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Lost interest chapter 49 . 7/22
I lost all interest in ur fic and it was gettin' so good too. Really? SasukexMiko? Fucking really? Call the match cuz I'm out. I agree with several on here: you are writing too much Uke-teme sympathy fics nowadays that it's become disgusting.

Now if some Sasuke asskisser writes such shit, it's fine cuz you already know the dude's gonna pucker his lips for Sasuke's ass. But to see a devoted Sasuke basher degrade into this shit? Yeah, it doesn't bode well with the general readers of this fic.

I know this won't make a shit worth of difference, seeing as 99% of the readers have expressed it already. But please make it NarutoxMikoto.

Although I'm not going to read further, I'll wait for the next chapter to make my decision. PLEASE DISOLVE THIS MADNESS IN THE NEXT CHAPTER'S AUTHOR NOTE. If I read thwt you were playing a horrid April Fool's joke on us regarding Uke-teme and that repulsive Mikoto-hime involvement, I'll smile and continue reading. If not, I enjoyed the fic for 48 chapters (49 doesn't count cuz of that faggot uchiha shit) and say it was abandoned.

Reepect the cream.

Naruto making Mikoto scream for hours on end, making love to every inch of her body, and then finishing up by giving her a creampie.

Mikoto gets sexed out of her mind, Naruto's smug about fucking his sexy uchiha wife to be, and Sasuke has to call Naruto 'tou-san' from now on.

That is real shit right there.
WTF chapter 49 . 7/15
you said there wud be no direct uchihacest early in your fic. WTF is this then? Dropped.
Guest chapter 49 . 7/15
Not one to review often but I can't help but agree with the general populace. It's unsettling to see your Sasuke sympathetic styled writing that seems to overflow out of your stories. It's somewhat understandable from a staunch Sasuke sympathizer, but from a Sasuke basher like yourself? Come the fuck on, dude! What is this shit?!

Sasuke has Yuna.

It's enough for the emo trash.

Mikoto? Well she belongs with Naruto tbh.

Sasuke can choke on his own balls for all I care. Don't give a shit if he dies or lives, I bet almost everyone on here is here because of the Naruto/Kushina pairing. We did NOT come here to see you sucking up and sympathizing with the dickless Uchiha teme!

Down with Sasuke sympathy!

Hoorah for NaruMiko!
SauronIsKing2015 chapter 49 . 7/14
great story can't wait to see what you update next. Also I have no problem if you pair Sasuke with his mother Mikoto,It would be very interesting to see where their relationship will go.
supernaturalsex chapter 49 . 7/14
Dude, I love you and all, but you're clearly swimming towards the deep end with this shit.

First, you put Hinata in your Feathers story, which put so many people off.
Second, you ended Merging Destinies.

But here's the real kicker.
What is this piece of filth I speak of?

1. Sasuke/Mikoto
2. Sasuke/Mikoto
3. Sasuke/Mikoto


Frankly, you were a better author back in the day.

Demons of Konoha, Fox Loves the Cat, and the others that include Sasuke bashing. It was what you were renowned for.

Now suddenly, you've been popping retarded fics like Totally Spies with that whole Sasuke ass-kissing nonsense, and it has me fucking sick.

Why? Why the ass-kissing? You were never once a fanboy for that emo fuck, but now it's like you're Kishimoto in a bathroom jacking off to his newest Uchiha drawing.

Get back to your Sasuke bashing. And stop giving that fucking retard so much goddamn spotlight! It was what gave you your fucking name in the first place!

Like so many fucking people have already said...NARUTO/MIKOTO...PLEEEEASE!
Guest chapter 49 . 7/12
Ignore the Sasuke X Mikoto haters! Go with it dude, its your story!
Orange Waterblade chapter 48 . 7/10
I just finish reading chp 48 and I have just one thing to say : you watch too much tokyo ghoul. ;)
Guest chapter 49 . 7/8
Dude 49 chapters of awesomeness degraded with this Sasuke/Mikoto shit. Personally, I find Sasuke to be a piece of shit and I thought you did too - you wrote him that way for ages. I liked you as a basher of the emo. Grown up or not, Sasuke/Mikoto? FUCK! I'm still a fan of yours dude, but this fic ain't no longer my scene. NaruMiko is sexy but anything else doesn't work.

P.S: sucks to hear what happened to merging destinies. Keep strong dude and please, no more Sasuke spotlight.
Guest chapter 7 . 7/2
Holy shit dude. Your story has a nice concept and all, but you have so many contradictions. In chapter 3, you had Naruto tell Jiraya that he brought Kushina back to life with some seal and the Kyuubi's help. Now you have Kushina offer a different explanation, and Jiraya says nothing.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/1
Man, if there is only one thing I can say about your fics, it's that you can draw pairings out of a box and make it work out that it's acceptable by normal standards. I mean, Tsunade and Kushina? Rock on man. You are a pairing god! So uh, later!
QUINN chapter 3 . 7/1
are ya a fucing lesporn douchbag?
Guest chapter 2 . 6/30
fu nigga deez nutz
bbrens chapter 49 . 6/30
I love this if you haven't read this story than you haven't lived this story is godly and I think there aren't enough kushiXNaru it's the best combo love this story
Kenshin327 chapter 36 . 6/28
NOW THIS is AN AMAIZING well written, omake, action, M rated, antsy FIC. Lets cheers to the wonder that is cream soda.
sakura89luis chapter 49 . 6/26
Great chapter as always, looking forward the next chapter.
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