Reviews for Drown
sweetandsimple1 chapter 48 . 3/14
I really enjoyed reading Loki's interactions with Steve and Tony, and watching their friendship grow. I also liked how you wrote the dialogue and overall family chemistry between Loki and Thor, and I'm especially a fan of how you wrote Loki as a fandom nerd.

I was, however, kind of hoping we'd get to the point where Loki told Thor the specifics of his sentence, or a scene where Thor and Loki confront Odin for his subparr parenting skills.

Overall this fic was really fun to read. Great job!
lokihasmysoul chapter 48 . 3/8
i wish i would get to read thor finding out about loki torture on earth . i kindda read the last 20 chaps only in hope of that
Argentum Anubis chapter 9 . 3/5
I absolutely love that Loki has Hulk socks and the explanation that went with it. Never thought I would see the beautiful day when someone thought of that.
I also really enjoyed the little Cap and Tony bonding time.
Plus, what an amazing way for Clint to stumble upon Loki. They're all set up, even got plans for what to say, and Tony ends up sending him straight to Loki on accident... LOL.
Guest chapter 48 . 2/26
The? Entire? Thing? Was? Amazing? I'm usually not that fond of fanfics but this was incredible.
Nekohana chapter 47 . 2/23
Searching what meatloaf is with google image, ends up with Zombie Pasta pic
Nekohana chapter 25 . 2/18
I'm having flashbacks of Dr. Strange in Thor: Ragnarok.
moira hawthorne chapter 47 . 2/11
wonderful... enjoy it all... I hope you someday read my comments... in which case the last 3 guest comments were me aswell...
Guest chapter 47 . 2/11
gggggggggrrr you are making it hard for me to hate Thor
Guest chapter 45 . 2/11
Guest chapter 33 . 2/9
moira hawthorne chapter 27 . 2/8
heart in throat
moira hawthorne chapter 22 . 2/7
and now I have another thing in common with Loki...
moira hawthorne chapter 21 . 2/7
you are killing me still... soooo many feelz...

but there the humor too... poor Steve... he just an art student who never even got to go to school for art.. he isnt a scientist... the other 3 need to stop poking him about not understanding science when he can draw and he didnt have school to teach him that... and yeah he cant science like they can but they were scientist... and had schooling for it!

and I can sooo see Loki in a fit of hi-jinx making posters for "Lost Your Cat?" with Captain America's photo and his cellphone... tho Steve doesnt keep it charged so... hahah

and if but Loki and Bruce are Shrek... than who is Donkey?
moira hawthorne chapter 14 . 2/6
OK so you included in your story Sleipnir, Angrboða, Hel, Fenrir, and Jörmungandr... and now I more than slightly terrified you will included his children Nari/Váli and Narfi by his wife Sigyn, and what happens to them... (
moira hawthorne chapter 13 . 2/6
this chapter made me cry... Loki has more honor, more nobility, more heroic qualities than the rest of his so called family combined... Loki's armor honors has lost children... shoulder pauldron is Fenrir, and there is a chest belt piece for Jormungandr, he carrys them into battle with him...
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