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ProfessorBinns79 chapter 22 . 9/14/2013
I just re-read the whole story, and I'm loving what you're doing here. It distinguishes itself from all of the other Marauder-era stories out there by having four female counterparts to the Marauders. It's a more balanced story than the "4 Marauders plus Lily" stories, which are too male-oriented for my taste (and I'm a guy); the social interactions are so much better with a fully-mixed crew. It's so tragic that Sirius and Seph didn't just complete the wedding ritual in the hospital. You're really pulling the heart strings with that one.

My only criticism is the way you've handled Peter. He is so obviously turning on them already that it is hard to believe that James, Lily, and Sirius will still trust him 3 years later enough to make him secret keeper. Maybe it's just because we know what's coming, but it seems so obvious that he's already acting as a spy (Sirius/Seph's attempted wedding; the attacks after the prefects left the tower; etc.), and even the characters themselves (whom I know don't want to believe bad of him) have already acknowledged their misgivings and the fact that they don't really want him around. I just can't see Sirius suggesting him as secret keeper (or James and Lily agreeing) in this universe. I'll see what you come up with, though.

Thanks for a great story!
alix33 chapter 22 . 9/10/2013
"Boys," I said in my best MummyP impersonation. They both turned to me, in near perfect synchronisation, and blew raspberries my way. Just like MummyP, I shook my head. Then, in my own way, I flicked my wand. Two pairs of lips were created from the cobwebs overhead and blew raspberries - very dirty and clingy raspberries - on their cheeks. "Yuck, George!" "That's it, Gwenny, I'm so going to get you," Sirius said before he pounced at me. I let him pull me down and squash me underneath him. He then kissed me quite passionately." - Hehehe.
"Sibby who chose not to accept her invitation. She had always aspired to get married, sit on various charitable boards, work fundraisers and do the luncheon circuit. It was the life four of my six sisters had also taken. It was a life that terrified me." - It terrifies me too, quite possibly more than it does George, since I have so little courage anyway (and thus I terrify easily anyway) that I would never have been sorted into Gryffindor ever.
"I was shocked anyone other than the Apothecary Board was interested in me. I wonder which of the professors suggested me," I said quietly. Everyone knew I wanted to get my apothecary license and work in the family shops. It was all I've ever talked about." - Now this is more my style, job- and career-wise.
Those spells of good wishes sound fantastic, and a darn sight more useful than soup tureens or whole crockery sets as wedding gifts.
What bigots on the apothecary board!
"I want to open a magical brewery." I fell against him and buried my head in his chest, embarrassed that I wasn't the strong, fearless woman I suspected he thought I was. "What was that last bit?" Jamie asked. "I want to open a magical brewery," I repeated. It was a throw away, a pipe dream, a lark; just like playing Quidditch and living on an island. However, I knew we will all be responsible, and it would probably get us killed. "You honestly think this will work?" Remus asked. "Completely," Jamie answered. "We've got good beers, if we charm them correctly, ingeniously, people will want to buy them." "Businesses require money to start them," Remus reminded us and Jamie nodded anxiously, so proud of this part of the plan. "George, this was your idea, you explain it," he prompted and I smiled at him. He and Sirius were nearly bouncing with excitement." - Oh wow, now the thought is out there, in the universe…
"the guys shook hands or did some other strange Marauder greeting." - That "Marauder greeting" sounds intriguing…
alix33 chapter 21 . 9/5/2013
"None of us were eager to return to Hogwarts except for Peter, which we considered strange, he being the only one of us who wasn't part of the horrible attacks or the aftermath. All I could figure was he hadn't been traumatised as we all had been. That being said, Peter was never studious either, and while the rest of us were worried about our NEWT's, he didn't care about them either. Apparently, from listening to him talk with Mum and Dad, he simply wanted to go back to the castle and tell everyone about what the rest of us had done and suffered. I'd spoken with Dad about it, and he was as concerned by it as I." - EW, how utterly creepy!
