Reviews for Contract of the Shinigami
T11ky chapter 51 . 2/6
11/10. Am addicted to this fic. Fics that engrosses me in reading from start till end without reviewing are the best of fics. Keep up the good work KG! Eagerly awaiting your next chapter update!
Pain4077 chapter 43 . 2/4
this story is so far the second best narukushi i have heard thank you for your hard work O_o :D
Guest chapter 29 . 1/30
I agree... cream soda is the best
Guest chapter 51 . 1/29
Quietlovingman chapter 5 . 1/29
Hey like the story so far, but you might want to edit one detail in this chapter... You state that Kushina is in her 30's or thereabouts. I would think that she would be much closer to 25 unless she continued to age while dead. She had Naruto fifteen years ago and has been alive for the past 2 years. I'm not sure of cannon, but I got the impression that she and Minato were in their early 20's when he became Hokage.
DJKuhns chapter 51 . 1/28
I see the subtle league and Tokyo ghoul references you slipped in there lol
Pain4077 chapter 1 . 1/27
well this is certainly interesting good story oO XD
Alex TF chapter 22 . 1/26
I really like this story
Alex TF chapter 15 . 1/24
awesome story!
Alex TF chapter 15 . 1/24
awesome story'
whovian803 chapter 51 . 1/21
Will Shizune and Ebisu be revived?! Please say it ain't so! I really like Shizune and I will send you all the fucking cream soda in the world to see the brought back.
Brehze chapter 51 . 1/20
Amazing chapter keep up the great work
Wilezzz chapter 51 . 1/15
Absolutely love the story dude keep up the good work :P
Infernosoulx182 chapter 51 . 1/15
This is a awesome ass story NaruXkushi yuri , yura are cool to keep updating bro
Guest chapter 2 . 1/15
this is disgusting dude incest is really not cool
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