Reviews for Somewhere Along the Way
finlaure chapter 62 . 3/8
I am sooo happy your muse has come back for this one because I just Love this story!
jjd022980 chapter 62 . 3/8
I'm so in love with this story and I'm glad that tony is finally figuring where he truly belongs!
PhoebeTheQueenOfDragons chapter 62 . 3/7
I love the dynamics here
gosgirl chapter 61 . 3/6
Great to read an update on this one again... and it was really nice timing to have them all back together again after Gibbs' trip... a nice reminder that life is too short to waste.

Hope you're doing okay now...
jjd022980 chapter 61 . 3/5
So worth the wait! I'm glad they r rekindling their relationship! I hope u r feeling better!
finlaure chapter 61 . 3/5
GREAT to have you back and Terrific to read about them back together again!
DS2010 chapter 61 . 3/4
That was a nice welcome home for Gibbs with his to favorite bedroom toys. ;0)
densidoodle chapter 61 . 3/4
Yay! Loved this addition!
gosgirl chapter 60 . 1/9
Love all the bits with Amira and Leyla... that you're weaving this back story into it so effectively. And such a poignant addition to the Diane episode to have Tony and Abby under the stairs while SHE messes with his head... again! And I adored how you added to the Shannon dream sequence.. good job!

And so intrigued how you'll handle LBHE and then... *gulp* Ryan.
finlaure chapter 60 . 1/8
Great chapter that leaves lots of emotions on the edge for them to make decisions. I think I am with Abby thoughts though. and that last scene with Gibbs ALWAYS makes me cry
jjd022980 chapter 60 . 1/8
Oh man I'm glad that they r getting things back on track and I agree with Abby about waiting for Gibbs and I can't wait for more since it's getting to my favorite episode engagement!
pinki84297 chapter 60 . 1/8
The thing about EJ is that it didn't really feel like it was coming from a place of insecurity because things were going so well. Earlier with Jeanne it was for a job, and Gibbs had left, so with a fresh wound like that it would make sense for him to leave before he got left again, but now the relationship EJ just seems so random. I know you have to follow canon, but this seems like much more of a betrayal of trust than anything before, because of how much they've been through and what a good place they were in, how are they supposed to trust him when he is so easily tempted when things are going well? How are they supposed to trust him at all when things aren't going well? It's possible to love someone without trusting them, and I feel it really needs to show more.
JaToya chapter 60 . 1/7
Great chapter.
DS2010 chapter 60 . 1/7
talk about Abby putting the breaks on Tony time. Can see her point, but still would have been nice if the two of them could have reconnectied that way without Gibbs around for one evening
pinki84297 chapter 59 . 1/6
Was Tony actually in a relationship/sleeping with EJ? Or was he just tempted? Great chapter by the way, looking forward to the next one!
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