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pridefulCaster chapter 10 . 5/16
Very good, I trust that it's not dead, as you say, and hope the next chapter will be soon!
jacob.rockhill613 chapter 10 . 5/6
is this story dead... i hope not it's good i just binged read it and by god 'it was amazing' please if yo can make more of this story
Yoiu chapter 6 . 5/4
*sigh* I really don't like the green hair bitch. The show and the fanfictions have never got me to like her.
Kitsune-Teme chapter 10 . 5/1
This work of art is EXACTLY what I was hoping for when I went looking for this kind of Crossover. I love it. Please keep up the excellent work!
Ender the multiverse Detective chapter 10 . 3/20
Very good
Guest chapter 10 . 3/18
I'm impressed. This is truly the one AC fanfic that kept me truly interested and entertained. Given that I have never watched Familliar of Zero, and hadnt experienced any of Ezio's games upon reading this, that was truly impressive. In a sea of throughly disappointing trash-heap stories, you managed to make a very well-thought out and fic that's actually worth reading. After riding with Auditore through 2-Revelations, I love it even more. I loved the mixture of his Revelations and 2 personalities, his big-brother relationship with Louise, and how easily he melded with the other characters. If only there were more AC crossovers like yours, ones with Altair or Edward or the Frye's, then this garbage excuse for a fanfic fandom would be a much better place. I wish that it had been completed, but I understand you probably had your reasons. Requiescat in Pace, "On the Wings of an Eagle".
TPan1991 chapter 10 . 2/28
I hope you start writing again... This is pretty good story... Much better than AC fanfiction I have read... I have never read Familiar of before so I don't know how the original story went but this is quite nice... Another good thing is that you are not forcing relationships into the story... Many a good fic went bad because the author wanted his character to be in love and all that crap...
Ezio and Louise have a pretty nice crazy mentor and bratty apprentice kind of relationship...
I found this Roberto to be interesting too... Very much like Dijikstra from the Witcher series... As likely to help you, as he is to stab you in the back... Very interested where you are going with him...

Hope to see a new chapter soon... Peace
Mastermind4892 chapter 10 . 2/26
Salute mio fratello e compagno Assassini,

As of today, it has been three full years since your last update of On the Wings of An Eagle. I sincerely hope and aspire that you will return, as you have brought such wonderful new turns for the world of Tristania. Your story is most riveting. Worthy effort deserves worthy reward, and fortune smiles upon those who follow their passion. An entire new world has opened for brave Ezio. In the beginning there was discovery. A confusion of elements. The first snowfall of impossible change. Old lives undone, left behind. Strange faces, made familiar. New nightmares, to challenge sleep. New friends, to feel safe with. Only then comes control. The need to impose order unto chaos, through determination, through study, through struggle. All in defiance of a thundering truth. The Assassins and Templars are here, and the earth shudders underfoot.

Just as the seasons of the world come and go, so too does the eternal battle between the two secret Orders. Just as nature maintains the balance, so too do the Assassins. There must always be balance. Consider that the absence of the flood means drought, just as the impossibility of weeds means famine. We must always strive for balance between the two. The world and its people must stay in check and harmony. It is our dedication and love for this vision that drives. Love is what binds our Order together, love of people and of culture. Just as the Founder protects it, so too do we. But while it is a path that has a destination that we may never reach, we shall strive for it nonetheless, and that is what makes us strong. We may never succeed, we may struggle for thousands of years in vain, but we must not and WILL not stop. We still press on, and we still live in this new world.

We stand with the innocent who have no weapons to wield, regardless of whether they be noble or commoner. We will not repudiate battle on a fair and level field, but neither will we tolerate a one-sided attack on the weak by the strong. As always, the only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to BE killed! Wherever oppressors abuse their power by attacking those who are innocent, we shall appear to face them no matter how mighty or formidable our foe may be! We must face all doubt! We must break the strong who would destroy us and overcome the impossible! We must fight against any and all! We must and we will... for it is our Creed.