"Remus was often with the one, two or all three of the girls, George being the only one who didn't need his shoulder to rest against or cry on. He watched their movements carefully, and would shift to make sure he was in their sight lines. I didn't doubt he'd continue doing it when we returned to the castle. He'd also suggested, when it was just Sirius with us, that as much as he hated the wolf in him, there were benefits to it. He was always the first to be aware of danger and heard things that we didn't. While he didn't want to hurt anyone with this part of himself, he did want to exploit the gifts it gave him. We'd gone out into the forests and had started testing what his 'wolf senses' would give him. Knowing how much he loathed the werewolf part of him, it amazed me that he'd embrace it just to keep the rest of us safer. As my mum often reminded George, Sirius and me when we were little: true, unconditional love between friends is stronger than even the bonds of family. Remus was proof." - AW!
Poor Eliza!
"Pete, come over and look at this," Remus called and I too stood up and went to look at the diagram. Two nights ago we guys decided it would be best to have the girls move into our room for the rest of the term. Lily was going to have to be with me, since she awoke screaming if I wasn't there and George wasn't about to give up sleeping with her fiancé, even if they were forced to cede their private quarters. Peter surveyed the diagram and looked at the pair with a sort of half-formed sneer. "My spot is so small," he complained. "You wanted privacy," Remus reminded him. "There's only so much we can give you. Look, Eliza, Sibby and I are all sharing a wardrobe so you can have this." Moony had so much more patience than either Pads or I did. If it were up to me, I'd have sent him down to the sixth year dorms already. "Why do they have to move in anyway?" Peter whinged. "Because, we've got two engaged couples who want to be together and two other girls who are frightened of being attacked again. If this is what makes them feel better, then so be it. I thought you'd been friends with Sibby and Eliza most of your life," Remus said. "I thought Lizzy loved me, but it turns out I was wrong. Could be I'm wrong about lots of things," he said darkly. "You certainly are," George muttered under her breath. "There you go again!" Pete yelled. "What have I ever done to you, Perri?" He stood when he said the name she hated. "You went back to using that blasted name!" she yelled back. "Furthermore, you're making one of MY best friends uncomfortable. She broke up with you, get over it!" "We all can't be as lucky as you, Perri," he taunted again. This time Sirius stood and put his hands on his fiancée's shoulders. "Leave her alone, Peter," he said more as an order than a request. "She's done more for you than you could possibly know." I got up from my place next to Lily on the loveseat in the lounge and walked across the room to where George and Remus had the diagram. "Alright, everyone, settle down," I said while picking up the paper. "Pete, it seems they've given you a fair share of room, more than any of the rest of us have." - Creepy, evil, undersized, magically weak snotrag! and then he complains when he gets proportionally the most space! GR!
"We can all Apparate if we need to." "I can't," Peter said rather indignantly. I'd forgotten he still hadn't passed his exam. It had been nearly a year, and he went into the Ministry nearly every month and failed spectacularly. "Sirius or I can take you," I said. "Sorry I'm such a bother," he huffed before he stood and angrily walked off. "I swear, he's getting odder and odder," Sibby observed. "I know it's not nice to say, but I don't like being around him." "That makes two of us," Eliza added. "Yeah, but you have a good reason," Sibby said. "I'll be glad when we're done with school. Anyone know what Pete has decided to do with his life?" We all shook our heads. We knew less and less about him, what he did with his time when he wasn't with us or even what he aspired to." - EW!
Stromsten chapter 20 . 9/2/2013
Thank you for not abandoning your stories! You have put so much effort into them, and they have been such a joy to read. :)
Stephanie O chapter 19 . 5/4/2013
I really liked the part about the deer behavior, and how it was very similar to the Potters' "herd" - very true! Sweet ending!
Stephanie O chapter 18 . 2/15/2013
Oh dear, and here I thought it was nice that Sirius & Reg were getting along! Loved the comment about "Aunt Flo" visiting...sounds like a great excuse to beg off quidditch to me! ;D lol
alix33 chapter 18 . 2/14/2013
The headmaster marrying you, when Gwenny wanted Mr. P to marry you originally and probably since she first learned the word "wedding"? That will be the shortest magical marriage in all of history.
"The Aurors arrest people, but it seems no one is being sent to trial or the trial gets fixed so they're free. She wonders what the hell she's fighting for. Why should we expect things to be better in here when adults are setting such a poor example?" - What is sad- and angry-making about those sentences is how that same state of affairs is still happening by the time Harry is Gwenny and Phinny's age or a bit younger.
