Reviews for Death Is Only The Beginning
xXBlackDragonXx chapter 37 . 3/12
1984 reference for the title
love it
Godrukia chapter 51 . 3/11
Glad to see you back!
Ultramix chapter 51 . 3/10
Keep up the good work. I am really enjoying this story, it is by far one of my favorite, though I think you are slowing down ichixruki process. It, is pretty slow, though it really good but slow. You should put in something suspicion of each other think of each other. Before, leaving give a peck on the cheek, etc. This would make this story a bit of more appealing for ichixruki lovers (no offence who think otherwise). Anyway, good work, I hope to read on to wonderful ending. See Ya
Guest chapter 51 . 3/7
Hey! Im glad you updated ive re read your story a couple of times. Thanks! I look forward to the rest ;)
Guest chapter 1 . 3/6
After the rescue is he gonna be a captain again? Maybe for the 3rd, 5th or 9th division. Or will he simply live in the human world?
Monochrome Lynx chapter 48 . 3/8
That daydream of Orihime's... The irony!
ThisWillBeTheDay chapter 51 . 3/8
Huh...They have Shinji with them this time around, and Rukia...
scorpioneldar chapter 51 . 3/6
yep you cant throw stones about wait times man
but that aside i do love this story please update this more frequently
Arxhaelologist chapter 51 . 3/6
Thanks so much for updating! I wonder how long rescuing Ichigo will take, but good job!
Lilyzinha chapter 51 . 3/6
Aaaaaahhhhhh so awesome
I'm loving the difference between the manga and this story, Rukia is the one rescuing Ichigo now kkkk
And i can't wait to see the other captains reaction to Hirako, he was always my favorite and i love the scene where he's talking to commander and he's just like yeah you're not scary at alll
Scarease chapter 51 . 3/6
Good to see that you are back.
TheWeepingTurtle chapter 51 . 3/6
I hope Ichigo eventually get his position as captain back, he didn't get enough time. Can't wait to see when Aizen moves, though.
Uchiha Rai chapter 51 . 3/5
It'll be interesting seeing how different the rest of this arc will be from canon
SomethingAncient chapter 51 . 3/5
Glad to see another chapter, it's nice to be reading this story again. I hope the next chapter comes out sooner than this one.

I'm looking forward to see what you're going to do with the invasion of soul society.

And congratulations on 2000 reviews.
Fish On stick chapter 51 . 3/5
This story is pretty freaking cool, nice chapter even if it is kinda an in between chapter, can't wait for more.
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