Reviews for Walkabout
morgan kingsley chapter 1 . 5/9/2015
I like the concept here and will be very curious to read the other nine chapters. I don''t even know if you read these reviews anymore or not though, but whatever
Toaneo07 Ver2.0 chapter 10 . 3/6/2015
mmmmm cool
LAUGHINGSTOCK000 chapter 9 . 2/5/2015
WAAAAAAHHHH! I love this story! I've been wanting a story like this for a long time! Thank you so much! I'mma actually an author and my name is LanternLover23, but I didn't feel like signing in to answer one little story to make one little review!
LanternLover23 chapter 10 . 1/18/2015
I absolutely loved this fic! It was the best fic I've ever read! (Besides Spirit of Fall and Will of Fire by Scorpius02, two really good ROTG fics.) Lantern's Guide to Life rule#72, "Even if you like one thing, there's always something out there you're gonna like more."
Kiseki motomiya chapter 1 . 10/19/2014
I miss this story u should make another good davis story.
JGM16 chapter 7 . 6/29/2014
I feel the same way. It all just sounded like bull to me
Jerry chapter 6 . 6/20/2014
lol, I was wondering why the ExVeemon digivolved like this. he should have DNA digivolved with Ken Ichijogi's Stingmon to become Paildramon... sorry, I didn't pay attention to the date that it was updated...
Guest chapter 6 . 5/17/2014
Ginkyofu13 chapter 2 . 4/14/2014
Wow. I wondered if there was a sequel.
Ginkyofu13 chapter 1 . 4/14/2014
Wow! I never see the side of digimon when it is involving around. I hope you continued on with it.
strabimonx chapter 10 . 1/15/2014
Nice. Sequel?
Frosty Wolf chapter 10 . 11/13/2013
Not bad at all.
Tear From The Red chapter 10 . 10/14/2013
Just fantastic. The character development, and character realization I always wanted for Davis on the show. You absolutely nailed it. Your "Crystal Digimon Saga" needs an epilogue in my humble opinion. Although I highly doubt that'll ever happen, considering how long ago you wrote them. And from the looks of it, you don't venture on here very often (if at all) anymore.
Littleladymon chapter 10 . 9/14/2013
I love this story! It's absolutely awesome and beautiful in everyway! Keep writing, my friend.
nobody important chapter 8 . 9/13/2013
Angewomon not Angewoman. She's a Digimon
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