"Eliza had finally had enough of Peter and his odd ways and broke up with him, the day before Valentine's Day. Peter had been adamant that she couldn't break up with him at first. Then he got angry; really angry. Throwing things around the common room angry. While this was happening, Eliza was moving away from Peter, and toward the stairs to the girls' rooms. Sibby, Lily and Gwenny had moved to stand in front of her, and when Peter charged it was the strength of their Shield Charms which kept them safe." - A very relived Phew! at Eliza having broken up with Peter.
"Sibby begged off, giving some lame excuse about her Aunt Flo visiting. I didn't even know Sib had an aunt named Flo." - Hehehe.
"As it was already dark and Sunday, couples were beginning to congregate in the small cubby-holes and doorways to the telescopes. I always thought this was the most uninspired place to bring a girl you wanted to snog — unless you were an exhibitionist — then it was perfect. I slipped down the stairs, mentally taking note of the couples I passed so I could share with the group later. I chuckled at my actions, I was as bad a gossip as the girls." - Hehehe.
Wow, a room at Hogwarts that opens only by Black family magic!
Ron Weasley takes after his aunt Pyrene (if she is a Prewett, she has to be related to Molly , right?) looks-wise, then?
"My advice, find another girl - maybe even one with some money - and fall in love, quick. You've still got time before your eighteenth birthday. If, by some truly horrible twist of fate you do end up married to Pyrene, I'll make sure you have a room at Gwenny and my house to hide in." "Thanks," he replied, although it was only a limp response. Then again, if that were my prospect, I think I'd be limply responding too. A terrifying thought came then. It was one of Pyrene naked, tripped through my brain and I supposed if I had to bed that, I'd probably be limp, too. "Thanks man," my brother said with a shove. "I hadn't even thought about having sex with her. Now I can't get that image out of my head." "I didn't think I said that aloud?" "You did, and it was revolting," he remarked, a visible shudder going down his spine." - Poor Reg, poor Phinny and poor Gwenny, too, who is now not getting any any time soon because of the effect on Phinny of that Pyrene mental pic.
Oh crap! at the attack on Lily and James.
Stephanie O chapter 17 . 2/1/2013
Poor Seph! I hope they find out what's up with Peter, but something tells me they won't...considering who James & Lily decide to use as their secret keeper! He's just really "off" of late, and the experiments his dad was doing just sound heinous. I'm sure Liza's break up scene with him will have a less-than-friendly reaction from the rat! I just hope she's surrounded by her friends!
mdauben chapter 17 . 2/1/2013
Its great to see another chapter up! Peter is acting a bit suspiciously in this one, and Seph's finaly statment certainly has the sound of truth to it. Looking forward to your next update.
alix33 chapter 17 . 2/1/2013
"Nursing Sirius back to health, dealing with my own lingering medical issues and keeping us up to date on our school work was so much more work than even settling my father's estate." - "schoolwork" is one word.
"The Death Eater's weren't privy to the message and their unannounced visit while he was still in St. Mungo's was quite disturbing. At least the Lestrange's weren't there," - "The Death Eaters weren't privy to the message and their unannounced visit while he was still in St. Mungo's was quite disturbing. At least the Lestranges weren't there,".
"I hand't drunk much yet," - "hadn't drunk".
"Across the room was Peter, far separated from the rest of us, sitting in an ugly and uncomfortable high-back wood chair. I thought it odd that Peter was staring at the three of us girls, his anger barely masked as he stared. I nudged Sibby and discretely used the forefinger on my left hand, which laid in my lap, to point his look out. She wiggled her fingers when she saw him, our childhood signal if something was 'yuckie'." - I agree with Sibby about Wormtail being yucky.
Slightly off topic question: Do you think the marauders were prescient somewhat when they gave Wormtail that nickname?
"we transfigured you mattress and bed into some lovely seating," - "transfigured your mattress".
