as an objective and completely destroy all their opposing teams and Aomine stopped smiling and loving basketball.

He hated basketball then, more and more each time when he watched Aomine play. The fondness he saw inside Aomine was gone and this Aomine was a complete stranger and no longer his partner and light. Deep down, he had hoped that Aomine would turn back into the one that he knew and when that did not happened, he gave up completely that he would come back by himself.

That was why he left the team without a word, no one would notice for a while anyway. The one to have always paid attention to him was Aomine and now that Aomine no longer had a need for him, he would not care either right? Kuroko doubted that Aomine would even imagine him playing basketball with someone else and finding another light for himself.

Frankly, he was not even thinking much when he first entered Seirin and joined their basketball team. Despite everything that happened, Kuroko still loved basketball, the basketball that he used to play with Aomine. Aomine's old playing style was something he would always admire and he still wanted to do what was best for him.

Momoi would be with him so Kuroko would not have to worry about Aomine not being to look after himself. It hurt to even watch him play and know of the distance between them now. The past felt like it did not exist at all and it was all a dream.

Sure the both of them had nothing in common besides basketball and if you take it away, there is nothing between them already. But still, the two of them were close and almost inseparable. The one to understand each other best was each other and the one Kuroko wanted to always catch his passes was Aomine. His passes were created for him and Aomine had always been happy to be the one to catch his passes.

Their relationship was a strange one too and Kuroko never did get what they were. Aomine had always been clingy with him more than anyone else and get along best with him. He would invite Kuroko to hang out besides practice instead of the others and eat ice-cream and such. They used to walk back together too and celebrate after winning a match.

Kuroko really wished they could go back to those times and time would freeze and not move forward. That was impossible and he knew it. He would never be able to get back the past and chasing after the past was pointless. He had to move up but despite all that, his mind would always go back to the Aomine from back then.

The word 'partners' held a big significance to him, the word Aomine always labelled him as and he really was happy to have Aomine as his partner and light. Even now, he would not have minded being his shadow forever if he had stayed the way he was. He lacked the self-esteem to chase after Aomine back and his skills were much too weak.

Aomine has already drifted away from him and Kuroko focused his thoughts back to the present. He really was surprised when he first saw Kagami. Despite him looking completely different from Aomine and their playing style was not the same, he saw the old Aomine in him. The one that loved basketball and enjoyed playing the sport.

He could not resist but ask him to play a match with him. Even if this was not Aomine, that was fine. He just wanted to get back the small feeling he used to get from practicing with Aomine. Kuroko knew he could not go back to Aomine now, not when Aomine no longer needed him and lost his trust in him. His words back then must be a lie to Aomine when Aomine realised that the rival he wanted does not exist at all.

If that was the case, he would be the one to make that lie come true. He would make good that promise and see to it that it happens with his own hands. This was not betrayal, he was still doing what he thought was best for Aomine. It would never change, the feeling of wanting to do what was best for Aomine would always be with him. Kukoko was not using Kagami when it was not a lie that he would help Kagami defeat the Generation of Miracles, he just did not state his reason why.

No matter what Aomine thinks of him, Kuroko would not lie to him whether it was in the past or now. Even if Aomine no longer believes in him and his words, he would still do his best to keep his word and maybe the Aomine he knows would come back if he manages to defeat him. When that time comes, Aomine most likely would think of him as a traitor and someone who betrayed him but that was fine. He did not have to know that Kuroko was doing his all to do what was best for him.

He was a shadow, a shadow deserved no thanks. It was just a stroke of luck that he chanced upon Kagami. He might not be able to reach Aomine's level right now but he would do all he can to make him reach there soon and Kagami had the potential to do that. It might be selfish of him to help Kagami all for the sake of his ex-teammate and that might be betraying Kagami in a sense.

Regardless of all that, he still wished to see the old Aomine at least one more time. Kuroko did not even get the chance to say all that he wanted to say to that Aomine since he never thought they would part on such terms. It was alright if Aomine thought he betrayed him by getting a new light since he already did betrayed him when his words did not come true and he had given him false hope.

They were just so different, one was the light while the other was the shadow. Sort of ironic that the one that was the light had darker skin and darker hair and eye colour while the shadow of the pair was paler and have lighter hair and eye colour. Their appearance
CursedCrystal chapter 1 . 6/12/2012
completely love your fic. you can make their interaction IC in both of your fic and I must restraint myself for not fangirling in front of my family when I read this
Midnight-creator chapter 1 . 5/27/2012
Your fan fic are really great, it stir up a lot of emotion in me. After reading this one-shot, I think Aomine x Kuroko is mine favorite pairing in Kuroko no Basuke now. Keep up your great work, I love your style of writing the best.
Vi chapter 1 . 5/25/2012
This was great c: Lovelovelove it. Keep it up!

Spotted some mistakes, but i love this pairing so much and your writing captured the love between kuroko and aomine, so i just played a blind eye towards any slip-ups *-*
pokopoko chapter 1 . 5/15/2012
Arrrgghhh I can't hold myself QAQ

Good story there! :thumbsup:
Fantasy-Magician chapter 1 . 5/14/2012
Very good T_T

I love this, probably because it fits with my thought about them... I mean jealous Aomine is totally him when it comes to Kuroko.

I am type that only love yaoi for some particular fandom and KNB at first not one of it until Aomine come.

Especially when Aomine come to challenge Kagami, I am like this

0_0' So you come all the way there just to rant about how unworthy he is for your old partner? And there is their match with Touou which all consist of Aomine's champaign that Kagami is too dim for Kuroko. Ha ha ha

So thank you very much for this fic, it totally feed my fangirling need XDDD