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Guest chapter 63 . 5h
Holy mother of all fucking good... BEST STORY EVER! Omfgod... Holy shit... Lord jashin of all fucking mighty... I mean Jesus... Best ending ever... I swear I loved every freaking chapter... Every word... Holy crap man I'm at a loss for words right now
Kyle37 chapter 63 . 4/18
Such an amazing story, so glad to have come upon it. Also glad that unlike many of the best stories on this site that this one was completed. Great work.
Kyle37 chapter 44 . 4/14
Awesome chapter, really liked the Akatsuki scene at the end. Keep it up.
Kyle37 chapter 26 . 4/12
So far this story has me hook, line and sinker. I am really enjoying seeing a different side to Naruto with his cold logic and emotionless mask. Great work so far, cant wait to read more. Keep it up.
DeathDealer726 chapter 1 . 3/12
This is one of my all time favorites. Well done!
SonOfTheOcean chapter 63 . 3/12
Absolutely amazing... I've looked so long for a balanced Naruto story... Not like those dark crazy Naruto fanfics, the grammar, the plot. I'm holding back tears of joy for this. Purely amazing, I wish for a sequel to this...
LionBoy98 chapter 63 . 3/7
Loved the ending
Nightkiller8821 chapter 63 . 2/16
One of the best Root/Naruto stories I've ever read although I did feel kind of annoyed by the NaruHina but hey good story
iamjustanotherguy chapter 63 . 2/8
Okay its been a while since I've left any review for any story. I don't do it often anymore as I'm lazy. I spent what would equal an entire day reading this from start to finish and I was impressed. The way you recreated Naruto wile also keeping him believable is nothing short of astounding. I know this is most likely not going to reach you seeing as it has been quite some time since the completion and now but I feel that you deserve praise for this work. It was very well done very well written only minor mistakes that I ignored as the story just kept me entranced. I loved every hour minute and second I spent reading this story. Kudos to you sir or madam kudos.

Now I would have to say your portrayal of Danzo was the most canon and did him justice. I feel he was the one that was most true to his canon counterpart.

MaHaL1337 chapter 63 . 1/14
That was an incredibly touching ending, nearly brought a tear to my eye. I wish we could have seen what happened to the other characters but it's not necessary and depending on how well you do it could ruin the sentimentality of the chapter. Greatly enjoyed it especially with some of the twists you put in pre-time-skip chapters and how he interacted with the other genin, Shino especially in post-time-skip. Looking forward to whatever story you put out next, Mahal out.
Amberwish chapter 63 . 1/1
The best fanfiction-no story- that I have ever read, after 2-3 years of reading fanfiction in my free time, I haven't stumbled across this story. Unfortunate, that I did not read it long ago, but fortunate, for I would I set the bar higher for good fan fiction, no that does not express this magnitude that is story conveys, not good, but beyond the realms of amazing. Not only did you portray the characters personality, but my made us hooked, I hadn't stopped reading until I was finished. Not only did you show the cause and effects of his actions, but also you showed the darkness that lingers within everyone. You showed people that the protagonists aren't god-like, we are humans we make mistakes, we face challenges, and we each have our dark moments. We have done things that we are not proud of; I believe that you opened everyone's eyes to this. Chapter 62-heh your explanation to WHY he would do that is amazing, some people just don't get what happens in real life. You have changed many peoples perspective on life, on this outside world, you have touched the lives around you and yet...are you aware of it? The impact to have to your readers, your voice, your view? Keep on sharing your views, you will touch more lives with your words than you know.

Amberwish (Kc)
DarkSolaris57 chapter 63 . 1/1
I loved the use of the plague. I had thought of something like that when the rat summoning contract was introduced. Most of th enemies take care of themselves but still well thought out.
A devoted reader chapter 63 . 11/30/2014
That was a great story a little morbid but hey the best stories always are and I loved this story it's probably on of the best I've ever read and I've read a lot. I loved the way you brought it all to a close you know completed the circle so many fanfiction authors just go with the happily ever after approach and you kind of did but you found a middle ground there where everyone ends up happy but a little sad at the same time anyways like I said before great story one of the best in my opinion and before I ramble to much ill just bring this to a close by saying you have a great gift and you should keep writing I know reading this story brought joy to me and I'm sure It did so for others as well. So keep writing and ill keep reading.
The Kamereon chapter 63 . 11/26/2014
This has become my favourite read of all time!

Ty for giving birth to such art
As a token of thx i had given your well deserve follow and favourite.
This story is like a breath of fresh air, long have i grew weary of reading fanfics that stars naruto with uber leetsama abilities that could rival kami with his harem of beautiful ladies
It is simply illogical.
Ah yes "logic" i think that what set your fanfic apart from others. Authors from this website often abuse "fanfiction" it to bend to their will , with their own mindset of jutsu and politics that simply baffles me .
-hypocrisy- for me to debate logic about naruto verse . "One glance and a chakra contruct of the origin of chalra it self to bend to its will (sharingan hax)" but then again one could argue with the context of chakra itself
I had gone to deep , too much reading fanfiction, borderline obsessive.

All i have to say is that . I dream that someone with a logic based fanfic like this one apear often
Guest chapter 63 . 11/26/2014

So deep
*Punch air*
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