"Peter piped up. "You're sort of married and all. Hey, Eliza, how about you and me getting married? We could have space like this. The whole school would be talking about it. Think of how popular we'd become!" I turned to my right and looked at Eliza. She was drained of what little colour her face usually held and her mouth hung open like a fish on a hook. Lily was looking at her too, but the guys were staring at their mate. Sibby withdrew her arm and stood. "Are you fucking daft?" she yelled at Peter. "Firstly, you don't get married so you can have better accommodations. Secondly, a proposal should be loving and romantic, not a spur of the moment thing." "Sirius proposed on the quick. Do you think he was daft?" Peter threw back, standing as he did. There was a horrid look in his eyes, although I couldn't name it. "No," she answered without hesitation. "Sirius and Seph had been in love for years and had just found out they had permission to marry. It was something they never expected. His was a loving and delighted response to their remarkable news." "Oh, so Sirius can be impulsive and the rest of us can't?" Peter yelled, causing Remus to stand between Sibby and Peter. "Peter, Sirius is always impulsive, it's part of his personality. Always has been," I quietly reminded. "Why is it that the rest of you get away with anything and everything, and you're the most popular blokes in the school? They didn't even marry and he's getting special treatment. Perhaps I want to shag my girlfriend every night. Yeah, a good strong fuck is just what I need." He was talking stranger than usual, and making Eliza quite uncomfortable. I knew their relationship wasn't that intimate; hell I wasn't sure they'd done more than kiss. Instead of her arm around me in comfort, we'd switched to where I had both mine around her protectively. "Don't talk about her like that," Jamie said, standing. "Who are you to tell me how to treat my girlfriend?" Peter sneered. "I'm her friend," Jamie spoke calmly. "I think its time for you to leave." - And maybe Eliza, Sibby and Gwenny were prescient, calling Peter yucky just before he sprouted these repulsive words.
"I think its time for you to leave." - "I think it's time for you to leave."
I hope Eliza breaks up with Wormtail; she cannot possibly stay with him after those words.
"helping both of your Mums out of harms way," - "out of harm's way".
"Hey, I never liked Peter in the first place," Sibby reminded everyone. "You want to stay away from him, I'll be thrilled." There was a few snorts of laughter at how blunt Sibby could be." - I have always liked and preferred blunt, far before Sibby was thus.
"and I want to chock it all up to my over active imagination and way too much time on my hands in the last month." - "chalk it up to my overactive imagination".
"Speaking of the full moon, how the hell are we going to keep Padfoot in that night?" I smiled, having already thought this through. "I have a plan for that night. Trust me, he'll be well distracted. I've invited your Dad up to finish our wedding and have a proper wedding night." Jamie laughed heartily. "That would be quite a distraction. I shouldn't ever underestimate your ability to make plans." - Hehehe.
alix33 chapter 16 . 1/18/2013
Welcome, back. I am glad to hear both you and your dad are doing better.
"What time do we have to be downstairs?" "In twenty minutes," she replied, her own lips and tongue swirling behind my ear. "Not enough time to take this further." "Please, I can get you off in a few minutes," I boasted. "I can get you off quicker," she replied." - Hehehe.
"When the main meal was over, and the house-elves were clearing the table, Mrs P gave Gwenny and me a wink, indicating it was time. Having been seated just to the left of her, I rose and offered my bride my hand. She twined her fingers through mine and took a deep breath. I followed suit before I spoke. "Er, Gwenny and I want to let you in on a little secret. You all know that we got engaged in September, just after her birthday. Well, er, tonight we hope that you will all bear witness to the culmination of that promise." Everyone looked at me like I'd grown a second head. "Did you just use every vocabulary word you ever learned?" James teased and I felt myself blush. "Be nice, Jamie," Gwenny responded, the playful threat quite clear in her voice. "What we're saying is we are getting married in a matter of minutes, and we hope you'll all join us in the ballroom and give us your support." Cheers and clapping circled the table, and we were soon engulfed in hugs and well wishes." - I must admit to having pretty similar thoughts to those James had after Sirius' little speech.
"I slid my hand into Gwenny's and started to pull her up the stairs. "Wait, what room are you getting ready in, Seph? It's bad enough he's seen you today, he can't see you in your dress!" Lily called after us. I'd never heard such a strange thing. Gwenny just smiled and turned back to her friend. "Lily, those are Muggle traditions," my girl said gently, taking her hands. "In the Wizarding world, the bride and groom help one another dress. It shows our commitment to care for one another, in all ways. Anyway, he's seen me in the dress, he's the one who bought it for me." "Oh, I didn't know that," she mumbled quietly. James came up and wrapped his arms around her waist. "It's okay. I think they should have a Wizarding Studies class for Muggleborns and others new to witchcraft and wizardry, just like George is taking Muggle Studies," he announced." - I think the wizarding tradition is sweet and loads better than the muggle superstition.
