Reviews for The Tides Change Once More
super sayiman chapter 6 . 7/1
I want you fans to know that I did re do this story but I got into a little bit of trouble the first time so look for the new title The Avatar and the Jinchuriki
Seja chapter 1 . 6/28
Did someone else pick this story up at where it was left? I would really like to know.
super sayiman chapter 1 . 6/22
Hey Ke'Lon check out my forum
Ke'Lon chapter 1 . 6/21
Engineer4Ever I have one request if you don't mind. It does break my heart as your fan to know your best story is no longer up and running. I just want you to a public update with to let others know are done, this way they get their hopes but it will hurt them. Please don't keep this in the dark anymore, we deserve to know something. I'm sorry to bother you, have a bless day and other stories are amazing but nothing will ever stop this masterpiece of Fanfiction. Thank you
super sayiman chapter 20 . 6/21
Okay I made my forum If any readers are reading this comment go check out The tides change once more MK2 on forums on cartoons Legend of Korra and send me your ideas. I am sorry you lost your inspiration.
Engineer4Ever chapter 18 . 6/21
Also, if you two wish to actually discuss something with me, use actually login accounts so I don't have to play review tag.

And I am not picking on him, I'm annoyed that i keep getting emails about review which aren't reviews at all.

As for original ideas? like I said, inspiration and motivation are dead. That's that.
super sayiman chapter 1 . 6/21
Why don't you give some ideas you are the original writer.
ssj chapter 1 . 6/21
Don't pick on great sayiman he just want's to continue the story
Engineer4Ever chapter 19 . 6/21
I'm not getting mad. What I am annoyed by is you using my review section just so you can get ideas. Second, the constant email pings I'm getting from you for pleading for ideas.

As for making a forum, trying making an account and not signing in as a guest. It's really not that hard.

As for why I stopped writing this story? Simple. I got bored of you and I have moved on.

To all my fans, I am not apologizing for moving on, that is simple how life is. Thank you all for your support but I don't see myself getting back into this. My flow and interest are dead so please respect that.

A good day to you all.

super sayiman chapter 20 . 6/21
Hey you chose not to finish the story and i don't know how to do that. Just tell me why you discontinued it you can see that lost of people love the story so don't get mad at me for wanting to finish it
Engineer4Ever chapter 20 . 6/21
Super Sayaman, but review section isn't a damn ideas board. Go make a forum or something.
super sayiman chapter 20 . 6/20
By new powers I mean stuff like nine tails state and sage mode. Or maybe something from a different past life I will let you decide. Remember I am going to do this for all of you guys because I hate people that don't finish their stories. So many times I have read a story and thaught hey this is good stuff only to learn at the end hey this person never finished it and it's been three years since the last update. Anyway that is what I wanted to tell all of you. Catch you later readers.
super sayiman chapter 20 . 6/20
Tell me if you want other pairings other then Korra and Naruto. Korra and Naruto will not be paired with anyone else if that is what your asking because I want thier relationship to grow throught the story.
super sayiman chapter 20 . 6/20
Ke'Lon I like the way you think I will do just that. I will also be adding in other naruto charicters like the original righter. Not so many that they take over the story but a person here and there to add to the story. Give me more ideas. such as when Naruto meets Suyin his aunt. Or if you want Naruto to loearn a new power.
Ke'Lon chapter 1 . 6/19
Super sayiaman if your gonna do that, I suggest you have Boruto and Himawari as their kids just to keep it true to their story well Naruto's party
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