Reviews for Contract of the Shinigami
Raiden Uzumaki chapter 56 . 18h
Awesome story man! Keep the chapters coming!
blackicecolombiano chapter 31 . 9/18
Need moar lemon, and why is everyone uzumaki? should have stopped on 6-7 (my opinion) and thrown in a hyuuga side story to diversify (and avoid kishi's situation with the uchiha focus)
Notsae chapter 23 . 9/16
Naruto just changed everything; if and when Obito finds out that Rin has been resurrected he'll either go completely batshit or abandon the Eye of the moon plan... probably both, honestly.

I have to say, Dan and Yuna seem really out of place; he gets three powerful people and two nobodies. He should scrap those two and replace them with something useful; something on the other three's level.
Notsae chapter 19 . 9/16
Honestly, Sakura should just learn kenjutsu if she wants to join her old team. I would recommend a hammer; while kenjutsu literally means swordsmanship its often used (at least in the fandom) to refer to any weapon use beyond kunai and shuriken. If the seven swordsmen can have a guy with what is essentially a spear and another with essentially a bat, axe, whatever the fuck you want to call Samehada, the the Hinoken could let in a hammer wielder. I recommend a hammer because its a force multiplier that could enhance her super strength.
lone. fallen. wolf chapter 56 . 9/14
awesome work guys keep up the awesome screw what those guests are bitching bout the pairings work it adds alot more character to the romance an depth
Khavix chapter 56 . 9/3
Pls update soon. Its been quite a while
Guest chapter 22 . 8/25
I read a review about Naruto having sex with Yura or Yuri. Just wanted to say...I'm so so very pissed off at that. Why do people thing cheating is right!? I hate it and I'm done with this crap. Loved it till a point. When I saw that heart just broke for this story. I don't know what people see in harems. Fucking perverts.
Guest chapter 23 . 8/25
Please, please please please tell me this isn't a Harem. I feel like crying when I saw Naruto kiss that girl. If it isn't a harem...doesn't he have a heart? WHO THE HELL CHEATS? I hate it so much and I love this story, but seeing that hurts so much. So so many fanfictions I've read were awesome, then turned worse than anything. I'm praying this isn't a harem and Naruto stays only with Kushina.
beowolfalein chapter 5 . 8/24
He obviously thinks that it fits Kushina's character, you don't have to be a dick I seriously doubt that he was trying to be pretentious.
CaptainToast321 chapter 3 . 8/14
Must you really use Japanese words in the story?
It's written in English. Not Japanese.

There is zero reason to have Kushina REPEATEDLY use the word Sochi. Use the word son. It's shorter and more people know what it means without subtext.

Don't be such an pretentious asshole.
lucasrosa94 chapter 56 . 8/9
muito bom escreva mais.
lucasrosa94 chapter 55 . 8/8
para qué tudo isso só diser que são assuntos de clan e pronto.
AzureFan2 chapter 56 . 8/7
Oh Kami-sama please tell me that's not Minato fucking Namikaze as The Regent! I hate that patriotic bastard with his 'we are a family of shinobi' mindset!
lucasrosa94 chapter 10 . 8/5
kyuubi é o cara que me fas rir.
cougarkillz chapter 56 . 8/3
I spent quite a while reading this story all the way up to the most recent chapter. It's a great story, with additional villains and characters.
I only had one problem with it. The ability to stop time that lasts for 5 minutes. It's such an over powered ability, and it's completely under played. 5 minutes is a long time.

In the fight against Obito, Naruto could have cut off each arm and leg, put 4 rasengan attacks into the guy's body, and still have time to clip his toenails before the time ran out. But he barely managed to get a single Rasengan off.

It seems like every time he uses it, it lasts for maybe 5 seconds instead of 5 minutes.

Apart from that one issue, this is really a story I like, and I'll be following it as it gets updated from here on out.
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