"closing the clasp of the pearl and diamond necklace I had bought for her as a wedding gift. She was also able to wear the diamond and emerald tiara which Mr P had somehow taken from her family's Gringotts vault." - That all sounds SO pretty, though far too formal for my muggle tastes.
"As a member of the Wizengamot, I have the right to perform marriage ceremonies, however, officiating over the ceremony of Persephone Gwendolyn MacPhearson and Sirius Phineus Black is an honour and pleasure. They have been part of our family for years, and I consider them like my own children," Mr P said" - AW!
Those vows were SO moving.
"Not thinking about what I was doing, I reared my arm back and punched him in the face. The mask arced high in the air and then fell, skittering across the floor like an oversized spider. Lestrange fell backwards, tumbling into the dining room. I followed him, falling onto him and continuing to punch him with both hands." - Muggle style duelling, I approve, especially since whichever Lestrange brother this is would not deign and thus does not have the skill at something muggle-related with which to reciprocate.
"either remaining at the Potter's or heading out to my family farm." - "remaining at the Potters' ".
"Rosalyn sent over a change of clothes, the blouse is open in the back, although you look to be nearly healed. There's also enough food to feed an entire Auror corps in there." He tipped his hand toward the small picnic basket which sat near his feet. "All I really want is some strong tea, and maybe a Firewhisky," I answered. "I slipped that bottle in there. Why don't I fix you a cuppa while you change out of your wed-your dress," Mr Potter suggested and I nodded. "It's okay to call it a wedding dress, that's what it is, was," I sadly stated before grabbing the bundle of clothing from the basket and slipping behind the privacy screen to change. I balled my wedding dress up, contemplating burning it, but decided the hospital might not appreciate my doing so." - AW! what sad paragraphs those were, a bit angry-making too. I never knew that MommyP's given name was Rosalyn: it's pretty.
"When I returned Mr Potter was holding a large, steaming mug which I happily wrapped my hands around. "You should probably eat something," he suggested. "Otherwise you're going to get drunk mighty quickly. Don't need the healers yelling at me for making their patient inebriated." "You just don't want MummyP to find out," I said slyly. "Seph, my dear, you are absolutely correct," he stated," - AW!
mdauben chapter 16 . 1/17/2013
First it's great to see you back and posting again. I'm glad to hear you and your father are both doing better. Moving on to the story there were some wonderful moments between Sirius and Seph. You had me really wondering there for a moment if it they were really going to make it! Now though I'm back to biting my nails, waiting for the other shoe to drop. I'll be looking forward eagerly to your next update.
Stephanie O chapter 16 . 1/17/2013
So THAT's what happened...I was wondering when the proverbial shoe was going to drop, and now it did. Poor Seph & Sirius - they were SO close! I'm glad James was taking Seph to Sirius' bedside, though...and I wonder how long she'll be there with him until he recovers- or she has to leave? I loved the idea of the wizarding custom for the engaged couple to help each other get ready for the wedding, as a start to the magical binding - soooo romantic! I'd imagine that makes it rather difficult for a newlywedded couple to wait until all the guests are gone so they can start on their honeymoon. ;) LOL

Thanks so much for including the summary at the beginning...saved me the 'trouble' of rereading the last chapter to refresh my memory of what was going on, and I'm sure many others too. Btw, ' ...James insistence...' should have an apostrophe since it's possessive. :)
Stephanie O chapter 15 . 11/29/2012
I liked seeing this from MummyP's perspective, as it had the nice sentimental nostalgia that comes from years of knowing/loving them. It's great knowing that Seph has her for support, since her own mother and sisters have been less-so. Very sweet, yet plenty serious at the same time. :) Take care of yourself as you continue to take care of your folks!
elizjordan07 chapter 15 . 11/28/2012
Excellent chapter. I hope you are recovering well and I look forward to reading your latest when you are able ! Best wishes
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