Reviews for Drown
T-tawny chapter 8 . 5/28/2022
Actually sobbing. Poor baby Loki. And the "never the right emotions" thing just stomp on my heart you monster (I'm kidding ILY)
T-tawny chapter 7 . 5/28/2022
Not me having to read that several times cause I'm daft
T-tawny chapter 3 . 5/28/2022
My heartstrings, they are TUGGED
T-tawny chapter 1 . 5/28/2022
GOD. I still love your fics. The way you write Loki? Immaculate. (you should have done the TV series no lie)
ErlieBird chapter 48 . 11/10/2021
Absolutely amazing
ErlieBird chapter 26 . 11/10/2021
I LOVED this chapter
dancingkatz chapter 48 . 9/11/2021
I just spent the last 36 hours reading this incredible fic (even though I should have been doing things like sleeping, eating, etc.) just because I was so enthralled that I couldn't put my tablet down.

You are a master of storytelling!
libra.chen chapter 1 . 8/27/2021
so good!
JasperK chapter 48 . 8/19/2021
Wow, this was an amazing tale! Thanks.
Dream Plane chapter 48 . 8/17/2021
This is a great story! Loved it.
Guest chapter 48 . 6/29/2021
I wasn't expecting to cry, tear up sure, but not full out cry. It was that scene with Loki and Thor on the roof top that did me... So thank you for letting me spend a week lost in your au and gods the movies should have been this way.
Lisa chapter 42 . 4/29/2021
Love the friendship developing between Loki, Steve, Tony and Bruce.
Weebwithnowill chapter 48 . 4/8/2021
This was so sweet! I highly recommend it. It’s elaborate yet easy to understand and emotional. I wish there was Rhodes in it but honestly this is amazing
anesha chapter 7 . 4/1/2021
Woah. How on earth did you think of such an elaborate plan.
Twen84 chapter 48 . 3/19/2021
Thank you for this wonderful story, I have immensly enjoyed my time reading it. However; the thing I'm most thankful for is that you introduced me to Two Steps from Hell! I've never heard anything of them prevoiusly, and it's now my new favourite band, going on repeat during my daily commute. Listening to Dragon Rider always bring a big grin on my face and thinking about Loki.
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