The Templars think that their endeavor is a noble one. But it doesn't matter how pure and noble some Templars are. In the end, whether noble or selfish, they all still share the self-conceived notion that mankind is absolutely and inevitably doomed to chaos, anarchy and eventually extinction of civilization without their guidance. Worse, they believe this gives them the automatic right to decide the future of humanity. Some Templars ask what the difference is in this sentiment between them and us Assassins. The difference? "Duty is as heavy as a mountain, but death is as light as a feather." We Assassins do not seek power or leadership over mankind. We do not seek to control them, only shield them from those that do. The Templars think it is their right seize power and control, but they have no such right nor do we, for when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. Judging and acting against corruption and control is a responsibility, not a right. That is our mission! This is my plea to you, fellow Assassin! Carry this story onward!

So let it be written, so let it be done. We are the eyes of the night, the silence within the wind. We are the the shield that guards the innocent and the blade that vanquishes the proud and the wicked. No matter what name we may carry, our purpose will always remain. As it always has been and always shall be, we work in the dark to serve the light. And like our ancestors before us... we are Assassins.

I truly hope you are receiving this, because we are all remain in delighted anticipation for your return. Until that time arrives...

"Insieme per la vittoria! Vittoria agli Assassini!"
fanficobsessed15 chapter 10 . 2/12
First of all: Great story you wrote. The plot, including divergences, the characters and their interactions are all well done. You even seem like to have some great master plan about how the universes are connected etc., which is always nice. Well, it's frustrating until the mystery is lifted, but then it's usually nice.
On this specific chapter: I feel like you should have kept the council as one entity, instead of giving them individual personalities. They all should have the same air of crooked politician. Instead, I feel like I saw one hothead, one wimp, one logical guy and Mazarin. Not only that, but I actually quite liked the latter two which probably wasn't your aim. Mazarin seems intriguing enough, but there was no need for introducing the others. That is, unless you plan to give them greater importance later on, in which case I'd retract my criticism.
Roberto is okay, I guess. Still too little known about him to make a statement. Agnes just seems like this warrior woman, who's really not fond of politics, really protective of Henrietta, who acts tough but actually respects Louise and Ezio and who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty.
None of the scenes and/or interaction seemed forced to me and I can't say anymore about that topic, because... Well, you tend not to pay attention to something when there's nothing you're bothered by.
The translations... I don't use them, but they don't bother me either so I honestly don't care.
I love how Ezio is kinda forming Louise into a mini-him, keep it up!
Also, I'll have you know that there is a purpose to the three articles Germans use! I just haven't figured it out yet...
philodices chapter 9 . 1/11
Mott is such a jerk. and Ezio is best familiar ever.
Cherry chapter 10 . 1/3
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this story. I don't know much of anything about Familiar of Zero but was still able to follow along and find it a very enjoyable read, and I think that's mostly because of your writing. Nice work!
SilverLunaMoon chapter 10 . 12/11/2016
So I just read through 10 chapters of greatness. I really like the way you're mixing together these two franchises. Your take on Louis if one I really like and I enjoy here character developement throughout the story.
It's also very enjoyable to see Ezio interact with this world :)
AlexCephon chapter 7 . 11/25/2016
Great story!
Winged Serpent of Light - BOTM chapter 10 . 10/21/2016
You have created one of the most professional-looking fanfiction I have ever seen, and it is quite impressive.
You have stated that you haven't quite abandoned it yet, so don't disappoint me.
Please keep writing.
-Winged Serpent of Light / Bringer of the Morrow
RPG247 chapter 10 . 10/1/2016
This is one of the better ZnT crossovers I have read; it has a good, flowing narrative with a clear, character-driven style (not unlike Assassin's Creed). The best part is how quickly the usual ZnT events happened, and how the following does not follow the story too closely.

Because of my experience on this website, I assume any story that has not been updated for a long time — I like to consider 6 months a long time — must be "dead".

Dead or not, I am glad I came across this story. I have seen many ZnT crossovers fail at the first duel, or at the artifact theft. This story passed those points long time ago, so I appreciate it.

I usually feel anger for stories that introduce characters so they are like complete strangers from the original. I feel "Why write fanfiction when the original is not present? You are practically writing your independent story ."

I felt a little of that with this story, but only a little. The characters fit together, and they seem more real, like people.
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