Reviews for Death Is Only The Beginning
Oddballzebra chapter 20 . 8/19/2016
ichigo needs to learn impulse control
Guest chapter 51 . 8/12/2016
I hope you update soon! love this story ;)
Dianne060807 chapter 51 . 8/10/2016
I really hope you speed things up soon. I just really want to read about ichigo's name being cleared and him going back to his position as captain. Toshiro will probably be the captain of the tenth but ichigo could be given the third or fifth right? Update again please and soon!
Cookie-the-Rookie chapter 34 . 7/8/2016
Yeah, I'm dropping this story for 2 reasons:

1. so far this has been nothing but canon rehash. Over 30 chapters in and it turns out that Ichigo's presence in the past would change nothing.

2. Ichigo took Renji's place and Renji has been completely forgotten. You might as well have just written a RenRuki fic but given Renji a stronger zanpakuto.
TheHollowClown chapter 35 . 6/26/2016 (almost) canon bankai. Well, that's disappointing. Think I'm going to stop reading here. Your story so far has been fantastic, however I read fanfiction because I want to see what cool abilities the writers come up with for Ichigo. I never liked Ichigo's bankai. It's so unimaginative, the most cookie-cutter thing a shounen character can have, while all the captains, hollows and quincies have these really interesting and unique abilities. That being not the case here...well. I wish you good luck and much fun with writing this story though. Maybe I'll give it a read again at some point.
TheHollowClown chapter 16 . 6/26/2016
Bit disappointed at how close Zangetsu is to canon. Hoping for an interesting bankai at least.
izy440 chapter 50 . 6/17/2016
Can you update soon. The suspension is killing me. I love how you had Shinji come with them. And how you had Ichigo become bored it was so funny. Please update soon.
travelqueen124 chapter 51 . 6/14/2016
Really enjoyed your story and I hope that summer allows for writing time and inspiration as I really want to see where this story goes. I binge read this monster in two days on vacation at the beach totally worth the sunburn. Keep the chapters coming.
Silver chapter 51 . 6/8/2016
Great story! Amazingly well written, fluid, definitely one of the best
Ziltoid chapter 51 . 5/27/2016
Darnit, I already reached the last chapter! T_T

Great story! Never saw the twist coming that it would be Ichigo who got imprisoned. Hopefully your take on Shinji will be a bit more... useful. Him explaining his powers, granting any opponent the way to beat him, is rather stupid from Kubo. When he battled Grimjow, Shinji was a lot better.

Anyway, one more reviews/fav/alert for you. Can't wait to see how things will go now. Without Ichigo messing up Yoroichi's plan to enter the sereitei, things should be going interesting.
Reyavie chapter 51 . 5/22/2016
This truly made for a very good (and fast, I didn't put it down for a while) read :) the premise was interesting, the execution was interesting and, overall, it's just awesome. Thank you. I hope you will keep writing it.
I'm the Cat's Meow chapter 12 . 5/16/2016
just started the story and I'm enjoying it so far, but I'm confused about the lack of zanpakuto in the acadamy. If I remember, an asauchi is given as soon as you enter the academy and is kept at all times to be imprinted on. in fact attwmpting to enter your inner world and meditating on your asauchi is one of the first classes taught. until the scene in this chapter I hadn't really thought about it, but they should have there sworfs already.
Guest chapter 8 . 5/11/2016
Actually it's likely that skyscrapers were being built then since it would be 1901 in your current timeline.
hisoka's Luver chapter 50 . 5/11/2016
By the way, I look forward to how the rescue operation would unfold...Pls update soon if you're able. (_)
hisoka's Luver chapter 51 . 5/11/2016
And that last one stopped at the important part.
This'll be the longest bleach fic I've read that features Ichigo with a I only read Ichigo-centric/adventure ones. I definitely didn't expect for him to be the one in need of rescuing.
As for Renji...I will guess he's having the thought that Ichigo was to blame for Rukia's exile...and is still holding a torch for her.
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